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									Delta Police Department

Media Release
4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent . Delta, BC . V4K 3E1                     

 Release date/time:       Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 2:00 p.m.                   Media Contact:
          Incident:       Single Vehicle Accident                                 A/Sgt. Paul Eisenzimmer
        Date/Time:        Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 3:30 p.m.                  Media Relations
          Location:       7800 block Ladner Trunk Road                            604.595.2125
          DPD file:       2011-337                                      

New Recruit Takes Command

The Delta Police Department often hires new recruits in advance of the available Recruit Training
Courses at the Justice Institute of BC and places them within the organization in non-operational roles
until their training commences. Recently we hired 38 year old Ben Whitehead. He was sworn in as a
police officer in mid-October and assigned to work in the Forensic Identification Services Section (FISS)
until his recruit class begins in March.

On Thursday, January 6th at approximately 3:30 p.m. Constable Whitehead was returning to Ladner from
North Delta when he came across an accident in the 7800 block of Ladner Trunk Road. A middle aged,
East Indian lady, driving a Honda Accord had lost control and her car had struck a telephone pole and
landed on its side in the water filled ditch. Passersby had stopped but no one was assisting the lady who
appeared in a state of shock. Constable Whitehead confirmed that someone had a cell-phone and was
calling 911. The car was smoking and steaming. A concerned citizen entered the water to turn off the car.
Constable Whitehead jumped in to help. He checked the lady’s condition and soon learned that English
was not her first language. He recruited the assistance of a Punjabi speaker and determined the extent of
her injuries. He removed his coat and put it over her to keep her warm and supported her head and arm
until Medical Assistance arrived and she was placed in a neck brace and her arm splinted. Delta Fire and
Emergency Services removed the lady from the car and she was transported to hospital where it was
determined her condition wasn’t as severe as initially thought. She is expected to have a complete
recovery. Her car however, was totaled.

Most people arriving at a scene like this want to help but often
don’t know what to do. It isn’t expected that a police recruit with
no training would take command of a situation like this but
Constable Whitehead isn’t without Command experience. Major
Ben Whitehead served 16½ years with the British Military. His
last posting was the Officer in Charge of 666 Squadron of the
Army Air Corp. He is qualified helicopter pilot and served time in
Iraq and Afghanistan. He also spent a year posted in Canada at
Canadian Forces Base Suffield in Alberta. That posting drew him
and his wife and their two boys back to Canada.

Ben is looking forward to his career with the Delta Police and from
what we’ve seen so far we expect great things from him.


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