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How To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads


									MLM, or multi level marketing to give it its full title, is no more than a type of
methodology relating to the way that you can generate sales. Anyone who runs their
own online business will be concerned about the level of their costs, which is why,
here in this article, we set out to explain how you can lower your costs by generating
free network marketing leads.
  MLM is in essence network marketing. This means that you create a network of
contacts through which you market whatever product or service it is that you have to
sell. Some people get confused with MLM and pyramid selling, but MLM is a legal
practice, whereas pyramid selling has long since been made illegal. Both systems
require you to generate MLM leads, but what you use these leads for is quite different
between the two philosophies.
  The thing that led pyramid selling to becoming illegal is the fact that you use your
free network marketing leads to sell memberships only in the company you represent.
There are no product sales, so you generate income solely by getting others to pay you
to do the same thing - recruit more people into the network. You are not actually
selling anything and are certainly not giving any added value to your offer. You are
merely making money out of others and "conning" them into doing the same. With
genuine MLM though, you give your leads the best of both worlds. You offer to sell
them a membership, which is like your service offer, but you also offer products for
sale at favorable process.
  By joining an MLM network, the lead is enabled to sell both the product and the
membership, and for each sale he/she makes, he/she will get a commission. In this
way you are offering a genuine product for sale and are therefore contributing and
adding value to your recruitment offer. In order to make a success of this sort of
business, you need to learn how to generate your own free network marketing leads.
  Free network marketing leads are so much better than leads that you buy for several
reasons. Firstly, by buying leads you can fall into the spam trap. By sending out
unsolicited emails, (contacting people who have not asked you to do so), you can get
branded as a spammer by the major search engines, and this can result in you
becoming blacklisted. Secondly, the same list of leads is being offered to countless
thousands of other network marketers, so it is hardly exclusive. Lastly, these types of
lists are totally untargeted; in other words the people on the list you purchase are
probably not remotely interested in what it is you have to sell.
  But you can generate MLM leads yourself, and for free into the bargain. In order to
do this all you really need to have is: great content on your website or blog, a number
of articles with attention grabbing headlines, show stopping content, a great lead
capture page on your website, and a good Autoresponder system for when things start
to get really busy.
  Generating your own free network marketing leads works on two levels. First, it's
free. But it's is also a great way of getting targeted leads; that is people who are
genuinely interested in the product or service that you are selling. Your articles, placed
in strategic places on the web, (social networking sites, online directories etc), attract
people's attention. They follow the links back to your website, like what they see
because of the great content your site displays, and sign up to a newsletter or for some
free offer (articles or E-books for example), on your so called "capture" page. It's
called a capture page because it captures your visitors contact details, which he/she
gives voluntarily in exchange for your free offer.
  The other great thing about free network marketing leads gathered in this way is: (a)
you cannot be accused of spamming because they have signed up for more
information; and (b), they are targeted and therefore more likely to buy the product or
service because they expressed an interest in it in the first place.
  I am going to reveal to you how you can generate over a 1000 free network
marketing leads on complete auto pilot with people hving their credit cards in hand
ready to join your business starting today. Learn how you can start generating mlm
leads with a proven step by step system proven to work.

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