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Seeking a Romantic Honeymoon Resort-


									If you want a place that's going to strip off all that pre weeding stress and give you
both a fantastic kick start to your life together, then a romantic holiday resort in
Rarotonga is definitely the way to go. With the islands just a hop, skip and a jump
away from New Zealand and Australia, it's a great place to go without having to spend
days getting there.
  The area is known for its friendly yet professional services, giving you that
hospitality that only a collection of people who have grown up unencumbered by
urban stresses and strains can possess. You get the benefits of a relaxed culture, with
high service standards that positively compare with other luxury places around the
  There is always the option that you might get married there first, your bare feet on
the white sands of the beach or the both of you standing under a prettily decorated
shelter, with all your closest and dearest family and friends around you. Ask the resort
you are looking at if they have a wedding co-ordinator who can help you arrange it
from afar. They can reduce the stress of you doing everything away from home, and
many find it's a fun way to have a holiday, though it is probably only a good idea if
you get on well with both sets of parents! Otherwise it might feel like a very long
  If you've decided to leave everyone else behind, then plan to pop over after your
wedding, to have a wonderful break together. A romantic honeymoon resort in
Rarotonga has to be one of the best ways to sit back, with a cocktail in one hand, the
sea almost close enough to lap at your toes, and a gentle breeze playing across your
  It's good to find out what the place has in terms of extras. Do they have any little
treats in store for you when you arrive? Can they put you in a place that won't have a
pile of children next door? (As nice as they are they can cramp your style!) And will
they help you plan any day trips or excursions should you want to do a little more
than sit on the beach and relax?
  A romantic honeymoon resort in Rarotonga sounds like the perfect way to start a life
together, allowing you to build a foundation of happy memories and time together
before sliding back into your new life together back home.
  Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa - Provides world class villa accommodation in
Rarotonga, Cook Islands is the perfect Romantic Honeymoon Resort in Rarotonga.
Designed and built to cater to very discerning clientelle the villas offer all that one
would expect in high level accommodation yet still retaining the island atmosphere
that guests come to enjoy in the Cook Islands.
  Rumours is popular for very special occasions such as weddings, honeymoons,
anniversaries or just a luxury escape from a busy life. Particular emphasis is placed on
personal attention, friendly yet unobtrusive service, and providing as many in house
services as possible.
  Please feel free to email or call us at any time to discuss any further information you
may require.

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