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             West Coast Casualty’s

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         May 3 and 4 , 2007

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    -        The Disneyland Hotel                                -
            1150 West Magic Way, Anaheim, California 92802
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Coral Stern, AIC
West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the 2007 West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar will
take place at the world-renowned Disneyland Hotel and Resort.

With thirteen years of bringing the construction defect community its favorite seminar behind us, I
think you will agree that the speakers and respective subjects broached at this year’s event
represent the most important agenda items currently facing the construction defect community.
Our speakers, represent all aspects of the construction defect community, who come from
throughout the United States to share their thoughts and experiences on the issues that were first
born here in California.

This year we will present a whole host of special features which will be associated with our

Along with the California Department of Insurance, we are also proud to offer, without charge, a
special session for specialized investigation units regarding the prevention of fraud in construction
defect cases. By law, the California Department of Insurance requires specialized training and this
is the first time it will be presented in a strictly construction defect related forum. In this invitation
you will find additional information on how to register for this session which is specially geared to
insurance claims professionals and their SIU units.

As a leader in this community, we are extremely proud and privileged to work with many of our
co-sponsors to host The Greg W. Perini Benefit Golf Tournament which will follow our seminar
on Friday May 4th at the nearby Tustin Ranch Golf Course. Information about this special event is
also included in this invitation.

Last, but certainly not least, we are once again proud to host West Coast Casualty’s “Buy a
Banner, Support A Charity” program. “Buy a Banner, Support A Charity” has raised over half a
million dollars to date for various charities. We are extremely proud to be the vehicle for this
worthwhile event.

We’re looking forward to an educational, enjoyable and memorable seminar event and I look
forward to seeing you in Anaheim on May 3rd and May 4th, 2007.

Very truly yours,

West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.

Coral Stern, AIC, President
David Stern, RPA
Vice President
West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.

Construction defect claims are now being brought all across the United States and cover a broad spectrum
from minor problems like popped nails and peeling paint to situations when a house must be completely
destroyed. Water intrusion still leads the way in both the areas of property damage and claims for bodily
injury. Other problems include allegations of faulty design, code violations, cracked foundations,
substandard workmanship, and unsafe structures, resulting in billions being paid out for property damage as
well as the cost of litigation associated with these claims.

The number of construction defect cases and the allegations regarding faulty construction continue to surge
as legislators and judges continue to struggle with better ways to handle the losses and reduce the cost of
the claims and the litigation.

Because of continued shifting population, the demand for housing in the southeastern and southwestern
portions of the U.S. remain at record highs despite some reduction in new housing starts. Given the demand
for contractors to build new homes or contractors to repair homes devastated by recent hurricane and
tornado activity, many contractors and their subcontractors are stretched to the limit. Builders are under
pressure to keep costs down so homes are affordable and profitable. Demands for energy efficiency and
environmentally sound products mean that homes today are more complicated to build. Because of
continuing low bid issues and a high demand for labor, many contractors unknowingly employ unskilled or
overworked laborers and poorly supervise their work. At a time when government regulation is more
important than ever, government inspection departments do not have the funding to adequately inspect
homes and often approve below-par construction. The combination of these factors plus some additional
factors results in allegations that homes are built with serious defects. While some defects exist, the law has
not been kind to contractors as many laws developed have placed unfair burdens upon contractors when
dealing with construction defect related issues. As such, this is a class of business which insurers now do
not wish to place as favorable risk. Thus, the cost of available insurance continues to skyrocket and
premiums remain at an all time high.

Liability insurance for builders and subcontractors continues to be a problem as “Wrap-Up’ policies are
now becoming the “norm” but so are problems associated with “Wraps”. With new mandatory-arbitration
clauses in many new-home contracts, new “right to cure” laws, requirements for builders to self-insure and
an ever-changing insurance picture, construction defect claims and litigation continue to blaze new paths
into the future.

We believe that we have assembled some of the best speakers and the best topics to address these issues.
We believe that working together through education and mutual discussions of new ideas, we all will
benefit. It is through seminars like this one that we all learn to share thoughts and ideas that benefit us as a
community in whole. We would like you to join us for the sharing of some great ideas and working
together toward reaching realistic solutions for the betterment and benefit of everyone in this community.

On behalf of all of us at West Coast Casualty, the Speakers and Topics Committee, our speakers and
vendors, I look forward to seeing you in Anaheim on May 3rd and 4th, 2007.
               Construction Defect Fraud Workshop
Current insurance fraud regulations in California require fraud training of all insurance claims
personnel. While most of the focus of fraud activity has been on automobile and slip and fall
claims, the need to identify all aspects of fraud in construction defect claims and litigation has
become significantly important to those involved in the claims process. Claims and SIU
departments for insurers handling construction defect claims must be trained in fraud prevention
including how to identify fraud in their specific area of claims to comply with CA Department of
Insurance regulations.

Whether you’re creating, implementing or optimizing your anti-fraud program, this is a not-to-be-
missed event for all construction defect claims professionals and their SIU units. Spend some time
at this special event and you’ll leave with the answers you need to ensure the success of your anti-
fraud program. Be sure to take advantage of this very unique opportunity to network with your
peers, ask questions and get the answers you need to decrease fraud in your organization.

This event has been researched and designed to provide practical information for claims handlers,
SIU and the decision-makers involved in reducing insurance fraud with a special emphasis on
construction defect claims. This will be an interactive workshop and we plan to build a list of
“Red Flags“ to help identify potential fraud in construction defect. We will talk about the schemes
that have been going on in this field, which has increased the costs of these claims to insurers and
the contractors. We will be seeking input from the attendees in this regard.

If you’re a company that does business in the State of California and want to increase the
effectiveness of your anti-fraud program, this session is for you.

The benefits of this conference will extend to VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors and
Contractors involved with:

 • Fraud • Claims • Special Investigation Units • Legal Staff • Underwriting • Communications •

This course will be taught by Dale Banda, Deputy Commissioner of the California Department of
Insurance (CDI) Enforcement Branch, which consists of the Fraud and Investigation Divisions,
since February 2005. He has more than 26 years of law enforcement experience.

This session is provided free of charge as a public service by West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.
Even though this session is free, you must register to attend this important workshop on the Fraud
Workshop Registration Form that is enclosed with this invitation.
                  Fraud Workshop Registration Form
    Name: _____________________________________________________________________________


    Company / Firm / Organization : ___________________________________________________________

    Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

    City:___________________State:__________ Country: ______________ Post/Zip Code: _____________

    Your Phone No (            ) __________________________ Your Fax No. (                     ) ____________________

    Your E-Mail Address: _________________________@ _________________________________ .______

    L L              Please send one registration form per individual attending                                7 7
                      By Mail _____ Send to West Coast Casualty Service, Inc. (Address below)
                               By Fax ______ (Fax a copy of this form to 805 306 1825)

                     April 27, 2007 will be the last day to pre register, otherwise registration
                                      will be conducted on site, space permitting.
                            Please return this registration form by mail, fax or e-mail to:

                                             West Coast Casualty Service Inc.
                                        1445 East Los Angeles Avenue, Suite 205
                                                 Simi Valley, CA 93065
                                         Tel. 805 306 1505 - Fax 805 306 1825

     All reservations accepted on a first come, first served basis. -This form may be duplicated for additional reservations

       If you have information on construction defect fraud schemes that you would like to talk about or see
         addressed at this workshop, please send details on a separate sheet of paper with your registration.

                                               West Coast Casualty’s
                                           Construction Defect Seminar
                                               May 3rd and 4th, 2007
                                          The Disneyland Hotel and Resort
                                            Anaheim, California, U.S.A.
                              Wednesday, May 2nd 2007
                                3:30PM –4:30 PM

                               * Special Session *
                   Fraud Issues in Construction Defects
                  Dale Banda – California Department of Insurance
                              Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
                        Early Registration - 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

                               Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
                    Registration and Breakfast - 7:30AM - 8:30AM

                               Sponsored by

                          S.C. WRIGH T CON STRUCTION , INC .

                                 8:30AM - 8:45 AM
                                 Welcome Remarks

                                  8:45 – 9:30 AM
“Recent Court Decisions Which Impact Both the Coverage and the Defense of CD Claims”
                Thomas Halliwell, Esq., and Barry C. Vaughan, Esq.

                                 9:30 – 10:15 AM
    “Keeping Up With CD Coverage – This Years Key Concepts You Have To Know”
         Neil Selman, Esq., Sheryl Leichenger, Esq. and Eldon Edson, Esq.

                                  10:15 – 10:30 AM
                                   Morning Break

                                   10:30 - 11:45 AM
                      “Construction Defects Distinctive To Nevada”
                     Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta,
                    Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Cherry,
                     Nevada Supreme Court Justice Mark Gibbons
    Charles Litt, Esq., Peter Brown Esq., David Lee, Esq. and Bruce Edwards, Esq.

                                 11:45 – 12:00 PM
                                Awards Presentation

                                  12:00 - 1:00 PM

                                  Thursday, May 3rd 2006

                                        1:00 – 2:00 PM
      “Strategies for Success: Resolving Construction Defect Claims in 2007 and Beyond”
           Stephen Henning, Esq., Merv Thompson, Esq., Judge Victoria Chaney,
                    Karen Rice, Ross Feinberg, Esq. and Edward Martinet

                                        2:00 – 3:00 PM
                      “Ethical Issues in Construction Defect Litigation”
Tom Lincoln, Esq., Charlie Henderson, Brandt Wolkin, Esq. and Christian Schmitthenner, Esq.

