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					Lauretta Lowell, a lPalm Desert, CA assemblage artist, is now adding 鈥楩 unctional
Art 鈥?to her catalog of unusual creations.
  鈥淔 unctional art is something which is both beautiful and useful. It lets you bring
incredible works of creativity, whimsy and beauty into our everyday lives,鈥?Lauretta
explains. 鈥淢 y home is full of my wall art and sculptures and I was running out of
room. So I decided to turn my functional furniture into art too. When people see my
Frida Kahlo Chair they are blown away!鈥? Lowell 鈥檚 assemblage art is sold
through her company, Whimsical Curiosities. She mixes antique and vintage findings,
producing assemblage sculptures, shrines, wall art, jewelry, mosaics and now
furniture with the intention to capture your curiosity, make you smile and feel you are
experiencing something you have never seen before. Her creations are considered Eco
Friendly Art, made with recycled items.
  Lowell, a resident of Palm Desert, CA since 2003, and member of the regional art
community for almost 30 years, has curated art exhibits, managed galleries, and
contributed her whimsical, thought provoking assemblage art to many Southern
California venues including Fine Art Festivals in Santa Barbara, Brentwood,
Calabasas, Malibu and Hermosa Beach where she has won several awards. Her work
is now being shown in Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook, CA and will be shown and sold
at Old Town La Quinta 鈥檚 Art Under the Umbrellas October 2010 鈥?March 2011.
  鈥淓 veryone needs furniture, so why not buy furniture that 鈥檚 art? It nurtures our
soul to have it in our homes.鈥? For more information about her art visit her website

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