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									send Rakhi to India. Rakhi 2011 is on 13th August. Send Rakhi to India through us
and experience the difference. ">Rakhi is one of the most popular festival of the
Hindus that is observed in every Indian household with all vim and brio. Annually on
the full moon day in the Hindu month of Shravana, Rakhi is celebrated all throughout
the world. And Rakhi threads, being the most necessary ingredients, are the most
sought after items in celebrating this heavenly festival.
  The rituals of the day involve girls tying these sacred threads to their respective
brothers and pray to the Almighty for their eminent success in every endeavors. Then
the brothers treat them with sweets, Rakhi gifts and promise to uphold to their causes
all lifelong. These days, girls also tie these threads of protection to their respective
sisters-in-law, known as Lumbas in India. It is because of this very beautiful gesture
of love and affection that makes the festival of Rakhi to create a separate niche in the
hearts of the Hindu populace.
  Of all the variety of Rakhis that are currently available in the market, it is perhaps
the gold Rakhis that have resulted into a huge uproar in the contemporary scenario.
Not only it ensures one to sacrosanctly adhere to the rituals of the day, but also a gold
Rakhi assures of eminent appreciation from the receivers' end. All these Rakhis come
in varied designs that are all poised to perfectly gel with this heartfelt occasion of
  Being associated with purity, royalty, and elegance, gold is one of the most revered
as well as precious material to the humankind. A gold Rakhi, therefore, is very special.
It is considered to be very precious not only because of the material value of that is
associated with gold, but because it shows the preciousness of the metal in the
relationship of brother and sister.
  In case you are wondering to know when is Rakhi in 2011, then it is to inform you
that in the year 2011 the festival of Rakhi falls on August the 13th. So, as you now
know when is Rakhi in 2011 you ought to prepare yourself to get hold of a nice gift
that would surely appease the taste of your dearest sibling in India to the most.
  But, to comply with the prevalent trends in the contemporary job market, there are a
lot of Indians now settled in offshore countries. During such a festival like Rakhi,
these overseas candidates always look for some reliable ways to send their Rakhis to
India with foremost comfort and ease. It is by this gesture that two estranged loving
hearts move closer to each other on this heartfelt Hindu festival. Here comes in help
the advent of a plethora of online Rakhi stores. With the recent advancements in the
fields of science and technology, the newest mantra of the day is to go online. So,
with the availability of this trendy facility, now you can easily send your gold Rakhi
to India with lot of ease and versatility.
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  The author writes for, an online gifting portal. This site aims
to connect the global NRIs by enabling them to send Rakhi to India. Rakhi 2011 is on
13th August. Send Rakhi to India through us and experience the difference.

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