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									Dissertation topics are among the most difficult to come up with. In fact, they are
regarded as some of the notoriously difficult topics to come up with. However, there
is no reason whatsoever to panic. By following some very simple steps, it is possible
to come up with the right dissertation topic. To begin with, one must make a point of
carrying a piece of paper and a pen to jot down any idea that pops up regarding the
dissertation topic. An interesting idea can pop up anywhere and you need to be
prepared when that happens. Next, you should not limit the sources f your ideas and
initially, one should ideally seek ideas from every quarters including but not limited to
fellow students, family as well as a wide range of publications.
  Next, as time goes by, it may prove important to weed out ideas as you narrow down
to a specific idea which will be most suitable to you. It is after this narrowing process
that you can consult with your professors as well as advisors on the suitability of what
you have remained with and hear their opinion. Incase you find some work related to
your dissertation topic, you should make a point of going through the text so as to fish
out any similarities. Most importantly, you must treat your dissertation topic selection
process work in progress. This basically means that a high level of flexibility is called
for as you go on. This is the only way you can come up with a topic that is reasonable.
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