How to Get an Accurate Building Measurement

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					There are many reasons why you may need an accurate building measurement but
doing it yourself is not as easy as it would seem. You could try getting out a tape
measure and just measuring the area you need to work with. However, if you are
working on a high rise in a large city this may not be a viable solution. You could look
at the architect’s blueprints for the building, but there are times when these are not
exactly accurate. Sometimes changes are made during the construction of a building,
which are not shown on the blueprints.
  There are companies that have noticed this lack of accuracy and have taken steps to
find ways to ensure you can receive accurate building measurements when you need
them. Most of these companies have broken down what they offer into two basic
  1. Architecture and design: Accurate and detailed plans are a vital step in any
remodeling project for a building or landscape. Accurate measurements can mean the
difference between a smooth flowing job and one that is tripped up by errors and
  2. Commercial real estate: Whether you own office, retail, industrial, or
multi-family properties, you need to know exactly what the square footage is in order
to manage it properly. In many instances the only information you have on the square
footage of a property is what was passed down to you from previous owners. This can
cost you time and money if any improvements or remodeling need to be done to the
  These are only some of the examples of how an accurate building measurement can
help you. When you need quality accurate measurements it is best to consult with a
professional company that has specialized in providing this service. While it is
possible that you could eventually reach the same measurements do you really want to
spend the time trying to come up with them? Your skills lie in other areas, let someone
who specializes in building measurement do the job for you so that you can
concentrate on the areas your skills lie in.
  Precision building measurement is one company that has taken the initiative to create
a system that can provide truly accurate, quality building measurement based on
available technology. Their As Built system was created internally and offers many
valuable uses. For more information about their system contact them at