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Significance of LCD TVs and LED TVs by djsgjg0045


									Entertainment has reached the next level and the TVs which are being manufactured
now are of high quality and durability. With the release of the LCD TVs, the
traditional CRT screens were almost eradicated but now, the latest release is the LED

Firstly, one must know that there are no such things as LED TVs. LED stands for
Light Emitting Diodes. They are just an LCD TV with an LED backlight. LCD stands
for liquid crystal display and instead of the normal CCFL backlights, LEDs were used
and it gave rise to the LED TVs which were more effective.

However, still, there is a difference between the two.

When they are compared, it is obvious that the LED TVs are way better and more
effective than the LCDs. In the LED TVs, the colour is much more enhanced and the
blacks are more realistic. Therefore, it gives a richer and a deeper colour. When the
other colours are compared, there is not much difference between the two.

The biggest drawback in the LCD was that it did not give a huge viewing angle.
Nevertheless, in the LEDs, this problem was solved.

When it comes to physical attributes, we can find that the LEDs are still better than
the LCDs. The former is thinner, slimmer and lighter. They also have a rich and
compact design which thus makes them more attractive and sleek.

When it comes to power consumption, we can still find that that the LED backlights
consume less power when compared to the CCFL backlights of the LCD TVs.
Therefore, it can be easily concluded that the LED TVs are way better and more
effective when compared to the normal LCD TVs.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages in the LED TV. The main thing
is that they come in very high and unaffordable prices. It does not have a huge
demand as it is just released. Therefore, its production is low which explains the high
prices. It is almost twice as expensive as the normal LCDs and therefore, it does not
have a big demand.

In the case of LCDs, they come in a lot of different sizes but the LEDs range only
from 40” and above. Therefore, most people cannot afford it. Another
disadvantage of the LEDs is that they are believed to have a comparatively shorter
However, when all the factors are compared, then we can find that the LEDs are better
than the LCDs in a lot of different ways. The LEDs are better in quality and

They provide a wider viewing angle and are hence very effective. They also provide
richer and deeper blacks thus giving a realistic viewing experience.

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