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					If you're considering to get a quote for commercial insurance, it will always be best to
go to a live person so you can make sure that when you are comparing a few policies
you are comparing apples to apples. There are too many parts to a policy to getting a
quote just online and consider something is covered when it is really not. An example
to think about is gap insurance. That is a policy that covers the value of the truck
when compared with what is still owed on it.
  Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage's that all owner/operatorneed to be
concerned with are:
  * Primary Liability Insurance: * Bodily Injury Insurance * Hospital and medical bills
* Rehabilitation * Long-term nursing care * Funeral expenses * Lost earnings * Pain
and suffering * Other damages * Non-Trucking Liability Insurance * Medical
expenses or death caused to other people * Property damage caused to other people *
Physical Damage Insurance * Collision insurance * Comprehensive insurance * Fire
and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage's * Other Commercial Truck Insurance
Coverage's that you should consider: * Uninsured Motorists * Motor Truck Cargo
Insurance * Most insurance carriers will assist you with financial responsibility filing
for state and federal filings
  We offer federal filings for trucking businesses that participate in:
  鈥?Interstate trucking
  鈥?Hauling hazardous cargo (placard)*
  鈥?For-hire trucking (common, contract)
  鈥?For-hire passenger transportation*
  As an example, you are required to have a federal filing if you are motor carriers
doing long term trucking, regional trucking or if you are professional. For-hire
truckers hauling nonexempt commodities throughout the state line need to carry a
federal filing.
  Federal filings are not essential for businesses that never cross the state line or
engage intrastate trucking.
  State filings for intrastate exempt commodity haulers might possibly be the Form E
Filing, the Form F Filing, and the Form H Filing. Learn more about different
insurance filings.
  Other factors besides trucking authority could possibly want a business to submit
proof of insurance.As an example, drivers with probationary licenses or those who
own oversized vehicles might need a no trucking filing or a certificate of insurance
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