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					Facebook and the other social media website aren't going anywhere. Due to the
advances on the internet and the evolution of social media giants such as Facebook
and YouTube, the direct sales and Network Marketing industries will never be the
same. The big question is "Can you use social media to make money?", and the
answer is YES! Absolutely. Actually there are thousands of people who are out there
utilizing social media to earn a living and they are doing quite well. It's really very
easy when you know and comprehend how to do it. In order to make money using
social media there is a process of steps that you need to follow. To become successful
there are a couple of key rules you should live by.
  (1) Everybody counts, don't think or presume anything about anyone.
  (2) If you bother and/or spam people you will lose friends, credibility and money.
  You can't just plaster your links all over the place, you will get the reputation as a
spammer and people will stop following or being your friend. The last thing you want
to be is hidden, because that means you aren't making any money. There are hundreds
of social media websites out there but we are only going to focus on the key ones.
Twitter, Facebook ,MySpace and YouTube. These are the top dogs you should divert
your attention to. But before we get started though let's cover the number one No-No
that could affect your ability to make money using social media. When you send out
friend request don't just send a blank request and a link to your website. You simply
should never ever just blast your links in emails or messages to people you don't know.
What you want to do is introduce yourself, strike up a conversation and find some
common ground with those you are reaching out to. If you bum rush your prospect
with an offer, they are going to run away. Let's talk briefly about Twitter, this website
is relatively new on the scene, however Twitter is definitely a heavy hitter. First of all
the way Twitter works is you can see what other people are doing through short
messages called tweets. If you wish to connect with someone you can choose to
follow that person. By doing this whenever that person sends out a message or tweet
you will receive it. Generally when you follow someone they generally follow you
back; however you have full control as to who you follow. Now the beauty of Twitter
is some people have thousands of followers and their list of followers is completely
open to everyone. So you have the opportunity to connect with just about anyone. The
content you decide to post will benefit you greatly if it has value.
  DO NOT join Twitter and just start spamming your links all over the place. People
will unfollow you and most if not all of your post will be ignored. Remember that first
of all Twitter is a social network, so you should be communicating and connecting
with people. If you cannot think of anything to talk about here is a website to help you
out, this site shows some of the top stories on just about
  Of all the social websites out there Facebook is KING! Facebook is an absolute
goldmine and if you are using social media to market your business and you don't
have a face book account then shame on you. You are losing possibly thousands of
dollars. The keys to success no matter which social media tool you decide to use is
making yourself visible and providing value. No one cares what you are selling,
people think in terms of "What can you do for me?" Plain and simple. I absolutely
love Youtube as well, the amount of people you can connect with through video is
insane. I guess that's why they are one of the most visited websites in the world.
 However the secret on how to make money withTwitter, Facebook, YouTube,
Myspace and any other social media website is simply knowing how to conncet with
people. What to say and when to say it. I can show exactly how some of the top
money earners in this industry are connecting and building their business empires up
daily. You to can have Endless Free Leads to grow any business and put the money
where it belongs! Into your pockets, click on the link now and unlock the secrets to
success today.

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