                                      3:00 – 3:30 PM
                                      Afternoon Break

                                        3:30 - 4:15 PM
                        “Residential Construction from the Inside Out:
                     A Computer-Generated Exploration of Construction
                               for the Insurance Professional”
            Elaine Fresch, Esq., Don MacGregor, Paul Viau and John Springman

                                     4:15 – 5:00 PM
                   “How to Fast Track a Construction Defect Mediation”
Judge Stephen Sundvold, Judge Robert May (Ret.), Michael Roberts, Esq. and Matt Argue, Esq.

                                      5:00 – 6:00 PM
                                     Cocktail Reception
                                   Sponsored by

                                        Friday May 4th 2007

                                         7:30AM - 8:30AM
                                     Registration and Breakfast

                                       Sponsored by

Center Ballroom                                                                  South Ballroom
8:30 – 9:30 AM                                                                         8:30 – 9:30 AM

"Cross-defendants' Trial Exposure:                                        “Subcontractors: Defending
Assignment of Rights by Developer”                                       Yourself without Insurance”
Michael G. Martin, Esq.                                                         Jason Weintraub, Esq.
Michael Sargent, Esq.                                                            Laura Brunasso, Esq.
Gary L. Jacobsen, Esq.
Doug. W. Andrews, Esq.

Center Ballroom                                                                  South Ballroom
9:30 – 10:30 AM                                                                       9:30 – 10:30 AM

“Not the Same Old Game                                                          “California’s Right to
The Trend Away from                                                           Repair Statute – SB800”
Traditional Insurance”
Keith Koeller, Esq.                                                              Joyia Greenfield, Esq.
Toni Johnson                                                                         Scott Levine, Esq.
Ed Martinet                                                                             Ross Hart, Esq.
Alexander Robertson IV, Esq.

                                         10:30 – 11:00 AM
                                          Morning Break

Center Ballroom                                                                  South Ballroom
11:00 – 12:00 PM                                                                    11:00 – 12:00 PM

“Washington’s Right to Repair                                                     “The Wild Wild West;
/ Right to Cure Statutes”                                              Practice Pointers for Litigating
Mark Scheer, Esq.                                                 in California, Arizona and Nevada.”
Judge Jim Rogers                                                               Brenda Radmacher, Esq.
Dean Martin, Esq.                                                                      John Chaix, Esq.
Jonathan Dirk Holt, Esq.                                                           Jerome Wager, Esq.
                                                                                       Ira Lebovic, Esq
               Seminar Speakers

Douglas W. Andrews, Esq. Managing Partner
Andrews & Rhodes LLP, Diamond Bar, CA
Douglas W. Andrews is Managing Partner of Andrews & Rhodes LLP and also heads their
construction litigation practice. He has 22 years of experience in complex construction
litigation, including the representation of owners, developers, general contractors,
subcontractors, material suppliers and manufacturers of building products. Mr. Andrews
received his B.A., M.P.A and J.D. degrees from Brigham Young University.

Matthew W. Argue, Esq. Mediator
One Mediator, Carlsbad, CA

Matt has over 17 years experience handling all types of real estate, construction and
insurance litigation. As head of the Construction Litigation Department with the prominent
San Diego law firm of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves and Savitch LLP, he handled many
cases involving litigation of complex, multi-party construction defect cases. His
construction experience includes high-end, custom single family residences, large multiple
single-family and condominium tract developments, commercial retail developments and
hotel projects. He represented a state-wide builder in numerous construction defect cases.
He also represented the plaintiffs in AAS v. Superior Court (2000) 24 Cal. 4th 627, dealing
with the “economic loss rule” and ultimately defines the types of physical injury to
property required to recover damages in a construction defect case. Since 2004, he has
worked as a full-time construction mediator and arbitrator. He is licensed to practice in
multiple jurisdictions including California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Texas.

Dale Banda, Deputy Commissioner
California Department of Insurance, Sacramento, CA

Dale Banda has served as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Insurance (CDI)
Enforcement Branch, which consists of the Fraud and Investigation Divisions, since
February, 2005. He has more than 26 years of law enforcement experience. Banda began
his career with CDI in 1993 as a Fraud Investigator, and beginning in 2000, as Chief of the
Fraud Division performing executive decision-making and policy-influencing functions for
the Department. He has extensive managerial and program experience in planning and
directing a statewide law enforcement operation. The CDI’s law enforcement (Fraud
Division) function includes five major anti-fraud programs: Automobile, Organized
Automobile Insurance Fraud Activity Interdiction, Workers’ Compensation,
Property/Casualty/Life, and Disability/Health Care. The Investigation Division enforces
the criminal and administrative laws related to insurance agents, brokers and insurance
companies, specifically Premium Theft, Senior Citizen Abuse, Title Insurance and Bail
Bond issues. As Deputy Commissioner, Banda provides program planning and oversight,
budget control, training, outreach, state and regional case development, and strategic
planning to the Enforcement Branch. Mr. Banda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political
Science from California State University, Sonoma.

Peter C. Brown, Esq. Managing Partner
Bremer, Whyte, Brown & O’Meara, Las Vegas, NV

Peter C. Brown is the managing partner of the Las Vegas office of Bremer, Whyte, Brown
& O’Meara. Mr. Brown has experience in a variety of civil litigation areas including
construction defect, personal injury, real property, municipal defense, general liability and
intellectual property (trademark and copyright infringement). Mr. Brown is a member in
good standing of California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado State Bars. His emphasis
includes construction defect, civil litigation, and business litigation.
               Seminar Speakers
Laura Brunasso, Esq. General Counsel
PBC Companies, Inc.
Laura Brunasso is Counsel of PBC Companies, Inc. Prior to joining PBC, Ms. Brunasso
practiced law as a litigator at an insurance defense firm in Orange County, focusing on the
defense of trade contractors in construction defect litigation. At PBC, Ms.
Brunasso's primary duties include reviewing and negotiating contracts with builders and
managing a team of outside defense counsel acting on PBC's behalf in construction defect
litigation throughout Southern California. Ms. Brunasso received her Juris Doctor degree
from Tulane University School of Law and her undergraduate degree in History from the
University of California at Irvine.

John Chaix, Esq. Principal
Law Offices of John Chaix, Costa Mesa, CA

John Chaix has been working in Construction Defect Litigation for almost 20 years. After
John graduated from Western State University School of Law in San Diego he began to
practice with a series of several prominent construction defect firms in California. In 1998
when John opened his own firm, Law Offices of John Chaix, his goal was to establish a
practice focused on personal service. By helping homeowners and homeowner association
boards feel comfortable with the complex process of construction defect litigation. He has
exclusively represented homeowners and HOA’s in complex construction issues.

Hon. Victoria Chaney, Judge
Complex Litigation, Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles, CA
On May 13, 1994, Judge Chaney was elevated to the Los Angeles Superior Court and was
assigned to Department L, a trial court, in West Branch in Santa Monica where she heard
both civil and criminal trials. From January 1995 to December, 1995, she was assigned to
Department H in South-Central Branch in Compton, presiding in a criminal calendar and
trial court. Beginning January, 1996 through December, 1997, she presided over long
cause criminal and civil trials in Department L. Commencing January, 1998 to the present,
she transferred from Compton to the Department 19 in the Civil Court House, handling a
civil direct calendar. On April 4, 2000, her assignment changed to sitting in the Complex
Litigation Program in Department 311 in Central Civil West, handling cases which are
designated as complex. In 1990, she was first appointed to the Municipal Court for the Los
Angeles Judicial District. As an Assistant City Attorney in the Civil Liability Section of the
Los Angeles City Attorney's office, she represented both the City of Los Angeles and its
employees in civil litigation. During a leave of absence from the City Attorney, she
worked as an associate attorney with Veatch, Carlson, Grogan and Nelson from
approximately July 1982 to July 1983. Prior to joining the Office of the City Attorney, she
was employed by Dryden, Harrington and Swartz, where she handled files involving
general tort litigation insurance coverage disputes, and some business litigation. Between
1986 and 1990, while on the Los Angeles Superior Court Arbitration Panel, she arbitrated
more than one hundred cases. Before entering law school, she worked as a nurse at LAC-
USC Medical Center and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
               Seminar Speakers
Hon. Justice Michael A. Cherry
Nevada Supreme Court, Carson City, NV
Supreme Court Justice Michael A. Cherry is a native of St. Louis where he received his
undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri and his Juris Doctor from
Washington University Law school. He is the father of two and grandfather of two. A
former partner in the law firms of Manos & Cherry and Cherry, Bailus and Kelesis,
Michael has been licensed to practice in Nevada since 1970. He has served as an Alternate
Municipal Judge for the Cities of Las Vegas and Henderson as well as Justice of the Peace
Pro Tem and Small Claims Referee for Clark County. Michael has been an instructor for
the University of Phoenix since 1994 where he teaches Business Law and History. He is
also admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court and the 9th and 5th
Circuit Courts of Appeal. In 1981 Michael Cherry was named as ASpecial Master@ of the
MGM Grand Hotel Fire Litigation and in 1983 he also assumed the duties of ASpecial
Master@ of the Las Vegas Hilton Fire Litigation. As ASpecial Master@ Michael served as
liaison between plaintiffs= attorneys, defense attorneys and the Court during these multi-
million dollar cases. His work as ASpecial Master@ gained him nationwide recognition and
the procedures he established are now a part of most mass disaster litigation. In 1997 based
on his 28 years of experience in Nevada law, Michael was selected to head up the newly
created Special Public Defender=s office where he oversaw a staff of six attorneys handling
dozens of cases. Michael served in this capacity until he took the bench in District Court,
Department 17 on January 4, 1999. In his role as Special Public Defender he dealt with
capital and non-capital murder cases on an everyday basis.

