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Science media


Enviromental Studies Class. worksheets and class work

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									Leonard Hagg

Science Media Worksheet

1)The issue the author is presenting are the numbers concerning man-made chemicals in human bodies.
So how much of these chemicals have been ingested directly or indirectly.

2)One side is examining the exposure where it comes from and what it does t the body. The other side
(defense) is how do we know it is these chemicals, just because of the presence of these chemicals
doesn’t mean there is a risk and it’s a lot of money to waste on speculation.

3)The CDC has been doing bio-monitoring studies of Americans to see what chemicals are normally
found. Sonya Lunder from the Environmental Working Group states that the CDC research is difficult to
interpret. Dr. Sarah Janssen is a public health doctor working for the National Resources Defense Council
has been working on developmental and behavioral problems associated with lead contamination.

4)The difference is in the numbers, for example the scientist explain how lead levels is dropping in
American and only 1.4% have concerning levels of children 1-5 yrs old. they have at least 10 micrograms
per deciliter. The advocacy group doesn’t go into how much but paints the picture that as lead based
paint and lead fuel has been outlawed, we can see a droop in concentrations.

5)It is cited but not named. “the latest report published in 2009” is all that is said.


false- pcb’s are extremely environmentally persistent and maintain in higher levels than other chemicals
or metals.


False – can’t say it causes it just that there may be a link between the two.


7)Carcinogen: PFOA, MTBE

Biomagnifications: PCB’s, Mercury, Lead

Neurotoxin: Lead and Mercury

Persistent Organic pollutant: PFOA, MTBE

Endocrine Hormone Disrupter: PFOA, Bisphenol A

8) I can’t imagine a world without toxins. The main difference between the issue in Silent Springs and
with the chemicals of today is that the chemicals of today we really on for everything. When the
pesticides were addressed they could be removed from using them. It would be very hard to remove
PCB and other chemicals and plastics from use. The ability to mold and manufacture products so fast is
what makes most of today’s society possible.

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