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					When traveling to Spain, you should consider staying in one of the many short term
apartments. Barcelona has so many to choose from, all with a wide range of amenities
and extras. No matter if you’re traveling by yourself or in a large group, there are self
catering apartments Barcelona that will meet your needs.
  Where would you like to stay in the city? Many people find that they love the central
downtown area, as it’s close to a number of attractions, restaurants, and nightlife
hotspots. Others prefer to stay a little deeper into specific neighborhoods so they can
experience the true Spanish culture. No matter which areas you prefer, there are short
term apartments Barcelona available. You’ll be able to view these accommodations
online, as well as make your reservations for self catering apartments Barcelona, all
with just a couple clicks of the mouse.
  These self catering apartments Barcelona are stylish, comfortable, and very
affordable. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that it’s often less expensive than
staying at one of the better hotels. Many have been renovated, but still maintain the
influence of the city. You’ll love the beautiful décor, fantastic furnishings, and
amenities. Some have washing machines, dryers, and hair dryers, and most have air
conditioning. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils, dishes, and pots for cooking
up your own variation of a Spanish meal. Depending on where you book your
vacation, you may sign up for free cooking classes, too with the rentals of your short
term apartments Barcelona.
  Barcelona has a vibrant nightlife, but it starts a little later than in some other
countries. Dinner is usually served between nine and eleven. This is one reason why
tapas bars are so popular here. Between lunch and dinner, you can sit and enjoy a
variety of tapas, which are appetizer sized snacks to tide you over until dinner.
Dinners are usually long and leisurely. Afterwards, you can paint the town at a dance
club or sit back and enjoy a beer until five or six in the morning. You can return to
your self catering apartments Barcelona to sleep until noon! Then spend your
afternoon shopping and sightseeing through this beautiful city.
  There are a number of shopping districts here, as well as museums, theaters, and
other attractions. Many close for lunch between one and three, so plan accordingly.
For those that love architecture, check out SSagrada Familia and Casa Mila, both by
Antonio Gaudi. For the kids, the Barcelona Zoo and the L’Aquarium de Barcelona are
must-sees. Finally, if you love art, a visit to the Picasso Museum and the National
Museum of Art are certain to be high on your list.
  In closing, when you’re traveling to this great city, remember to book your self
catering apartments Barcelona as early as possible. These types of short term
apartments Barcelona fill up rather quickly. One reason is for the price, but another is
for the chance to truly experience what this Spanish city has to offer. You certainly
won’t be disappointed.
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