How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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					There are tons of reasons why one would want to generate a good amount of traffic to
his or her blog. May it be to promote his product or to make this very project a good
source of income, it 鈥檚 always one of the most important techniques to cash in on
the web. But how do you increase traffic to your blog? Here are some top suggestions:
1. Get bookmarked. Tons of different free bookmarking websites are now up and
about online. The great thing about them is that your link won 鈥檛 sit idly in their
database. Most of these sites now make suggestions to their users. Take StumbleUpon
for example. This site, once you 鈥檙 e listed and properly categorized, will suggest
your site to its members when they 鈥檙 e 鈥渟 tumbling 鈥? It 鈥檚 a really great
deal that is hard to find anywhere else. 2. Get indexed on different online directories.
Submitting your site in different directories can help you get found by people who are
genuinely interested in your area. This is a great way to generate targeted traffic,
which can further boost your odds of making a good sale or closed deal. 3. Comment
on other blogs and leave your link there. Commenting on other blogs is another great
way to build your web presence and increase traffic to your blog. Just make sure to
put in a good, useful word instead of just trying to put something there. Avoid being
flagged as spam, because that won 鈥檛 be a good thing for your ventures. 4. Hold a
contest. People love free stuff, that 鈥檚 one fact that no one can ever deny. So, hold
contests, offer freebies. You 鈥檒 l be surprised at how many new followers and
visitors you 鈥檒 l get if you 鈥檝 e put the right offer on the table. 5. Contribute as a
guest in other blogs. If you can work out a deal with other bloggers, then why not go
for contributing stints every now and then. You can write for their blogs and they can
do for yours, too. This can help you tap new regions and can easily get you the
increase in traffic you want. Aside from these, a lot of other ways are available to
increase traffic to your blog. Just make the right amount of research and you 鈥檒 l
surely find them.
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