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   The air cooled diesel engine with advantage of simple compact construction and light weight does not have the
   problems associated with water cooled engines such as water leaks freezing etc which lead to overheating.
   Maintenance is also simplified.
   The air cooled diesel engine is able to perform well in temperatures from minus 40 to up to 50 degrees centigrade.
   The factory producing these air cooled engines has a customer that has run one of these engines in the taklamaka
   desert for over 20,000 hours.
   Fuel consumption of air cooled diesel engines is up to 16% less than the water cooled engines and also gives lower
   pollution and less harmful emissions.

Model GFS-12KW            Technical Features
ENGINE                    Deutz
Model                     F2L192
Type                      Twin cylinder, vertical, 4-stroke, air-cooled, direct injection diesel
Continuous Output         14 (kw) 1500 rpm                                        Max Output       16 (kw) 1500 rpm
Starting system Option    2 wire auto start                                       Cooling system   Forced air
Governor system           Centrifugal weight system                               Fuel             Diesel
Fuel tank capacity        Built in 40 ltr                                      Lub. oil capacity   8 ltr
Continuous working time   15 - 20 hours                                        Starting battery    12 v
Alternator type           12 kw direct coupled 4 pole brushless three phase synchronous alt
Frequency                 50 HZ at 1500 rpm
Rated AC Output           15 KVA                                          Amps                     50
Voltage                   415 at 3 Phase / 240 at single phase
Sine wave pattern         3% distortion only                              Power factor             0.8
Noise level               73 dba at 4 mts
                          1 x 415v with on / off switch , 3 x 240 volt 15
Power outlets
length x width x height 181 cm x 88 cm x 110 cm
Weight                  690 kg
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