How to Increase Your Website Traffic- by hkksew3563rd


									Wondering how to market a new website that you have developed? You can get large
volume of traffic to your website if you could spend few hours on it. Here is how you
can bring instant traffic to your site in 3 simple steps.
  Step 1: Make a list of keywords that make a high keyword density in your content.
Choose keywords with commercial target. When visitors use these keywords to make
a search, and if your website keyword content matches with the query, then there are
chances for getting your website indexed by the search engines. Pages with high page
rank will get more visitors. You increase the chances of making sales when you target
buyer keywords.
  Step 2: Register an author account and start writing articles on your products and
services. Now that you have a list of keywords, you can start writing immediately.
You do not need to learn all the rules in the beginning. If some of your articles get
rejected that is okay. Generally, editors will let you know the reason that why your
articles are rejected. As long as you go back and correct those mistakes, the content
will be accepted. Write informative and product promoting features in your articles.
  Step 3: Put forward a prompt for the visitor to click on your links. You get lot more
clicks than usual when you offer a strong incentive. Some examples include
testimonials, software trial applications, etc. Make your website attractive with lots of
videos and flash images. Give the links as images than word links to increase the
website traffic.

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