How to Look Younger Naturally - Get the Secrets to a Youthful and Sizzling You_ by hkksew3563rd


									The possibility of transforming yourself bylooking younger, in just 10 days sounds
too good to be true, but it is a fact. A lot of cosmetic companies claim to give anti
ageing benefits, by the use of their products in a couple of days, and their claims are
not false either, but their results are temporary.
 Let's not discuss the brief methods of looking younger anymore and start
incorporating a healthful/healthy diet, along with a bit of exercise and healthy habits
in our daily lifestyle that stimulates a healthy skin from within our body
 Looking youthful with the consumption of super foods:
 Super foods are basically nutritional items having more than one constituent with
strong health benefits that are high in nutrients, vitamin and mineral content. There
are many super foods that are said to boost your skin texture and quality like Egg
whites, Pomegranate, Olive oil, Watermelon, Blueberries, Green tea, Salmon, Spinach,
Kale, Strawberries, watercress, sprouted seeds, oats, oysters,tomatoes, melon, millet,
walnuts, kiwis, dark chocolate, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potatoes. If most of
these super foods are regularly incorporated in your diet for ten days you are bound to
see and feel for yourself, positive results in the form of healthier and much younger
looking skin.
 In addition to absorbing super foods, include some amount of work out or exercise in
your routine, for ten days. Yoga and meditation would also prove to be beneficial for
the same. Drink at least 8 glass of water in a day, as it would help in releasing all
harmful toxins from the body and make you look fresh for most part of the day. Also
consume fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can.
 If you need to apply a cream or moisturizer for your skin, try using moisturizers and
body lotions that are manufactured with botanical ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut
oil, safflower oil, and linoleic acid that would protect your skin as well as provide a
healthy look to it at the same time. Try staying away from harmful chemicals as much
as you can.
 Finally try staying away from alcohol and smoking, as they speed up the ageing
process and are most definitely not a healthy choice. Eat a balanced diet, along with
your intake of super foods, which would keep you energized throughout the day.
 Follow these steps for 10 days, and experience an bewildering change in yourself!
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