Eldon S. Edson, Esq. Partner
Selman Breitman LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Eldon S. Edson is a partner with Selman Breitman LLP and specializes in the handling of
complex litigation matters in both the trial courts and courts of appeal, including the
litigation of insurance coverage and related extra-contractual matters, construction claims,
commercial/business claims and environmental tort claims. Mr. Edson attended the
University of California, Los Angeles, where he graduated in 1988. He received his Juris
Doctor degree, cum laude, from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1993. Mr. Edson
is a Committee Chair and serves on the Coverage/Bad Faith Substantive Law Committee
for the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. Mr. Edson is a regular
speaker at seminars and on panels on various legal topics, including insurance coverage
issues and environmental tort issues. His speaking engagements include, the American Bar
Association; the West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar; the Annual MC2
Consultants Seminar; The Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and
Nevada Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Seminar; and The Association of Southern
California Defense Counsel Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Seminar. He has also
spoken extensively to businesses, trade groups and various insurance industry groups. Mr.
Edson has been involved with numerous appeals, resulting in published legal decisions.

Bruce Edwards, Esq.
JAMS, San Francisco, CA
As one of JAMS most experienced attorney mediators, Bruce has significant expertise in
handling complex, multi-party cases with an emphasis on construction, business,
environmental and traumatic personal injury matters. As mediator and trainer at JAMS,
Bruce relies on his extensive experience while he was in private practice with the
Sedgwick, Detert, firm where he litigated product liability, medical malpractice,
construction defect, environmental and toxic tort cases. Bruce has mediated in excess of
1,500 cases in 35 states. An author of JAMS Protocol for Mediating Complex Construction
Defect Litigation, Bruce has also conducted mediation training from Florida to California.
Bruce received his Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of Law in 1981 and his Bachelor
of Arts in Psychology from the University of California at Davis. Bruce is a member of the
American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.
               Seminar Speakers

Ross W. Feinberg, Esq.
Feinberg Grant Mayfield Kaneda and Litt, LLP
Newport Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV

Ross W. Feinberg is a member of the California, Nevada and Colorado bars. He is the
senior partner of the “AV” rated law firm of Feinberg, Grant, Mayfield, Kaneda & Litt,
LLP. Mr. Feinberg has the privilege of serving as a member of the National Board of
Trustees and National Faculty for the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and serves
as the Institute’s 2006 National President. He serves as an author and faculty member for
the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), Co-Chair of numerous
National Seminars on behalf of Mealeys Lexis-Nexis and member of the Speakers and
Topics Committee for the annual West Coast Casualty Conference on Construction
Defects. Additionally, Mr. Feinberg has the distinguished honor of being a member of the
College of Community Association Lawyers for CAI. He has received numerous industry
related awards both from the Community Association field and that of the Construction
Defect bar including being the only Plaintiff attorney to be awarded the prestigious Jerrold
S. Oliver Award of Excellence at the 2003 West Coast Casualty Conference. Mr. Feinberg
received his preparatory education at the University of Southern California where he
graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration cum Laude in
1981. He received his law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law in
1984. He is a frequent speaker at local, national and international seminars relative to
Construction Defect litigation, Community Association law and Consumer Class Actions
and author of books and articles relative to Laws affecting Community Associations and
Construction Defects. Most recently, he had the honor of serving as a panelist for the
Judicial Symposium on Construction Defect Litigation on behalf of the AEI-Brookings
Institute Joint Center for Regulatory Studies in Washington D.C.

Elaine K. Fresch, Esq. Partner
Selman Breitman, Los Angeles, CA

Elaine K. Fresch is the partner in charge of the construction defect department at Selman
Breitman, LLP, a law firm with offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San
Francisco and Las Vegas. Ms. Fresch's primary focus at Selman Breitman over the last 20
years has been in the area of construction defect representing primarily developers and
general contractors as well as all types of subcontractors. One of her primary goals has
been to develop ways to aggressively defend her client in a cost-effective manner,
including formatting and operating successful joint defense agreements. Ms. Fresch has
also had the rare opportunity of trying complex construction defect cases. Ms. Fresch has
been invited to speak at numerous seminars on a variety of topics related to the
construction industry and the defense of construction defect cases. She has also been
featured in the Los Angeles Daily Journal in an article regarding noted construction defect
lawyers in Southern California. Ms. Fresch is a past recipient of the Syhre Award for her
commitment to service and education within the construction law industry. Ms. Fresch is a
graduate of UCLA and the University of San Diego School of Law. Ms. Fresch is admitted
to practice before all courts in Nevada and California. Ms. Fresch is an avid horsewoman
and competes in the jumper division at nationally recognized horse shows in her spare
time. Ms. Fresch's practice also includes complex commercial litigation, with an emphasis
on real estate and equine law.
                Seminar Speakers
Hon. Justice Mark Gibbons
Supreme Court Of Nevada, Carson City, NV

Justice Mark Gibbons was unopposed in his election to the Nevada Supreme Court and
assumed the bench in January 2003. Justice Gibbons attended the University of California
at Irvine and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree. He continued his education at Loyola
University School of Law in Los Angeles, California, and received his Juris Doctor in law.
Justice Gibbons was involved in the private practice of law in Las Vegas, specializing in
real estate related litigation, until his election to Department 7 of the Clark County District
Court in November 1996. In the six years Justice Gibbons was on the district court bench,
he presided over 120 civil/criminal jury trials including thirteen murder cases. Justice
Gibbons served as presiding judge of the civil division of the Clark County District Court
in 1998. In 2001 Justice Gibbons was unanimously elected Chief Judge of the Eighth
Judicial District Court, Clark County. He supervised the thirty judges of the Civil,
Criminal and Family Divisions. He served as Chief Judge until he assumed his duties as a
Supreme Court Justice. He also chairs the Interim Specialty Court Funding Committee.

Joyia Z. Greenfield, Esq.
Lorber, Greenfield and Polito, LLP, Poway, CA

After receiving her B.A. in 1979 from Dickinson College, Ms. Greenfield attended
California Western School of Law, receiving her J.D. in 1982 and is admitted to the
California Bar, as well as the U.S. District Court and Southern District Court of California.
Ms. Greenfield is a member of the Order of Barristers, San Diego County Bar Association,
San Bernardino County Bar Association, State Bar of California and American Arbitration
Association. She is a current member of the San Diego County Superior Court CMO
Committee and an active member and volunteer for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Foundation. Ms. Greenfield has served as an Arbitrator with the American Arbitration
Association and has served on several occasions as a Judge Pro Tem. She has an AV rating
with Martindale-Hubbell. Ms. Greenfield is one of the founding partners of the firm
Lorber, Greenfield & Polito, LLP, and handles a broad range of civil litigation matters with
the primary emphasis on the representation of developers and general contractors in
complex construction defect claims in the States of California, Nevada and Arizona.

Thomas L. Halliwell, Esq.
Chapman, Glucksman and Dean, Los Angeles, CA
Thomas L. Halliwell is a partner at the law firm of Chapman, Glucksman and Dean in Los
Angeles, California. Mr. Halliwell's practice focuses on the representation of developers
and general contractors in construction defect lawsuits. He is the editor of Chapman,
Glucksman & Dean's "Recent Developments in California Construction Defect Litigation,"
which reviews recent cases and legislation that impact California construction defect
litigation. Mr. Halliwell received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration
from the University of Redlands, and his Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School. He
has been a speaker on issues relating to construction defect, coverage, mold and class
action litigation.

Ross R. Hart, Esq. Mediator
FORUM Dispute Management, Los Angeles, CA
Nationally recognized as one of the leading experts in the resolution of construction related
matters, Ross Hart was the inaugural award winner of the Jerrold S. Oliver Award of
Excellence in 1996. A graduate of U.C.L.A. and Loyola Law School, Mr. Hart practiced
law for 18 years with Irsfeld, Irsfeld, and Younger and has been a full time neutral since
1994. An extraordinary arbitrator/mediator, he as also regularly appointed by the courts to
serve as a special master in complex, multi-party construction, construction defect and
insurance coverage disputes. Mr. Hart is the Founding Panelist of FORUM Dispute
Management, an ADR provider dedicated to the resolution of real estate, insurance
coverage and construction disputes throughout the West.
               Seminar Speakers
Charlie Henderson, Principal
Henderson Consulting, Newtown Square, PA
Charlie Henderson is an insurance consultant and expert witness for claim handling,
coverage, and bad faith issues. Charlie has been involved in construction defect litigation
since 1986 while employed in the home office of CIGNA with technical responsibility for
California and other western States. Since 2002, Charlie has been a consultant to several
construction defect run-off programs including Sphere Drake/Odyssey Re and Caliber One
Indemnity Company and is currently retained as an expert witness in several construction
defect related matters.

Stephen J. Henning, Esq. Founding Partner
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Stephen J. Henning is a founding partner of Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP, a firm
of 82 lawyers with offices throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. Nationally
recognized for his groundbreaking work in mold litigation, Steve is prolific in publishing
and speaking on both mold and construction issues. A skilled litigator, Steve has recently
chaired multiple national litigation conferences on these topics. In addition to representing
some of the nation's top home builders, the firm is nationally recognized for its work in
construction, environmental, business litigation, transportation, intellectual property,
general liability and land use issues. Nationally recognized for consistent defense verdicts
of mold bodily injury cases, the firm enjoys a reputation for regularly trying to verdict
construction defect, toxic exposure and complex tort cases. In addition, Steve and the firm
serve as national coordinating counsel for mold claims for several builders, property
management companies and commercial businesses. Mr. Henning received both his
undergraduate and law degree from the University of Nebraska, where he competed on the
National Trial team. In addition to his extensive legal practice, he is a member of the
Board of Directors for Levitt & Quinn, a public aid law firm which provides legal services
to people in need. Steve is the proud recipient of the 2002 Jerold S. Oliver Award for
contributions to the construction defect community.

