How to Get Followers on Twitter to Make Money

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					Tweet attack!!!Make money with Twitter!

First of all, you need an automated system designed to get followers on Twitter to
make money. By leveraging the power of an automated affiliate referral system, it's
possible to grow a passive residual income virtually hands free!

All you need to do is work with a system that will do the work for you to put cash in
your pocket.

Using a proprietary algorithm, you can seek out only the most interested Twitter users
- People who have shown through their tweets and profile info that they are interested
in increasing their followers and making money with Twitter.

Then, you can use a system that will automatically follow them for you and send them
one of several variations of a personalized message.

It should be something like, "Hey (Twitter screename), I have been referred to follow
you! I'd love a follow back!"

These messages are non-threatening and won't come across as a pitch to try and sell
them something. It's just an invitation to return the follow. This type of
non-threatening message is 99% more likely to work on Twitter with your potential

First, it gets the person to follow you back, getting you more followers on Twitter and
second, they will check out your affiliate link, getting you more cash on auto-pilot!

That's How To Get Followers On Twitter To Make Money!

People hate to be pitched, but they will be flattered and curious as to what your
automated system is and why you are recommending it to them.

Following these targeted people and sending them a personalized message will do
three (3) things:

1. It will get you more followers! A Twitter user will be substantially more likely to
follow you back when you send them a personal message letting them know that you
followed them.

2. It will make you more money! This type of personal message cannot be ignored. It
will convince a very large percentage of these people to check out your affiliate link
and then sign up under you, making you more money every month!

3. It will get every member who subscribes to the automated system more followers!
As you all work together to spread the word about the system, more people become
members and everyone in the network will get more followers.

In order to avoid spamming people, the automated system should be designed to
follow and send messages to the number of people per day that you specify - only up
to 20 per day. Additionally, because you will use several different variations of the
personalized message, the system should never send the same message twice in one
day from your account.

Even more powerfully than all that, if you create a public commission notification
option, every time the system makes you money, a message similar to this should be
sent out to Twitter with a public message to all of your Followers:

"Hey, everyone! I just made another $10 on auto-pilot using an automated system!
Get more followers and earn cash on auto-pilot!"

Once the system is posting these messages for people all day long, their followers will
not be able to stop themselves from wanting to know how they can make cash on
auto-pilot. They will check out the affiliate link and sign up, which will create more

A viral Twitter Marketing System is by far, very powerful!

That's How To Get Followers On Twitter To Make Money!

Kevin Sousa

Tweet attack!!!Make money with Twitter!

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