Seth Rogen is Engaged to Lauren Miller by djsgjg0045


									Seth Rogen is engaged to Lauren Miller who accepted a rather unconventional
proposal. Seth Rogen proposed to his girlfriend of 6 decades in a wardrobe while she
was changing.

Seth Rogen was His Unconventional Self

Seth Rogen admitted he was his unconventional self as soon as he had purchased the
ring. He felt like he was being watched, and like he was heading to get caught, and so
he made a decision not to wait any lengthier and quickly propose to his girlfriend.
Thankfully or unfortunately his wife-to-be was in her underpants transforming in the
closet, and was topless. Even when he proposed to Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen says he
was pondering why would any woman want to be proposed while she was half bare in
a wardrobe, but in any situation what he truly did was set the ring on her nipple. It is
left to people's imagination to choose whether this story is correct or has been
fabricated by Seth Rogen while he was on Conan.

There are not any Ensures

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