How to Build Trust and Maintain it by hkksew3563rd


									Trust is perhaps one of the most important elements in a good and long-term
relationship. However, trust can not be just obtained whenever you feel like you need
it. It has to be earned through some approriate action. Also, you can earn trust but you
can also lose it.
  That is why when it comes to creating trust, action speaks louder than words. You
can use words to create trust but if you don't support those words with real actions,
you will quickly lose trust as well.
  My advice to you is this... Once you have managed to earn trust, do not lose it as
once you lose it, it is extremely difficult to earn it back.
  If you can earn and maintain trust, you can enjoy many of its benefits. Among them
are as follow:
  1. You can influence others almost effortlessly. Initiating change and introducing
new ideas can be quite a challenge but if people trust you, this should not be a
  2. You can easily get support from other people. If people trust you, they will support
you all the way when requested. For example, you can easily ask people to endorse
your products, services or recommendations.
  3. You will be looked up as a trustworthy leader and people will follow your foot
steps. All effective leaders know how to establish and maintain trust with their
subordinates. It is one of the key qualities of successful leadership.
  4. You can win the admiration of many. When people look up to you, you have the
power to inspire and motivate them. This is most important for relationships involving
parents and children, as well as team leaders and team members.
  5. With trust, you can easily get others to agree with you. As you know, getting other
people to agree with you is a hard thing to do. But if people trust you, you can get the
agreement with just a snap of your finger.
  Trust is a vital ingredient for any type of relationship to work, be it relationship with
your spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, clients, and customers.
Without trust, all of these relationships are bound to fail.
  Again, please remember that trust is earned and maintained through your action. If
you have promised something, you have to deliver. If you have told someone that you
will do something, do it! If you don't, you will find that you are losing trust
immediately. And once you have lost it, it is very difficult for you to earn it back.
  Be honest with your words is perhaps the most basic form of trust and credibility. Do
not lie to people. If you don't know or understand something, tell them. People will
appreciate honesty, and they will give you time. But if you lie to them, you will lose
your credential immediately.
  When people see your honesty even in the littlest things, you are building credibility,
thereby gaining their trust. Another way to become credible is to continuously
upgrade your skills and knowledge.
  So, trust and credibility require action and responsibility. If you make a mistake,
admit it and take responsibility. And then take corrective action to prevent the same
mistakes to occur again. People will respect you and give you their trusts if you are
honest, responsible and walk the talk.
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