Jonathan Dirk Holt, Esq. Partner
Scheer & Zehnder LLP. Seattle, WA
Jonathan Dirk Holt is a Partner at the law firm of Scheer & Zehnder LLP. He is admitted
to practice law in Federal Court and the State Courts of both Washington and Oregon. Mr.
Holt's primary practice is in the area of complex litigation involving construction defects,
contract and business disputes, copyright infringement, personal injury, and professional
and products liability. Mr. Holt is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association,
the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers,
the American Bar Association and the King County Bar Association. Mr. Holt received his
J.D. degree from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1998 and was a recipient of
the Chancellor's Scholarship. Mr. Holt received his B.S. degree from the University of
Oklahoma in 1992. Prior to joining Scheer & Zehnder LLP, Mr. Holt was an Assistant
Attorney General for the State of Washington. Mr. Holt also served as a United States
Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea prior to entering the practice of law.

Gary L. Jacobsen, Esq. Partner
Koenig Jacobsen LLP, Irvine, CA
Gary L. Jacobsen received his Bachelor of Arts Degrees (Cum Laude) from Pacific Union
College in 1978. He graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1983.
Based on his extensive and successful trial record, Mr. Jacobsen is a member of the
prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). Mr. Jacobsen specializes in the
representation of architects, engineers and contractors in construction litigation. He has
also litigated numerous serious personal injury cases and environmental matters. Mr.
Jacobsen is a frequent speaker at seminars involving design professionals, contractors and
environmental issues. Martindale Hubbell has given Mr. Jacobsen an AV peer review
               Seminar Speakers
Toni Johnson, Senior Vice President and West Zone Controlled
Insurance Program Leader for Construction
Marsh, San Francisco, CA
Toni Johnson is Senior Vice President and West Zone Controlled Insurance Program
Leader for Construction. She is housed within Marsh’s San Francisco office. With
particular specialization in Owner Controlled Insurance Programs, she is responsible for
driving the growth of the construction practice as well as coordinating the delivery of all
Marsh resources to her clients, supervising the client team, developing marketplace
strategies, and crafting solutions for unusual business and insurance risks. Toni’s expertise
with complex accounts includes the over sight for design of traditional insurance
procurement and risk management programs for client’s with construction exposures. Toni
is also charged with leadership responsibilities in driving and sustaining the San Francisco
office’s community connection – philanthropic goals. She currently serves on The San
Francisco Symphony Corporate Gifts board and on the Executive Board for Girls
Incorporated of Alameda County. Prior to joining the firm she was Chief Risk officer for a
large residential and commercial builder and has served as an officer for a construction
focused risk management solutions firm, and also has held key roles for several insurance
companies. She has developed creative risk transfer programs that have reduced costs,
enhanced value, and increased client control of their risk management programs.

Keith Koeller, Esq. Founding Partner
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck, LLP, Irvine, CA
Mr. Koeller is the founding partner of the law firm of Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck
LLP, which has specialized in the representation of developers and general contractors in
both residential and commercial construction defect litigation for over 20 years. Mr.
Koeller graduated from the University of Southern California, Magna Cum Laude in 1978
and from Loyola Law School in 1981. He is AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell. He is the
past Chair of the Orange County Bar Association Construction Law Section. He was the
proud recipient of the Larry Syhre Commitment to Service Award in 2003 and nominated
to receive the Jerrold S. Oliver Award of Excellence in 2002. Mr. Koeller has been a
featured speaker at numerous seminars concerning construction defect issues including
West Coast Casualty, MC Consultants, Mealey’s, Association of Southern California
Defense Counsel, Orange County Bar Association, and CEB. Mr. Koeller and his firm
have played prominent roles in the development of cutting-edge legal developments
concerning express indemnity, joint defense agreements, additional insured issues, class
action certification, and efficient judicial management of construction defect cases.
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2006 and we are
most grateful to everyone in the construction defect community who has shared in and
contributed to our success.

Ira D. Lebovic, Esq. General Counsel
Capital Pacific Holdings, Inc., Newport Beach, CA
Ira D. Lebovic is a California attorney who represents real estate developers, property
owners and related entities. He serves his clients in the areas of insurance placement,
insurance coverage, construction risk management and litigation management. Mr. Lebovic
brings to these practice areas twelve years of experience in real estate litigation, including
construction defect defense, and seven years serving as general counsel for Capital Pacific
Holdings, Inc., formerly known as J.M. Peters Company, Inc. This work history, coupled
with his training as a mediator, has enabled him to resolve for his clients over 250
construction defect and insurance coverage matters, including many high profile, media-
intensive cases in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. He has also assisted
his clients and their brokers in obtaining insurance coverage for highend attached and
detached residential, hotel, commercial and office properties. Mr. Lebovic has written and
lectured on such topics as insurance coverage, mold claims, mechanics liens, home
purchase contracts, sales disclosures, indemnity agreements and SB 800.
               Seminar Speakers
David Lee, Esq. Founder Lee & Russell, APC
Las Vegas, NV
David Lee is the founding member and managing shareholder of the Nevada and Arizona
firm of Lee & Russell, a Professional Corporation. Mr. Lee graduated with honors from the
University of Southern California, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and
Language in 1991. He then attended Pepperdine University School of Law and received
his Juris Doctorate from that institution in 1994. Mr. Lee is a member of the Federal and
State Bars of California and Nevada, and has appeared before the Nevada Supreme Court.
Mr. Lee opened the predecessor office to Lee & Russell in October of 1996. Mr. Lee has
focused his practice in California, Nevada and Arizona on the representation of "target"
defendant contractors (master developers, subdivision developers and general contractors)
in construction defect related claims. Mr. Lee tried to verdict the first construction defect
case in Southern Nevada. Mr. Lee has been a featured speaker at County, State and
National Seminars on construction defect cases, including a special engagement at the
Nevada State Bar Convention. Mr. Lee has also served as one of the Bar’s representatives
(on behalf of developers and general contractors) on committees to improve pre-trial and
trial procedure for construction defect cases in the State of Nevada.

Sheryl W. Leichenger, Esq. Partner
Selman Breitman, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

Sheryl W. Leichenger is a partner in Selman Breitman and specializes in the handling of
complex litigation matters, including insurance coverage and related extra contractual
matters, emphasizing third-party insurance coverage, construction and environmental
matters, professional liability, underwriting disputes, and commercial/business claims. Ms.
Leichenger received her Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, in
1992. Ms. Leichenger is a member of the American Bar Association (Litigation section)
and is a member of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. Ms.
Leichenger is a regular speaker at seminars and on panels regarding insurance coverage
issues throughout the United States. Her speaking engagements include the 10th and 11th
Annual West Coast Casualty Construction Seminar; the 8th Annual MC2 Consultants
Seminar in Key West, Florida; the 9th Annual MC2 Consultants Seminar in Colorado
Springs, Colorado; and the Defense Research Institute Food Liability Seminar in St. Louis,
Missouri. She has also spoken extensively to businesses, trade groups, and various
insurance industry groups throughout California, Illinois and Arizona. Ms. Leichenger has
extensive experience in the Courts of Appeal including the published decision: Baroco
West, Inc. v. Scottsdale Insurance Company (2003) 110 Cal. App. 4th 96; 1 Cal.Rptr.3d
464 rehearing and review denied.

Scott D. Levine, Esq.
Naumann, Levine & Silldorf, LLP, San Diego, CA
Scott D. Levine of Naumann, Levine & Silldorf, LLP in San Diego, CA practices in
Construction Defect Litigation, Franchise Law and Litigation, Business/Commercial Law
and Litigation and Business Litigation. He has a BA in Economics, University of
California Santa Barbara, 1988; JD, California Western School of Law, 1991 and was
admitted to the Bar in 1991. he is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California (Co-
Negotiator for Senate Bill 800, Member of the Board of Governors 2003 - ); Consumer
Attorneys of San Diego (Member of Board of Directors 2000 – 2001, Member of its
Executive Committee 2004 - ); American Bar Association (Forum on Franchising and
Business Law Sections) and the Association of American Trial Lawyers (Trial Lawyers
Care Volunteer). Tort Law Editor of Trial Bar News (1999 - 2003), Legislative Column
Editor of the Trial Bar News (2003 - ).
                Seminar Speakers
Thomas J. Lincoln, Esq. - Founding Partner
Lincoln, Gustafson and Cercos, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV and
Phoenix, AZ

Thomas J. Lincoln has been practicing law for over 25 years and is the founding partner of
Lincoln, Gustafson and Cercos, a civil litigation firm with offices in San Diego, Las Vegas
and Phoenix. Mr. Lincoln devotes his practice to a variety of areas including products
liability, construction defect litigation, premises liability and construction injury cases. In
addition to trial work, Mr. Lincoln is General Counsel to the San Diego Convention and
Visitors Bureau and has acted as an arbitrator on over 150 cases, provided expert testimony
in legal malpractice and bill disputes matters, acted as a mediator, and lectured on a variety
of topics. He is licensed in both California and Nevada and serves on the State of
California and San Diego County Bar Associations' Fee Arbitration Committees. Mr.
Lincoln is a past recipient of the Larry Syhre Commitment to Service Award for
contribution of education benefiting construction defect community and continued
commitment and support of West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect seminar.

