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									If you are looking for the best places to visit in London, well then here is a short guide
for you to tell you what places to visit this season in London. Known for its historic
beauty and its royal stature, London is one of the most amazing cities of the world. If
you are visiting London, you must not forget to visit one of the most amazing places
in London which is the Hyde park! One of the royal parks of London, Hyde Park is
known for its Speakers corner. Hyde Park has hosted some of the most amazing rock
concerts in London and it is undoubtedly considered as one of the most happening
places. Shaftesbury Premier Hyde Park, London is one of the best hotels located
centrally which offers great proximity to the Hyde Park and greater accessibility to all
other places of London.

Known to be one of the most costly cities, London is indeed one of the most
expensive cities of the world and thus if you wish to spend a lavish and comfortable
stay in the city, you must plan a budgeted holiday. Planning your stay in cheap hotels
is one of the best ideas to start with. There are many hotels in London which will offer
you a cheap stay, one of them is Shaftesbury premier Hyde Park, London. Among the
best hotels in town, it offers you a comfortable stay at affordable price. The
Shaftesbury hotels have a great long chain of their hotels across the city which would
make sure that you get the best of conveniences according to your needs and desires.

Shaftesbury premier Hyde Park is located in the central London which is very near to
the Paddington Railway Station as well as to the Heathrow Airport. The connectivity
from this place is really good with all the other places in London which you would
want to visit during your stay. The hotel would also provide you with many other
royal amenities for your stay and make sure that you have the most memorable trips
of your life. The Shaftesbury hotels have a lot many chains of hotels at different
locations in London to provide you with utmost convenience according to your needs
and requirements. Hyde Park being one of the central points of the city, you wouldn’t
want to miss an opportunity of staying in such a premier hotel.
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