HOW TO APPLY FOR A CREDIT FREEZE

       The three credit reporting agencies, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian each require
different information in the request for a freeze.

      Name & Address
      Social Security Number
      Credit Card Number with expiration date.
      (They will charge your card the $10 fee if you are under 65)

      Mail a request by certified mail requesting that a security freeze be placed on your credit file to:
              TransUnion Security Freeze
              PO Box 6790
              Fullerton, CA 92834

       All the above info plus:
              Date of Birth
              A copy of a utility bill, bank or insurance statement which shows your name,
current address and date of issue.
       The $10 fee (if you are under 65) can be paid by enclosing a check or using a credit card.
If using a card include in your request:
              Name of the person as it appears on the card.
              Type of card (Visa etc)
              Complete account number
              Expiration date (month and year)
              3 digit card ID on back
                     (Amex is 4 digits on front above account #)

      Mail all this by certified mail to:
            Equifax Security Freeze
            PO Box 105788
            Atlanta, GA 30348
      Everything that Equifax wants plus:
            Name must be full name plus any Jr.. II etc .
            Any previous addresses in the past two years
            Copy of drivers license or any government issued ID
            Check for $10 (if you are under 65)

      Mail all this by certified mail to:
            Experian Security Freeze
            PO Box 9554
            Allen, TX 75013

On the next page is a sample letter for Experian, which you can cut down for the other two.

Experian Security Freeze       (Don’t forget to change the address appropriately for each agency)
P.O. Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013

Dear Experian:

I would like to place a security freeze on my credit file. My name is:

        (Experian wants your full name)

My current address is:

Below is a list of my addresses for the past two years:

My Social Security number is:

My date of birth is:

As proof of my residence, I am enclosing the following two items:

        In here type what you are sending, e.g. drivers license, phone bill

I am an identity theft victim and a copy of my police report or DMV
investigative report of identity theft is enclosed.

I will pay the fee of $10 for placing the freeze by enclosed check:


I am a resident of Washington State and am age 65 or older.

Yours truly,

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