How To Avoid Bad Hair Days by hkksew3563rd


									We don't call it a bad hair day for no reason. The way our hair is styled and shaped is
a very important part of the image we present to the world.
  Even though we all know the standard trim time is every six weeks, most of us suffer
through a week or two of bad hair days before we realize we need to have our hair cut.
When it finally dawns on us, some of us attempt to cut our own hair.
  Maybe it's to save time, maybe it's to save money. Maybe we just don't have the
patience to go a day longer with our hair falling out of place. For some reason, too
many of us think we are suited to cut our own hair. We're not.
  Not only does a professional hairstylist have the training and experience to give us
the look we want, they also have the right tools for the job. The right equipment is
critical to achieve the right hairstyle.
  Unlike the scissors you have in your kitchen, hairstylists have a variety of cutting
shears and scissors with special edges to do specific jobs. Also (unlike your kitchen
scissors) a professional keeps their cutting tools sharp and in good condition. The
right scissors make all the difference when it comes to straight cuts, layering, edging
or defining bangs.
  Shears and scissors are used at the hair salon to create sculpted styles or soft flowing
locks. Things that we just can't do ourselves at home. For example, bangs are bouncy.
They require thin line scissors to give them a precise line that will look proper when
they are dry. Long hair at the back can often be trimmed or shaped with shears to give
it the precision your looking for.
  The best way to avoid an endless series of bad hair days is to visit your hair stylist,
who understands which of their many tools is the right one to give you the good hair
days you really want.
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