Charles Litt, Esq. Partner
Feinberg Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt, LLP, Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Litt is a member of the Nevada and California Bars and serves as the managing partner
of the AV rated firm of Feinberg Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt, LLP. He is a member of
the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys of California, the Million
Dollar Advocates forum and the Community Associations Institute. Mr. Litt serves as a
speaker for numerous professional organizations including Mealeys Lexis/Nexis National
Conference on Construction Defect law, MC2 Consultants National Conference on
Construction Defects from a Coverage Viewpoint, continuing education for the Nevada
State Bar and panelist at the upcoming West Coast Casualty National Construction Defects
Conference relative to Nevada Law. Additionally, he serves as an instructor for the
University of Nevada, Las Vegas and various industry related educational seminars. Mr.
Litt focuses his practice on construction defect and civil litigation and has successfully
litigated more than one hundred construction defect cases in Nevada and California.

Dean Eric Martin, Esq. Partner
Barker Martin, P.S., Seattle, WA

Dean Eric Martin is a partner at Barker Martin, P.S., and throughout his legal career, Mr.
Martin’s practice has focused on construction defect litigation. In 1993, he devoted his
practice to residential construction defect litigation with a primary focus on multi-family
residential. That practice has included prosecuting claims against developers, general
contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and their respective insurance companies.
He has also directly prosecuted first and third-party insurance claims. Dean graduated
from the University of Washington in 1988 with a degree in Economics and was a member
of the Delta Epsilon Honor Society. He graduated from the University of Washington
School of Law in 1992. He is admitted to practice in Washington, Oregon, United States
District Court for Western District of Washington, and Federal Claims Court. As part of
Dean’s efforts on behalf of homeowners, he has conducted educational seminars for
community association organizations and groups of property managers, testified in front of the
state legislature, and worked with local news agencies to inform the public of the construction
defect issues. He works closely with the Washington Homeowners Coalition, a non-profit
organization that educates and mobilizes homeowners to protect and advance homeowner
rights related to construction defects. He is also a frequent speaker at continuing legal
education courses in Washington and Oregon.
               Seminar Speakers
Michael G. Martin, Esq. Partner
Graves & King LLP, Glendale, CA
Michael G. Martin is a partner at the Glendale office of Graves & King LLP which has
offices in Glendale, Riverside, and Orange County. In addition to his general liability
defense practice, Mr. Martin has been representing developers, general contractors, and
subcontractors for the past 13 years through insurance, self-insurance, and the California
Insurance Guarantee Association program.         Many of his complex multi-party cases
involved the defending of Savings and Loan developers through the FDIC/RTC program.
A graduate of San Francisco State University and University of La Verne College of Law,
Mr. Martin has jury trial experience in construction defect cases, employment claims, and
criminal matters. He is a member of the Defense Research Institute, Southern California
Defense Committee and Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Edward Martinet, AIC, CPC Principal and Founder
MC Consultants (mc2) and MC3 Consultants (mc3), Carlsbad, CA
Edward Martinet, AIC, CPC principal and founder of MC Consultants (mc2) and MC3
Consultants (mc3) has built and/or managed construction projects valued at more than
$200 million including residential, commercial and industrial projects since 1978. He is a
licensed general contractor in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, with a BS in
Applied Arts and Sciences (Construction Management) from California State University,
Long Beach. Currently, Ed is on the National Board of Directors of the American Institute
of Constructors (AIC). Mr. Martinet regularly lectures and sponsors seminars for the
industry on a wide variety of topics including mold litigation, biological assessment and
remediation, insurance coverage, construction defect litigation trends, legislative
developments, third party and bad faith claims, quality control and other related topics. Ed
was honored by CSULB College of Engineering as the 2005 Distinguished Alumnus and
winner of the Jerrold S. Oliver Award of Excellence at the 2005 West Coast Casualty
Construction Defect Seminar.

Hon. Robert E. May (ret.)
JAMS, San Diego, CA

Judge May was a 1962 graduate of the University of Florida and 1970 graduate of the
University of San Diego School of Law. He served as a U.S. Naval Officer from 1962 to
1966. Prior to going on the bench, he was a Deputy District Attorney, an Assistant U.S.
Attorney and was in private practice. Judge May was appointed to the Municipal Court in
1986 and elevated to the Superior Court in 1987. Immediately prior to his retirement in
2003, he spent eight (8) years in an Independent Calendar Department, where he handled
primarily construction and other complex business and commercial litigation. Judge May
is recognized as a specialist in managing complex multiparty cases. While on the bench, he
was involved in implementing electronic filings in construction defect cases and was
instrumental in organizing and working with construction litigation attorneys in
formulating standardized case management orders. After retirement from the bench in
2003, Judge May is now a neutral panelist for JAMS, a private ADR provider, doing
arbitration, mediations and discovery reference work. He has been a frequent lecturer and
panelist for local bar associations and a wide variety of organizations, including: CJER,
Mealey’s, Rutter Group, West Coast Casualty Service, Defense Research Institute, Western
Building Show, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego and California, and Association of
Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada.
               Seminar Speakers
Donald W. MacGregor, ICBO/ICC Certified Building Inspector
Bert Howe and Associates, Anaheim, CA
As an ICBO/ICC Certified Building Inspector (IBC and IRC), Mr. MacGregor possesses a
diverse background and experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining the
forensic field, Mr. MacGregor’s background included numerous years of fieldwork with
both general and specialty contractors, and over a decade of design, administrative and
technical work. His field experience included involvement in all aspects of residential and
commercial construction and remodel work. Since 1995, Mr. MacGregor has focused
primarily on forensic investigations, and his experience includes advanced research and
analysis of code, materials and building practice as well as the development of
comprehensive repair methodologies for maximization of remediation efficiency. He has
been the project manager on numerous forensic cases involving schools, commercial and
retail developments, hospitals and government facilities, and thousands of residential units.
Mr. MacGregor has successfully participated in dispute resolution at mediation, arbitration
and settlement procedures on numerous occasions and he has testified in deposition in
Nevada and California as expert on construction defects, causation, liability, cost of repair,
standard of care, and standard of practice.

Brenda K. Radmacher, Partner
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, Phoenix, AZ
Ms. Radmacher is a partner of Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP, the managing
partner of the firm's Phoenix, Arizona office and based out of the firm's Glendale,
California office. She is lead counsel in the firm's construction and mold litigation
department. Ms. Radmacher specializes in representing builders and developers in
litigated and non-litigated matters associated with property damage and bodily injury
claims in residential and commercial facilities. Top builders in California have hired Ms.
Radmacher to develop mold response protocols and risk management. Ms. Radmacher has
successfully represented builders in construction defect and personal injury actions relating
to mold exposure and has developed creative risk transfer mechanisms and strategies. In
addition, Ms. Radmacher is a noted expert on California Proposition 65 (a consumer
protection law regulating warnings about toxic substances) and regularly advises multi-
national and Fortune 500 clients on compliance and related litigation. Additionally, Ms.
Radmacher is part of the firm's toxic tort and land use/real estate practices. Ms. Radmacher
also is a trained mediator and serves as a court-appointed mediator for the Los Angeles
Superior Court, is a member of the California Bar Association Committee on Alternative
Dispute Resolution, and teaches Alternative Dispute Resolution at University of Southern

Karen Rice - National Construction Defect Claim Manager
OneBeacon Insurance Co., Glendale, CA

Karen Rice is the National Construction Defect Claim Manager for OneBeacon Insurance
(OBI) in Glendale, CA. Prior to joining OBI in October of 2004, she was the AVP of
National Construction Defect claims and Western States ACE Risk Management claims
with ACE USA. Ms. Rice is the past President of the Construction Defect Claim Manager
Association and the past Chair of the Speakers and Topics Committee for the Annual West
Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar. She has been a frequent lecturer at various
CD seminars throughout the county, including Defense Research Institute, Association of
Southern California Defense Counsel, West Coast Casualty Annual Construction Defect
Seminar, Mealey’s, and the American Bar Association. Ms. Rice earned her Bachelor
degree from University of California at Santa Barbara and her Masters in Business
Administration from the University of LaVerne.
               Seminar Speakers
Michael J. Roberts, Esq. Mediator
ADR Services, San Diego, CA
Michael J. Roberts (“Mike”) is a full-time mediator with ADR Services in San Diego. For
the past 20 years, he has served as a mediator, special master and discovery referee
throughout Southern California and Nevada and has been involved in over 4,000 cases with
aggregate settlements of $800 million. Mike's mediation practice consists primarily of
major financial controversies and complex multi-party matters with emphasis on
construction defects, business, real estate, employment and insurance disputes. He is a
frequent speaker at professional and industry seminars on various topics involving
alternative dispute resolution and the resolution of construction claims.

