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									Have you been arrested for DUI? Do you have an older DUI arrest record that is
haunting you when you are looking for a job or trying to obtain car insurance? Are
you spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in fines and penalties? Do
you just want to get your drivers license back? A DUI is a mistake that can plague you
for life & make your future miserable . From super high insurance rates to trouble
passing a simple employment background check, those three letters will mark you as
sure as if you had them written in red ink on your forehead. Figuring out how to beat
a DUI is imperative if you are to get on with your life. Luckily, there are things you
can do to completely erase or seriously minimize the damage a DUI does to your
driving AND criminal records. If your DUI meets several simple criteria, you may be
able to learn how to beat a DUI charge & have your record expunged completely, in
all 50 states! DUI convictions are a huge source of income to local governments in all
50 states, & there may be pressure to increase revenue by making more arrests. In
addition, political lobbying groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving have a
vested interest in keeping DUI arrests high. The extremely polarizing nature of this
offense has made DUI a "political" crime, with a one size fits all punishment system
for ALL offenders. This means that someone who barely fails a sobriety test after
having 2 or 3 glasses of wine at dinner gets the same punishment as someone who
blows 3 times the legal limit after causing an accident with serious injuries. And when
someone notices those 3 letters on your background check, they are likely to conjure
visions of the second scenario. All this means if you are convicted of a DUI, you're
life will change for the worse unless you educate yourself on how to beat a DUI
charge. Even if your DUI is several years old, there are things you can do to minimize
its effect on you life.
  Clear Off Your DUI Records
  A lot of individuals who have DUI records have no idea that they can actually clear
their records. What is more, they do not know that they are given the chance to keep
their bad records from appearing on background checks each time someone looks
them up in databases. If you are one of these individuals, you now have an idea that
you can clear your records. If your DUI record has been filed for many years already,
you can have it cleared so your employment opportunities will not slip away.
Conviction records due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol gives you a
bad position in the society and in the eyes of the employers. This will ruin your
chances of being able to land a job no matter your exemplary skills. If you have
previous DUI records, make sure that you have it cleared.
  Clearing Your DUI Records with the Help of an Attorney
  If you have DUI records to clear, ask for the assistance of an attorney. A good lawyer
will be able to help you clean your records permanently. If you want to hire an
attorney, choose someone who specializes or knows how to handle DUI cases and
records. There are a lot of lawyers within your state who act as defense attorneys for
DWI or DUI cases. Aside from specializing in these types of cases, the attorney
should also have a certification as an operator of breath tests. What is more, they
should have certification as a trainer for SFST or standardized sobriety tests. With the
help of the best state DUI attorney, you will have your DUI records cleared in no
  Don't let a DUI conviction keep you from getting a job, or hold you back in any way.
Having a misdemeanor criminal conviction on your record is psychic baggage that
you don't need. Thanks to, and the ability to
expunge afforded by law, you don't have to live with a DUI conviction on your record
forever. Even if your drivers license was suspended and you have had license
reinstatement, you may still expunge your driving record. If you've got a DUI record,
go to for help. Contact a qualified DUI
expungement lawyer today.
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