How to Crack PDF Security Password- by hkksew3563rd


									Two Ways of Protecting PDF Files: PDF files or documents prepared using Adobe
Acrobat application can be protected in two different ways. One is the PDF restriction
that prevents unwanted users from copying text from the files, editing content of the
PDF document, extracting data from PDF file, and printing the pages from the
document. The other type of PDF protection is by applying passwords to PDF files for
opening them.

Bothering PDF Security: Both types of PDF security sometimes become the cause of
botheration for many of you. You might be the one who has the legal right to open a
particular encrypted PDF document, but you unfortunately forgot the password or
some other reason might have brought you in the troublesome situation.
A Situation: Let us consider a situation, where you, a publisher, want to publish a
novel that you had written many years ago, which you saved in PDF format and
protected by a password. Now, due to a very long time, you forgot that password.
Even after trying very hard, you just cannot remember the password. The only option
left with you now is to crack PDF password security to unlock password protected
PDF file.
Another Situation: You have been asked to check some very critical PDF files, which
had been created and encrypted by some ex-manager of your department, who is now
unreachable. Now, you need to open these secured PDF files and you need print some
of the pages from them. Remove PDF password protection is the only thing that can
help you sort this issue. In both the cases mentioned above, you have no option left
but to crack PDF password for unlocking password protected PDF files. Don't panic,
removing PDF password is not just possible but also a very easy task.
1. For Copying/Extracting Text or Printing a PDF File: Gmail can be used to view
protected PDF files. What you have to do is to send the protected PDF document to
your Gmail, and then, view it as HTML. You can then copy text and print the PDF file
from your browser. If the files are very large in size, then this process is not going to
work. Also, some PDF users also tell this process does not work anymore as Google
has closed the beta version.

2. For Unlocking PDF Files Whose Password You Have Forgotten: Third-party
software is the safest bet in this regard.

How to Crack PDF Security Password? You can turn to this method of using a
third-party tool to unlock password protected PDF file. This method is really a
foolproof way to crack PDF password security. All you need to do is to connect to the
Internet on your system and search for such program. One such tool is SysTools PDF
Unlocker. Using this software will be a true delight for you!

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