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Executive Summary


									        Solar Technology Inc. is a leader in today’s emerging solar industry. Our goal is
to lower overall energy costs in the most affordable and efficient manner available today.
With the newest and most trusted technology available, we are able to harness Mother
Nature’s raw power. In doing so this put money back in the pockets of our clients as well
as easing the strain, which our ever growing population is putting on our planet.

        At Solar Technology we take a holistic view point to a dwellings’ energy system.
We observe the fashion to which the energy use and calculate the efficiency of it. After
doing so, we design a unique system to best fit the building whether it is a home, office,
or even a warehouse. With such tools as Thermal Hot Water Systems, Zoned Ductless
Heat Pump Systems, and LED lighting we are able to lower the overall carbon footprint
before thinking about energy creation. This method makes these systems more practical,
adaptable and affordable. This method also helps with maximizing government and
energy company incentives which are available to the public. Not only are dollars being
saved but the environment is getting a helping hand.

       According to the Energy Star website, established by the U.S. Energy Department,
for every dollar saved in energy costs, the value of the property increases by 20. This is
true for most buildings. Residences could save money while increasing the equity in their
home. For large structures and companies the saving can be much higher. Utilizing LED
lighting alone would affect a business’ daily overhead and savings would appear
immediately, increasing the Return on Investment dramatically. Surprisingly the larger
the system, the quicker the payback and sooner it could potentially become a revenue

        This is our future. Renewable energy, along with efficient designs, is the paths of
our today’s generation. Solar Technology is working hard to give people and businesses
an upper hand in today’s market. Those who chose this path now, are those who have the
intelligence and intuition to recognize this. They will also represent those who stood up
and laid the path for future generations.

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