Alexander Robertson, IV, Esq. Partner
Robertson & Vick, Calabasas, CA
Alexander Robertson, IV is the senior partner of Robertson & Vick, with offices in Los
Angeles, Las Vegas and Albuquerque. The firm specializes in construction defect,
commercial construction claims, mold and class action litigation. Mr. Robertson is
admitted to the Bar in California, Nevada, Texas and Colorado, and is admitted pro hac
vice in Florida and Illinois. Alex has served as a construction industry arbitrator with the
American Arbitration Association since 1997 and in 2004 began successfully mediating
construction defect and real estate disputes in California and Nevada. Recently, Alex joined
Forum Dispute Management’s distinguished panel of construction mediators. Prior to
becoming an attorney, Mr. Robertson had extensive experience in the construction industry
in both field and management positions with a large heavy engineering contractor. He has
focused his practice on construction defect litigation over the past 20 years for both
defendants and plaintiffs. A noted lecturer, Alex has lectured to national and local
consumer organizations, bar associations, and has been an instructor at CJER and AEI-
Brookings Judicial Symposium on Construction Defect Litigation. He has been a lecturer
and author for The Rutter Group on construction defect litigation and was a co-author of
the Manual on Multi-Party Construction Defect Litigation prepared for the Los Angeles
Superior Court in 1996. During the past ten years, Alex has handled hundreds of high
profile mold cases, including those for Ed McMahon, Erin Brockovich, Ted Nugent, and
other celebrities, professional athletes and public figures. Many of his cases have been
featured in local and national media, including CBS News "48 Hours" (twice), CBS News
"Early Show", ABC News "Prime Time Live", NBC News "Today Show", New York
Times Sunday Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, ABA Journal and Forbes Magazine. Mr.
Robertson is a member of the Global Alliance for Hospitality Attorneys (GAHA) and has
represented numerous resorts, hotels and casinos, as well as public entities involving
construction and mold claims. Alex has co-chaired 10 national mold and construction
defect litigation conferences for Mealey’s Publications,

James E. (Jim) Rogers, Judge
King County Superior Court, Seattle, WA
Judge James E. (Jim) Rogers has served on the King County Superior Court since 2004.
He began his legal career in 1988 as a law clerk for Federal District Court Judge
Robert J. Bryan, and then practiced law for five years with the Seattle law firm Riddell
Williams, working on a variety of commercial cases. He later served as a Senior Criminal
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County, where he tried sexual assault, child abuse
and homicide cases for over a decade. He is a member of the State of Washington Superior
Court Judges Association and the American Inns of Court, William L. Dwyer Chapter. He
volunteers in many capacities and in 1991, received the King County Bar Association’s Pro
Bono Service Award. Since serving on the Superior Court, he has spoken to the
Washington State Trial Lawyers, Washington Defense Trial Lawyers, and Washington
State Attorney General’s Office. Rogers earned his bachelor’s degree from the University
of Washington and his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, graduating
cum laude. Between college and law school, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in
Sierra Leone, West Africa. He and his wife, Christine Ingebritsen, have two children.
                Seminar Speakers
Hon. Justice Nancy M. Saitta,
Nevada Supreme Court, Carson City, NV
Justice Saitta currently sits on the Nevada Supreme Court after a very successful career in
the Eighth Judicial District Court where she was the chairman of the Complex Litigation
(CD) Division of the Court. Prior to her judicial appointment, she was a Senior Deputy
Attorney General where she served as the Children=s Advocate for the State of Nevada.
Judge Saitta began her legal career in 1984 in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to her
practice, she taught at Wayne State University in the Criminal Justice Department and at
the American Institute for Paralegal Studies. Judge Saitta has also been an arbitrator for
the New York Stock Exchange Arbitration Panel. Her various memberships include the:
Clark County Public Education Foundation, Clark County Bar Association Executive
Committee, Home Aid America, the Southern Nevada Domestic Violence Task Force, and
the Adoption Exchange. Justice Saitta retains membership in several local national
children=s advocacy organizations and was appointed by the governor to the Nevada State
Juvenile Justice Commission in 1996. She developed the Complex Litigation Division of
the Eighth Judicial District Court, which was recognized by the National Association of
Counties (NACo) as Program of the Year (2003). Her other awards and honors include:
the AFor the Children@ award presented by the Office of the Attorney General in recognition
of her outstanding contribution to Nevada=s children and the District Attorney Outstanding
Service Award, and the Child Advocate of the year (2001). Justice Saitta earned her
Bachelor of Science Degree, Magna Cum Laude in 1983 from Wayne State University
where she completed her Juris Doctor in 1986. Justice Saitta was named one of the top 500
judges in the US by Lawdragon.

Michael D. Sargent, Esq.
Graves & King, LLP., Riverside, CA
Michael D. Sargent is an Associate Attorney in the Riverside County office of Graves &
King, LLP. Mr. Sargent=s practice areas include residential and commercial construction
defect, personal injury matters including exposure to toxic substances, construction site and
automobile accidents, subrogation claims, municipality and general business matters. Prior
to entering the practice of law, Mr. Sargent gained practical experience spending several
years working for construction contractors as a field technician. He has successfully
litigated complex, multi-party residential construction defect cases through trial, arbitration
and mediation.       Mr. Sargent holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Administration from San Diego State University and a Juris Doctorate from University of
LaVerne College of Law. He is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker and member
of the Orange County Bar Association.

Mark P. Scheer, Esq. Managing Partner
Scheer & Zehnder LLP, Seattle WA
Mark P. Scheer is the managing partner at Scheer & Zehnder LLP, where he has a thriving
litigation practice and focuses on complex and commercial litigation. He is admitted in
Federal and State Court, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, and he has tried cases in
admiralty, collapse coverage, construction, breach of contract, construction defect, property
insurance/bad faith, civil forfeiture, subrogation, personal injury, wrongful death, criminal
prosecution and professional and products liability. In addition to speaking at numerous
regional, national and international conferences and seminars, Mr. Scheer has appeared on
ABC’s Good Morning America, discussing a product liability case in which he was lead
               Seminar Speakers
Christian Schmitthenner, Esq.
Lincoln, Gustafson, & Cercos, San Diego, CA

Christian Schmitthenner is an associate with Lincoln, Gustafson, & Cercos, where he
practices primarily in the areas of litigation and insurance coverage. Mr. Schmitthenner
obtained his J.D., cum laude, from the University of San Diego, where he served as
Executive Editor of the San Diego Law Review. Prior to law school, Mr. Schmitthenner
obtained his B.A., cum laude, in Communication Arts from California Lutheran University.

Neil Selman, Esq. Founding Partner
Selman Breitman LLP, California and Nevada
Neil Selman is the founding partner of Selman Breitman LLP, a law firm with offices in
California and Nevada. An honors graduate from the University of Southern California
and the USC School of Law, he has been a member of the bar since 1974. Mr. Selman
focuses on insurance-related matters, including the representation of insurers in
coverage/extra-contractual matters, with an emphasis in the first and third-party
property/casualty area, construction, environmental and entertainment industry issues, and
professional liability coverages. He has represented clients in California Department of
Insurance matters and has authored and provided advice regarding policy forms and
endorsements. Mr. Selman also defends insureds and other litigants in all types of cases,
including toxic substance litigation, and served as regional and national coordinating
counsel for various defendants. He has published numerous articles and both conducts and
speaks at a wide range of seminars on insurance and litigation issues.

John M. Springman, Architect
Bert Howe and Associates, Anaheim, CA
John Springman is a licensed architect with more than 20 years of experience in design and
development of a variety of residential and commercial construction projects. John has an
extensive background in design; plan review, feasibility studies, project management, and
other tasks associated with comprehensive architectural services pertaining to residential
development, merchant-builder tract housing, apartments, condominiums as well as
commercial and retail projects. Mr. Springman provides a professional level of expertise
with regard to the principals of design, code compliance, knowledge of in-place
construction systems and the mechanics of materials and failure diagnosis. He also is
familiar with state and local building code criteria, contract documentation, including
specifications and details of construction. He is knowledgeable in the construction
sequencing, systems interface and project development. Mr. Springman has the background
and experience in forensic analysis, preparation of repair methodologies and
recommendations appropriate to the resolution of construction issues. Mr. Springman has
been a designated expert in several hundred construction defect cases along with a number
of personal injury cases.

Hon. Stephen Sundvold, Judge
Orange County Superior Court, Complex Civil Litigation Panel
Santa Ana, CA
Judge Stephen Sundvold has been a member of the Orange County Superior Court since
1990. He has served on the Complex Civil Litigation panel of that Court since 2000. The
Panel handles complex litigation including Construction Defect cases, class actions and
environmental cases. He was an experienced trial lawyer prior to taking the bench and is a
member of ABOTA. He managed the legal department for a major insurance carrier for 15
years. He is a Graduate of The University of San Diego School of Law, magna cum laude.
He was born and raised in Southern California. He is married with two adult children and
four grand-children. His passions in life include Single-action Cowboy Shooting and
settling cases.
               Seminar Speakers

Merv R. Thompson, Esq. Mediator
The Law Office of M. R. Thompson, San Diego, CA

Merv R. Thompson attended Georgetown University School of Foreign Science and
received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Oregon.
In 1972, he received his law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. In
1974, Mr. Thompson joined the firm of Higgs, Fletcher & Mack after working for the San
Diego Superior Court as a legal research attorney. He became a partner in 1979 and
subsequently developed expertise in the areas of personal injury, construction injury
(peculiar risk of harm), construction defect, geotechnical litigation, and environmental law.
In 1991, Mr. Thompson left Higgs, Fletcher & Mack to form his own firm. He acts as a
Special Master to the Superior Court regarding complex litigation and has acted as the
Special Master for the statewide coordination of all breast implant cases. Mr. Thompson
has extensive experience as an independent mediator, Special Master, and/or arbitrator in a
wide range of matters including construction defects, environmental law, personal injury,
products liability, coverage and bad faith litigation. Mr. Thompson is a member of the
American Board of Trial Advocates, the San Diego County Bar Association, the California
State Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. In 1997 he received the Jerrold
S. Oliver Award for Excellence for outstanding service and contribution to the construction
defect community.

