; SEO Techniques You Need To Focus On For Google.tv
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SEO Techniques You Need To Focus On For Google.tv


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									With the release of Google.tv, small business owners and internet marketers are
starting to wonder what this means for their websites. This leads many people to ask,
"What SEO techniques are used for Google.tv?". The truth is that normal SEO
techniques will hardly change from things website owners had to do before.
  Some initial effects people might see from new Google.tv users is traffic. Google has
yet to really launch its name as a household brand, even with the release of Google.tv.
However, if it becomes increasingly popular, this will allow people to comfortably
search from their sofas instead of their computer chairs. What this could mean is an
increase in search engine traffic over the next few years as Google.tv becomes more
popular or competing products are made. Unfortunately, this could give false traffic
impressions, as these people could easily be surfing instead of generally looking for
something specific.
  The biggest effect Google.tv will have on website owners is site optimization itself.
Website owners will have to focus on the user experience while also making sure the
Google search engine likes their website. This will mean that the site owners will
most likely have to change the look of their website while maintaining normal site
optimization such as the use of headers, keywords in bold, and using other keywords
or LSI.
  However, there are some extra things website owners will have to do now outside of
changing their website to get traffic from Google.tv users who are not using Google's
search engine. Most people using Google.tv will be using apps. These apps will allow
people to use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook on their television. So
for anyone who is not currently using social networking to get more traffic to their
website, now is the time.
  Website owners should consider making pages dedicated to videos. Google.tv will be
able to show high quality flash videos. Videos are often on top of the search engine
results as well for the majority of keywords. Optimize a page for Google and users
and imbed one Youtube video on the page. Using normal SEO techniques to these
pages will allow your video webpage to be featured at the top of Google results. This
is important because people will be more inclined to watch videos than read text while
using their Google.tv.
  It is wise to offer users a version of your website that is Google.tv friendly. The
website will have to be able to be seen from a distance. Easy navigation along with
images and big headers are a must. Also remember that light or white font on a dark
background is more visible on the tv than its counterpart on the computer. Make use
of HTML5 and Flash, increase font sizes, and shorten paragraphs. The Google.tv
website has examples of company sites who are optimizing for Google.tv.
  So as far as SEO techniques to use for Google.tv, standard SEO techniques apply.
But remember to enhance the user's experience of your website. People won't stay on
your website for long if you have it optimized for computer visualization. Remember
to also establish your presence on social media networking sites.

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