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					Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuits
Car Accidents ● Trucking Accidents ● Motorcycle Accidents ● Pedestrian

If you or a family member has suffered serious injuries in a car or truck accident along I-70, I-25,
I-76 or any other Colorado roadway, you may be facing months of physical recovery and
rehabilitation, on top of a stack of medical bills, and no income to pay them because you can't
work because of your injuries.

Trying to work with the insurance company can be frustrating, exasperating, even a bit scary.
Will the insurance company give you full and fair compensation for your car crash injuries? Will
your bills be paid?

Your chances are greatly improved if you work with an experienced trial attorney . At the Overt
on Law Firm
in Denver, our car accident attorneys know how to work with insurance companies. The
insurance company will try to get you to settle your claim quickly, often before all the facts are
known. As your advocate in negotiations or in court, we will assist you in settling for the full
value of your auto accident case.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Who Get Results

As experienced accident and injury attorneys, we have the expertise needed to present a strong
case in settlement negotiations and at trial. We understand when to use experts in developing
your case, and we have access to a large network of excellent doctors, economists, traffic
accident reconstruction experts and other professionals. We thoroughly investigate the facts of
the accident and work hard to determine the cause of the accident and establish the fault and
liability of the other driver. We work with medical specialists to demonstrate the full nature and
extent of your injury, the effect the accident has had on your life, the cost of past and future
medical treatment, and the amount of past and future wage loss. We document the true value of
your claim and work hard to get the most compensation available in your car or truck accident

Defective automobile parts and poorly designed motor vehicles can cause accidents to happen
and can sometimes increase the seriousness of injury, and even cause death, in a crash. If your
auto accident was caused by a defective product , you may be entitled to compensation from
the manufacturer of the dangerous motor vehicle or auto part.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Contact our Denver law office to schedule a free case evaluation. We can help you gain a
greater understanding of your rights and determine whether you have a claim for court in your
car accident case.

Each of our personal injury lawyers has more than 20 years of trial court experience. We have
helped many seriously injured people who have suffered brain trauma and neck and back
injuries get financial compensation in complex injury cases. Let us help you.

Wrongful Death Claims

People are often hesitant to bring a wrongful death lawsuit because they feel it is wrong or
impossible to place a value on the loved one they have lost. At the Overton Law Firm, we know
that money can never replace your loved one, but we also know that your losses will become
even more obvious as time goes on.

  - A spouse left to raise children alone will need financial help
  - Parents who relied upon an adult child for help with finances or household tasks will
acutely feel the loss of that valuable assistance
  - Children whose parent or parents are gone will need to pay for college.

Money from a wrongful death suit can never replace your loved one, but it can help your family
deal with the loss of income and services your loved one contributed. And it can hold the
negligent party responsible.

If you are considering bringing a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal car accident, contact the
Denver law office of the Overton Law Firm. Your initial consultation is free and you will pay no
attorney fees until we recover money for you.