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					Our photos are pieces of the fabric that makes our life the crazy patchwork quilt that it
is. They are distinctive, they are unique, and they mean something special to us. So
we need a way to make them together. If you really have such mind, why not make
your own photo book? With a Photo Collage Maker you can easily create your own
book .
  Photo Collage Maker is digital scrapbooking and photo collage software. It allows
you to create and print scrapbook layouts quickly and easily. Automate your work
with compositions, enhance photos with effects, spice up your creation with borders,
frames, backgrounds and clipart. With just a few clicks, you can create collages,
scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars, and greeting cards. Unlike photography
software that takes days to master, photo collage maker lets both seasoned collagers
and new hobbyists become productive in minutes. Following is the step by step
tutorial on how to make a photo book.
  Step 1 - Add your photos to the Project In the Photo Pane on the left, find the folder
where the photos you want to add are located and the photos will be shown in
thumbnails list below, then just drag each photo in thumbnails list to your collage or
double click it. Btw, you can adjust the photos by resizing and rotating them.
  Step 2 - Adding Text & Clipart to project On the Collage menu, click Add Text to
add text your collage. To get the best effect, you can set the font and color of the
words to be added as you wish. Open Clipart Pane .You can see the list of Cliparts in
the left part of Picture Collage Maker window. Double click a clipart to add it to the
current project. There is an assortment of images for you to make choices. PS: In this
step, you can also adjust the text and clipart by resizing and rotating with the dragging
of the mouse cursor.
  Step 3 - Apply background patterns to collage Open Background Pane and Double
click a background to apply it to the current collage. Apply background patterns to
  Step4 - Add New Page On the very right part, you can see a Page Pane, now please
click 鈥渁 dd page 鈥? a new blank page will be created. Want to edit it? Yes, we can
just go ahead to edit the page just by clicking the new page. In this way, we can create
pictures on and on as we wish.
  Step5 - Save Project as JPEG file or print On the File menu, click Save Collage as
Picture and specify a folder on your hard disc to save current collage project as a
image file. Or you can choose Print Preview on the File menu, and print the photo
book you 鈥檝 e just made. The steps are not difficult , only a few minutes , the
conversion will be finished. Photo Collage Maker is a powerful tool , with it , you can
not only make a photo book , but also create photo collage. It is also a good way to
restore your happy moment .