How To Deal With Those Annoying PC Errors by hkksew3563rd


									Most of us have our lives tied to our computers. So when it starts acting up it becomes
very frustrating. PC errors not only cause frustration but they can also cause monetary
losses of millions of dollars. The last thing you want is damage done to your computer.
With a few simple tips users can be PC error free.
 Some Common Computer Errors: 鈥?After turning the power on, computer does not
do anything. 鈥?Computer speed is slow. 鈥?Doesn 鈥檛 boot properly. 鈥?Turns
off by itself or reboots. 鈥?After it is turned on it shows only a blue screen.
鈥?Freezes or hangs up often (one of the most annoying ones).
 Causes of PC Errors: The following are some of the common causes of computer
problems: 鈥?Problems with hardware. 鈥 ?Viruses or spyware. 鈥?Drivers not
functioning properly. 鈥?Errors related to hard disk, such as, bad sectors, not enough
space, fragments etc. 鈥?Damaged or corrupt files that interfere with software
 How To Fix And Prevent Common Computer Errors: Virus Scan: Computer viruses
are one of the primary reasons of many of the PC errors. Regularly use a reliable
antivirus software and anti-spyware to detect and remove them. Make sure that these
tools are kept updated by downloading the updates from their manufacturers.
 Hard Disk Cleanup: Use Hard disk cleanup and defrag tools that come pre-installed
in Windows. These tools will delete setup files, clear temp file folders, and uninstall
unused programs.
 Registry Scan: Perform regular registry scans. There are many free registry scanning
tools available from websites like Select a reliable tool to perform
registry scanning and maintenance. Use the tool on a regular basis, weekly is a good
 Majority of the computer users are a part of the problem because they neglect to
perform routine maintenance.
 Other things users neglect to do are simple tasks such as: 鈥?updating software
鈥?defragmenting the hard drive 鈥?cleaning the registry
 Windows users can find these tools in the Start Menu under Accessories: System
Tools. Performing these tasks on a regular basis can save a user from a lot of PC

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