Paul Viau, California General Contractor, ICC-Certified Building
Bert Howe and Associates, Anaheim, CA
Mr. Viau is a licensed California General Contractor, ICC-certified building inspector, and
a certified water-damage restoration and microbial remediation technician. As a
construction manager and consultant he has managed and coordinated remediation, repair,
and construction of single family and multi-family residential dwellings. As a project
manager focusing on forensic investigations, Mr. Viau is commonly tasked with
investigation of existing conditions and as-built construction, analysis of construction
documentation and code requirements, determination of causal and corrective measures,
and preparation of repair protocols and detailed cost estimates for single family residential,
multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Barry Vaughan, Esq.
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP, Irvine, CA
Barry Vaughan is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and a partner in
Kasdan, Simonds, Riley & Vaughan LLP at its home office in Irvine, California. Mr.
Vaughan has been practicing law in various state and federal courts in Colorado and
California since 1981. He has a broad background in a wide variety of various kinds of
civil litigation, ranging from western water rights through civil RICO to motion picture
finance, to name a few. In the construction defect arena, he has represented both plaintiffs
and defendants in southern California for over a decade.
               Seminar Speakers
Jerome A. Wager, Esq. Chairman,
Construction Defect Law Practice Group
Kolod • Wager Law Offices LLP, Escondido, CA

Mr. Wager is a founding partner of Kolod • Wager Law Offices LLP and Chairman of the
firm’s Construction Defect Law Practice Group. The Construction Defect practice group
specializes in the defense of subcontractors throughout California, actively litigating in
virtually every county in the state. Kolod • Wager has seven offices in California [Los
Angeles, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Tulare] and
one in Nevada [Las Vegas]. Mr. Wager has handled hundreds of construction cases
involving virtually every aspect of the industry, representing subcontractors, specialty
contractors, developers, general contractors, design professionals and owners in complex
multi-party, class action suits. With over twenty four (24) years experience, Mr. Wager has
litigated cases involving the full range of construction issues, from delay damages and
critical path analysis to design defect and real property entitlements. Kolod • Wager has
defended almost every type of construction professional, including graders, framers,
roofers, steel fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, architects and engineers. Mr. Wager
actively participates in presenting lectures and training seminars for insurance companies,
attorneys and construction professionals.

Jason Weintraub, Esq., Vice President & General Counsel
DRI Companies, Irvine, CA
Jason Weintraub is Vice President and General Counsel of DRI Companies, one of the
largest residential and commercial roofing subcontractors on the West Coast. Prior to
joining DRI, Mr. Weintraub practiced law as a litigator at the Howard Rice Law Firm, and
at Horvitz & Levy LLP. Mr. Weintraub has extensive experience in tort litigation,
including complex and class action product liability/defect matters. Mr. Weintraub has
served as a presenter at numerous continuing education seminars, including those covering
issues such as product liability, construction defect law, insurance coverage, and complex
civil litigation. An article written by Mr. Weintraub concerning the effective use of the
discovery process recently appeared in California Litigation Magazine. In 2006, Mr.
Weintraub was selected by his peers as a “Rising Star” lawyer in the 2006 Southern
California Super Lawyers Edition Magazine, published in conjunction with Law & Politics
and Los Angeles Magazine. Mr. Weintraub received his Juris Doctor degree from the
University of California at Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), and he received his
undergraduate degree in political science from Stanford University.

Brandt L. Wolkin, Esq. Partner
Wolkin Curran, LLP, San Francisco, CA

Brandt L. Wolkin is a partner in the San Francisco law firm of Wolkin Curran, LLP, where
his concentration is in insurance coverage matters. Mr. Wolkin counts among his published
appellate opinions Wells Fargo Bank v. CIGA, et al., an important decision upholding the
position of Mr. Wolkin's excess carrier client in a "drop-down" insolvency case. Mr.
Wolkin's publications include "Bad Faith and the Financial Institution Bond," published in
the Tort and Insurance Litigation Review and "Reservations of Rights, Waiver and Right to
Independent Counsel," published in Mealey’s Insurance Coverage for Defective
Construction Litigation. In addition to advising on insurance coverage matters, Mr Wolkin
also tries to verdict construction defect, product, environmental and asbestos coverage
cases. In his spare time, Mr. Wolkin is a principal and founder of Wrap Up Resources, a
third party administrator of residential wrap up programs.
                                                   Hon. Jerrold S. Oliver (1934 - 1996)

               The Jerrold S. Oliver Award of Excellence
Each year, West Coast Casualty’s Annual Construction Defect Seminar recognizes an individual who is
outstanding or has contributed to the betterment of the construction defect community. This person is
recognized at the seminar and receives a plaque citing his or her achievement. This award has been named
after the late Judge Jerrold S. Oliver who was truly a “ founding father ” in the alternate resolution process
in construction defect claims and litigation. His loyalty and commitment to this community were beyond
mere words. The award, affectionately referred to as the “Ollie” is presented each year at our seminar to
someone who has invoked the same spirit of commitment, loyalty and trust for the betterment of the entire
construction defect community.
This year, we asked 900 members of the construction defect community to nominate someone whom they
believed to be deserving of this award and the top nominees are:

Craig Meredith, Esq.         Gerald Kurland, Esq.          Bruce Edwards, Esq.               Keith Koeller, Esq.
Meredith, Weinstein and           Mediator, JAMS               Mediator, JAMS                  Koeller, Nebeker,
Numbers, Larkspur, CA            Santa Monica, CA             San Francisco, CA                Carlson & Haluck,
                                                                                                  Irvine, CA

Please take a moment of your busy day to help us select who is deserving of this year’s “ Ollie ”.

I would like to vote for: __________________________________________________________________

Reason: ______________________________________________________________________________

Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Of:______________________________________ Telephone Number: (                     ) ______________________

              You can vote regardless of whether or not you are coming to the seminar.
                    Please return by Monday April 2, 2007 by mail, fax or e-mail to:
                                   West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.
                     1445 East Los Angeles Avenue # 205, Simi Valley, CA 93065
            Tel. 805 306 1505 - Fax. 805 306 1825 - E-mail:
        Along with the recognition of the award is a donation in the winner’s name to Habitat for Humanity
                                             as well as a local charity
                                                        Larry Syhre

            The Larry Syhre Commitment to Service Award
This award, named in honor of Larry Syhre (1948-1998), former claims manager of the Brea
branch office of C.N.A., is awarded on a yearly basis to a claims professional who has dedicated
themselves to providing ongoing service and commitment to the construction defect community.

Along with the recognition of the award is a plaque in the winner’s name as well as a donation to
The Larry Syhre Foundation. The Larry Syhre Foundation was established in Larry’s name and its
proceeds benefit an assortment of charities including The PADRE Foundation. PADRE sponsors
children at diabetes camps where they meet other children learning to live with the same
challenge. PADRE also funds research towards curing diabetes. Project HOPE School is another
beneficiary of The Larry Syhre Foundation and is dedicated to advancing the academic standing
of Orange County’s homeless children. Each morning, children are bused from motels and shelters
to HOPE school in Orange where teachers provide a high-level education in an environment that:
promotes a love of life and learning; integrates positive life experiences to enhance their self-
esteem; and challenges each student to have a high expectation of themselves. The Foundation
also gives the annual Larry Syhre Memorial “Cool to Care” Award at Larry’s high school in
Webster, South Dakota. This year's tournament is June 4, 2007 at Yorba Linda Country Club.

For information regarding the next Larry Syhre Memorial Golf Tournament, please contact:

                                    Roger G. Wells, CPA
                                    2042 Burnt Mill Road
                                    Tustin, CA 92782
                                    Telephone:     (714) 832-1296
                                    Fax:          (714) 832-1673
A Community Proudly Supports One of its Own
The Greg W. Perini
Benefit Golf Tournament
May 4, 2007
The Tustin Ranch Golf Course, Tustin California

In honor of a very special individual, a member of the construction defect and insurance community for many years,
there will be a golf tournament fundraiser to assist the family of Greg Perini with uninsured medical expenses and future

The newly renovated Tustin Ranch Golf Course will serve as the host location for this first class golf outing. Lunch,
dinner, great prizes and a silent auction will round out the day’s events.

This event will be about having fun with all the members of this community, and your friends, to raise money for this
worthwhile cause.

Teams will be formed for individuals who want to play and this will be a four-person scramble format.

In order to make this a truly great event, we are looking for a large number of businesses and individuals to support this
event through sponsorships.

Volunteers are needed to serve on a Golf Tournament Committee. Volunteers will help recruit other volunteers to assist
on the day of the tournament. Volunteers are needed to work the telephone bank, registration on the day of the event,
and help with hole monitoring for prizes. Individuals wishing to volunteer only need to have the desire to help. For
those making telephone & sponsorship calls, information will be provided about the organization and the event.

Sponsorships are a vital part of this tournament. Without the generosity of sponsors we would not be able to provide the
level of assistance that we hope to achieve. Sponsorship options are available in the following categories: food and
beverage, transportation, contests, team prizes, hole and golf cart, photography, as well as welcome and specialty gifts.

           If you'd like to contribute, sponsor a table, or a hole, please call
                          Dave Stern at 805 306 1505 Ext. 112
    West Coast Casualty’s
  Construction Defect Seminar
         is proud to lend its support to the

The Greg W. Perini
    Benefit Golf Tournament
                 Friday, May 4th, 2007
         Shotgun Scramble Tee-Off at 1:30 PM
               (following the conclusion of the Seminar)

       Tustin Ranch Golf Course
     12442 Tustin Ranch Road, Tustin, CA 92782
         (approximately 20 minutes from the Disneyland Resort)

   Driving Range Warm-up - 18 holes of Championship Golf
                      On-Course Contests

              Shop at the Silent Auction,
            Win something in the Raffle, and
            Enjoy the great Awards Dinner.
   Golfer & various Sponsor Packages are available
  Non-Golfers can also participate in this fundraiser:
  Attend the Awards Dinner, shop the Silent Auction,
                 or be a volunteer!
   For Sponsorships, Prize Contributions, Volunteers,
        and Dinner Registration, please contact:
                    Dave Stern at
Phone: (805) 306 – 1505 Ext. 112 - Fax: (805) 306 - 1825

      For Golf Registration ONLY, please contact:
          Perini Golf Tournament Coordinator
                 Phone: (760) – 930 9966

          Initial Sponsoring organizations
                      Law Offices of
                      Larry Kent
  West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.
       Proudly Gives its Support to:                     Buy a Banner . . . . ,
    The Greg W. Perini                                        Support a Charity . . . . ,
  Benefit Golf Tournament                                             Lift a Life . . . .”

