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					The Section 8 program also called the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federal
aid program developed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban
Development (that provides housing assistance to extremely low income individuals,
families, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities). It is managed by state Housing
Authorities and offer two different type of rental options:
  Tenant based based - that allow participants are in possession of a Housing Choice
Voucher that allows them to move from one rental unit to another and project based -
that allow participants to live in buildings with subsidized units.
  Prospective residents are referred by different organizations such as the Homeless
Program, HUD-VASH, Permanent Supportive Housing Program, Skid Families
Demonstration Project, and Shelter Plus Care, owners to the State Housting Authoirty,
which will them confirm that they meet the eligibility requirements for Section
housing rental. Houses that is obtainable though Section 8 become available through
an applicant waiting list. Once an application is approved, the chosen individual in the
voucher program will locate their own housing and pay a portion of their income for
rent. Section 8 then pays the landlord the difference. To rent to a section 8 tenant, you
will need to: Have a family in possession of a valid Section 8 voucher want to rent
your residence. Screen the tenants to ensure they are eligible. Agree to lease to the
tenants and contact the Section 8 office for approval. Have the local Section 8 office
check to see that the rent is within the family?s means. Allow the Section 8 office to
inspect the residence and make sue that it meets the requirements of the program.
Sign a contract agreement once Section 8 approves. As landlord you will be
responsible for collecting the tenant?s portion of the rent each month. Section 8 will
send you a check for the remainder of the rent each month. Forms you will need for
Section 8 are obtainable from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website
these include:
  1.Housing Choice Voucher - allows a family to search for an apartment. 2.Request
for Tenancy Approval - which is handed in to the Section 8 office after the owner
agrees to rent to the tenant. 3.Inspection Form - determines whether the apartment
meets the requirements of Section 8. 4.Tenancy Addendum must be attached to the
lease. 5.Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract - the agreement between the
landlord and the Section 8 office
  Otherwise, you can contact your local Housing Authority to tell them you would like
to rent to Section 8 tenants. They will add your apartment to their listings for free.
You can also advertise your intent by stating that you are willing to rent to section 8
tenants.Rob Thomas writes about Section 8 Houses for Rent and Income Based