How To Choose The Right Motorbike

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					Choosing a motorbike can be a difficult decision to make. But this article will help
guide you through the process. The first aspect of your choice will be based on your
license. Your license will determine what motorbikes you can and can’t ride. The most
well known country that allows a 16 year old to have a 1000cc motorbike the day
after obtaining his license is the USA. But for the rest of the world, there are
limitations based on your license.

 Once you know what your license restricts you to, you must consider the second
aspect of choice, which is the price. Determine your budget on how much you have to
spend on the motorbike, insurance and motorbike gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, etc).
Typically older and used motorbikes will be cheaper, unless they are a rare collectible
model. Usually, small displacement engines will be cheaper than large engines.

  Another important aspect is comfort. You should sit on a few bikes in a motorbike
dealer showroom to see which one fits you best. Taller riders will need room for their
legs to be stretched. Shorter riders should sit down on bikes with lower seat heights to
ensure both feet can comfortably touch the ground. Make sure the bike doesn't feel
cramped or make you stretch out too much.

 Once again back to budget decisions, many factors determine a motorbike insurance
quote. Typically the larger the engine, the larger the bike insurance quote you receive.
Sport bikes tend to cost more because of all the fibreglass and performance.
Remember if you have an accident, your insurance will need to cover all of those
expensive fibreglass panels that sport bikes have. Furthermore, sport bikes are faster
and known to be preferred by younger riders. Your age and riding experience is a
contributing factor that will determine your insurance, as well as the location where
the bike will be parked.

  One of the most important aspects is the use of the motorcycle; It will need to fit
your needs. There are many different types and classes of motorbikes to choose from.
If you plan on using the road and going off-roading you should strongly consider a
dual sport. If you plan on using the motorway, taking long trips, and carrying a
passenger you should consider a touring bike that has a large and soft seat. If you just
plan on relaxing on back road trips then a cruiser bike would be fine. If one of your
main goals is having a unique one of a kind ride that’s an attention grabber than a
custom built chopper would be best. Choosing a motorbike isn't an easy choice, but
whatever you choose make sure to be safe and wear a helmet.
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