                                                         At its ongoing Construction Defect Seminars,
                                                         those wishing to receive recognition for the
                                                         support of West Coast Casualty’s Charity
                                                         Program may purchase a banner to hang in
                                                         the halls of the seminar event. The banner
                                                         will acknowledge the name of the sponsor as
                                                         well as the charity itself. The “Buy a Banner,
                                                         Support a Charity” program is tax
                                                         deductible(*) and sponsors of this program
                                                         will be recognized in the seminar handout.
          West Coast Casualty’s
       Construction Defect Seminar                       West Coast Casualty’s corporate charity
            May 3 and 4, 2006
          The Disneyland Resort                          sponsorship program includes;
         Anaheim, California USA

The City of Hope, Los Angeles Firefighters’ Widows and Orphans Fund, Interval
House Crisis Centers for Battered Women and Children of Long Beach, Shriners’
Hospital, The Los Angeles Mission, Disabled American Veterans of Orange
County, The American Parkinson’s Association, Blind Children’s Learning Center
of Santa Ana, AIDS Walk Los Angeles and Habitat for Humanity.

No matter who the banner is named for, the results are that the proceeds will go for a
worthy cause in the name of someone you knew or someone who touched your
Please contact me to participate in this worthwhile cause. I’ll always be available to
take your calls, answer any questions and offer any assistance.
                                              Coral Stern, President
                                       West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.
                                  1445 East Los Angeles Avenue, Suite 205
                                             Simi Valley, CA 93065
                                Tel. 805 306 1505, Ext. 108 - Fax 805 306 1825
(*) In order to receive tax deductible status, a charity participating in the “ Buy a Banner, Support a Charity ” program must
meet the minimum requirements for non-profit charitable status as established by the Internal Revenue Service Code

West Coast Casualty , the Speakers and Topics Committee, our speakers, vendors and guests of
this years seminar gratefully acknowledge the generosity and support of Derrick Roselli and all the
staff of William Lea for donating the banners for “Buy A Banner, Support A Charity” which hang
in the halls of the seminar.
                                      West Coast Casualty’s
                                   Construction Defect Seminar
                                Air Travel Requirements
                                                     Provided By

                         Altour Classic Cruise & Travel
Altour Classic Cruise and Travel has been selected as the official travel agency for West Coast Casualty’s
Construction Defect Seminar for May 2007. We are a full service travel organization headquartered in
Woodland Hills, California. Our large single location allows us to offer all the sophisticated services
available to this industry, while maintaining attention to the smallest detail. We excel at providing quality
service and quality control. Altour Classic Cruise and Travel has earned the respect of our suppliers. Our
strong presence in the airline industry has given us the relationships and strong negotiating power necessary
to guarantee the lowest possible rates for our clients.

Please complete the form below, fax and/or mail to Altour Classic at (818) 346-1492. You may also call
Liz Kramer at 818-936-2000. or email your request to

                         Full Name(s)                      as it appears on your Driver’s License

1.                                                       2.
_________________________________                        _________________________________

3.                                                       4.
_________________________________                        _________________________________

Home Address: (Billing address)
Company Name:_______________________________________________________
City:______________________________________ State__________ Zip__________
                                Preferred Travel Itinerary:
Departing from _________________________ On May ________, 2007
                                   (Major airport)
Departure time: ____________
Preferred Airline Carrier:                 American                      Southwest                         United
Return travel date on May ___________, 2007                              Departure time: _____________
Seating Preference:           Aisle            Window          Center         Comments:_______________
Frequent Flyer Information: Carrier:________ Number:____________________
We have great Pre and Post Vacation options for you to take advantage of. Please include your
preferred dates above.
Form of Payment:

! Check Enclosed

! Charge the above flight itinerary to my credit card

Credit Card Information: ! Visa ! MasterCard ! American Express ! Discover
Credit Card #___________________________________Exp. Date: _______________
Cardholder’s Full Name (please print)________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________________
                      West Coast Casualty’s
                   Construction Defect Seminar
                    has selected the world renowned

                   Disneyland Hotel
                to be our seminar site and official hotel

 Attendees requiring overnight accommodations may take advantage of
             West Coast Casualty’s special seminar rate of
Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel                          $ 145.00 per night
Disneyland Hotel                                      $ 179.00 per night
Disney’s Grand California Hotel                       $ 219.00 per night
                 (May 1, 2007 through May 6, 2007)
       Seminar attendees should make hotel reservations directly
with the Disneyland Hotel by calling the group reservation department at
                       Tel. (714) 520 5005
                          Fax. (714) 520 6079
    A block of rooms has been reserved for attendees of the seminar
    and the cut off date for this special rate is Monday April 2, 2007

                   Disneyland Hotel
       1150 West Magic Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
    Who should attend West Coast Casualty’s
        Construction Defect Seminar ?
Claims Managers, Experts, Developers, Managing General
Agents, Defense Counsel, Independent Retail Agents and
Brokers, Homeowners, Specialty Trade Subcontractors,
Property Managers, Self Insurers, Judges, Owner Controlled
Insurance Program Managers, Mediators, Arbitrators, Risk
Retention Managers, Claims Adjusters, Property Appraisers,
General Contractors, Consultants, Claims Supervisors,
Actuaries, Administrators of Insurance Programs, Homeowner
Board of Directors, Underwriters

    A Sampling of West Coast Casualty’s Construction
              Defect Seminars Exhibitors:

• Ahern Insurance Brokerage • Alliance Environmental Group •
Alternate Resolution Centers •         American Arbitration
Association • American Geotechnical • American Technologies •
• Bert Howe and Associates • BTI Appraisal • Building Analyst •
• Burkitt Computer Corp • CCA/Nautilus, LLC • Case Anywhere
• Ceramic Tile & Stone • Construction Defect Claim Manager
Association • CTH Forensics • Forensics Group • Forum
Dispute Management • Home Builders National Indemnity Co. •
Hutchings Court Reporters • IVAMS • KPA Associates • Kusar
Court Reporters • Lombard Consulting Services • Madsen
Kneppers & Associates • Marc C. Viau & Associates •
masterDOX, Inc. • MC Consultants • National Arbitration
Forum • Paulson Reporting & Litigation • Pete Fowler
Construction Services • Richard Avelar & Associates • Rimkus
Consulting Group • Roel Construction •             S.C. Wright
Construction • TerraPacific Consultants • TRC Solutions • plus
25 other vendors and service suppliers
                                             MCLE Credits
West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar has applied for MCLE credits from 16 State Bars.
Some level of approval is expected from each individual state bar which will include ethics credits

                                           CPCU and RPA CE
West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar has applied for CE credits from the Society of CPCU
and the Registered Professional Adjusters (RPA) program. Some level of approval is expected from the

                       Insurance Department Continuing Education Credits (CE)
West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar has applied for continuing education credits from 40
different State Insurance Departments requiring continuing education for adjusters, agents and brokers and
we are awaiting approval (Various state insurance departments require us to inform all interested parties
that an application for CE credits does not guarantee approval which is subject to the various insurance
departments rules, guidelines and regulations). However, in all past events some level of approval has been

A full refund will be provided to those who request same up to fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of
the seminar. There will be no refunds within fifteen (15) days of the first day of the seminar.

                                         Handicap Accessibility
West Coast Casualty encourages and seeks participation from all members of the physically
challenged community. In that regard, West Coast Casualty will only agree to hold its events at sites and
locations that meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) and Title 21 of the California Administrative Code. Please contact West Coast Casualty for any
special needs or requirements.

West Coast Casualty assumes no liability in the event a speaker is unable to attend and reserves the
right to replace any speaker at West Coast Casualty’s sole discretion.

West Coast Casualty Service certifies that this activity conforms to the minimum
standards for approved educational activities prescribed by those states and
organizations from which West Coast Casualty seeks continuing education

                For Continuing Seminar Information Updates
               Please Call (805) 306 1505 Extension “ 3 ”
                    SEMINAR RE G I S T R A T I O N                                   FORM

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________________


Company / Firm / Organization : ___________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City:___________________State:__________ Country: ______________ Post/Zip Code: _____________

Your Phone No (              ) __________________________ Your Fax No. (                   ) ___________________
Your E-Mail Address: _________________________@ _________________________________ ._____

 _____ Individual Registration(s) $ 399.00 Per Person                        or
                                                       $349.00 Per Person if registered by April 2, 2007
 _____ Table Registration(s) $ 3990.00 Per Table                             or
                                                      $3490.00 Per Table if registered by April 2, 2007
    (Table registration is for 10 individual guests and sponsor gets its name on reserved table at lunch)
                     Please attach a list for table registration with the name of each guest
                                 and his/her organization to this registration form
By Mail _____ Check Enclosed (Please make check payable to West Coast Casualty Service, Inc.)
By Fax ______ (Fax a copy of this form to 805 306 1825) with Credit Card information below
Name on Card ______________________________________________________________
Billing Address_________________________________________________________________________
Visa/MC/American Exp
  CCV Code (See back of card) ____________________                     Expiration Date: _____/_______/______

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________

                                                April 27, 2007 will be the last day to pre register,
                                      otherwise registration will be conducted on site, space permitting

                                         Please return this registration form by mail, fax or e-mail to:
                                                          West Coast Casualty Service Inc.
                                                    1445 East Los Angeles Avenue, Suite 205
    Save Time ! !                                             Simi Valley, CA 93065
                                                      Tel. 805 306 1505 - Fax 805 306 1825
    Register On-Line                          E-mail:

All reservations accepted on a first come, first served basis. - This form may be duplicated for additional reservations