How to Compromise Over Getting a Wii

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					It's fantastic that there are so many games consoles out there offering quality gaming
experiences to suit all tastes. Well, it's fantastic most of the time, anyway.
Unfortunately, if you and your significant other happen to disagree on which console
is the games system of choice, you're going to have a bit of a struggle on your hands.

 Maybe you want a Wii and she wants an Xbox - both of which are radically different
systems, yet similar in many ways. For example, both have motion control
capabilities thanks to the Wii's unique Wii-mote system and the new Xbox Kinect. So
that means you can't argue that one has the advantage of motion control. Similarly,
both consoles share many of the same games, and what the Xbox offers in terms of
shoot 'em ups and online play, the Wii makes up for with its fantastic multiplayer
games and excellent anyone-can-do-it sports and competition-based games. Plus
there's the Wii Fit.

 Unfortunately, while the Wii and the Xbox share plenty of likenesses, there are still
crucial differences between the two consoles that makes them just dissimilar enough
to prevent agreeing on which to get without a fight. Both consoles have different
reputations which affect not only who buys them, but what games come out on them.
For example, the Wii is seen as family friendly and the Xbox is seen as the console for
those who like first person shooters. But that doesn't mean both consoles don't have
games from the other camp: the Wii alone enjoys titles like Resident Evil and
Manhunt just as much as the Xbox.

 But if you really can't decide which console to get and getting both is out of the
question - which, sadly, it often is - then it's time to work out a compromise. If she
can't live without her first person shooters and you're too keen on the idea of using the
Wii-mote to control what's happening on screen, why not combine both of your
choices and go for a Playstation 3? Sharing plenty of the same shooting titles as the
Xbox and with the brand new Playstation Move controller system, the PS3 combines
the best of both worlds and allows you both to have the system you want, keeping
both of you happy. With all the great games that are traditionally associated with
Xbox coupled with the smart and sophisticated control system of the Wii, the
Playstation 3 is bound to quieten down all protests. That is, until the next generation
of consoles comes out, anyway!