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How To Maintain A Health Vagina


									Do you have a healthy vagina? Can sex stretch it out of proportion? Does your vagina
supposed to have an odor? Why do the sensations feel so good when touched or
fondled? That special part of you has it's own doctor and has the tendency to bring
you much pleasure or pain if you are delivering a baby. A high percentage of women
say that they do not know a lot about their vagina, which is a little unfortunate
because, studies show that women that are confident about their "secret garden" tend
to have more orgasms and fun in the sack! Here are some useful pointers on how your
vagina works and operates, and how to make sure it stays healthy and functioning
properly. The appearance of all women's vagina's basically look the same with a few
exceptions. The size and color may be different depending on race,such as light
colored, fair skinned, dark skinned, etc. The walls of the vagina are parallel, side by
side, but can expand to accomodate a tampon or the male reproductive organ. The
walls can also expand even more for the birth of a child. Ok, but do not worry! Due to
human nature, even after the birth of a baby or the penetration of any size male organ
the walls of the vagina are elastic and after birth or intercourse will eventually return
to normal size. If there is a lose in elasticity after childbirth then you may want to do
"secret garden exercises" which are very effective. After a long "time out" (no
intercourse) there are myths that sex can be painful or uncomfortable which in most
situations is not true! The muscles need to be relaxed first but after a little lubrication
and careful penetration, it will not be any pain or discomfort. The vagina contains
good bacteria, called lactobacilli, which fights off bad bacteria to reduce infections.
The good bacteria called lactobacilli, can also be found in yogurts. During your
monthly it is a suggested idea to place one teaspoon of yogurt at the tip of your
tampon before insertion. This can be applied throughout the duration of your cycle.
The vagina is self-cleaning which means, contrary to the myths that we have heard,
there is no need to douche! This could only cause potential unwanted problems in the
"secret garden". Your vagina cleans cleans itself with the discharge that it secretes. It
flushes out cells and from the vaginal wall, excess water and bacteria. Only the
outsides or exterior of the vagina needs to be washed with soap and water. The hair
found on the vagina is not necassary and can be omitted/shaved for a better
appearance and a more stimulating sensation during intercourse. Every woman has a
unique scent to her vagina. It could be acidic before your period or pungent after your
period. The scent can be more noticeable during sex because of the body's natural
lubrication that is produced. Doctors say having solo sex with your partner is good
while you have your period because it helps relieve cramps. While regular penetration
is relaxing, to much action can leave you chafed or inflamed, or possibly with a
urinary tract infection. This is more likely if you do it on top or in missionary, since
your man's penis is really close to your urethra and can push harmful bacteria into it.
Make sure you relieve yourself after intercourse (urinate) to keep stop this from
happening. Myth has it that tampons or other items can be lost inside the vagina,
which is not true. If a tampon is not within reach, just squat and bare down. If that
does not work then make an appointment with your OBGYN and and he/she will
handle the situation accordingly. In the meantime and between time, anytime,
anyplace, be responsible. And have fun with your man!
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