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									When you are booked under the Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges, it can attract
punishments such as fines, penalties, impoundment of the vehicle and in extreme
cases prison sentences. However, in many cases your rights may be overlooked when
you are booked under the crime. That is why you need an expert DUI attorney in
Dallas who can extricate you from the charges with no or least punishment.
 Considerations While Selecting the Best DUI Attorney in Dallas
 Selecting the best DUI attorney in Dallas is important, because it could be the only
factor between your conviction and acquittal. Even when you are held guilty, an
expert can get your penalties reduced considerably. So, here are a few points to help
you select an expert lawyer in Dallas:
 * Enquire about the lawyer's qualifications, skills and experience. Specifically ask
about his experience as a DUI law practitioner, and his certifications in specializations,
such as OWI and DWI laws.
 * Ensure that he is well-informed about the frequently changing state laws. This
equips your lawyer to develop better strategies to counter the opposition. Besides, if
your lawyer understands and knows the judges, it will increase the chances of your
winning the case.
 * Ask your lawyer whether he is a member of professional associations, such as the
State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers or the National Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers. These associations have regular legal seminars which
update these professionals on the current laws and regulations.
 * Do determine your level of comfort with the lawyer. Assess whether you can speak
clearly and freely with your attorney. The lawyer must also deliver confidence and
offer encouragement about winning. This helps in building mutual trust and in
boosting your winning odds.
 * Ask your lawyer about the number of cases that had a positive outcome, as this
factor may determine the future of your case.
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