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					Directed by:
Madhur Bhandarkar..
Corporate has two main players the
Sehgal Company headed by Vinay Sehgal (Rajat Kapoor) and the Marwah
Company headed by Dharmesh Marwah (Raj Babbar).

Both companies have their key players and Nishigandha (Bipasha) plays a
major role in the Sehgal industry.
Each company tries to gain an upper hand over the other be it in acquiring
projects or tearing down the image of the other.

The Marwah group gets an esteemed and much coveted project which
pushes the Sehgal group to come up with an equally lucrative and high
profile project.

The Sehgal group comes up with a lucrative project but at the expense of
their competitors. Nishi steals an idea from her competitors and uses it as
leverage for her own company.
• There is no looking back for Vinay Sehgal and the Sehgal Group of
  Industries when their candidate is selected as the Central Finance
  Minister, and soon they are invited to Delhi to liaise with an
  international company to manufacture and distribute a bottling
  plant. Their competitors, the Marwah Group of Industries, led by
  Dharmesh Marwah, are dismayed, but manage to win the best
  entrepreneur award, and a state contract for bottling a mint-based
  soft drink.
• Vinay instructs his team to find out, by hook or crook, what the
  details are of this plan, and a senior employee, Nishigandha
  Dasgupta, uses her charms to seduce Sehgal's groups employee,
  Pervez Merchant, and gets the details from him. This gives Vinay
  the edge over Dharmesh and he quickly announces "Just Chill" a
  mint-based cold drink, and he hands over this project to his wife's
  brother, Ritesh Shahani, who is also the live-in spouse of

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