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					It used to be that if a woman tried to get a man's attention she was labeled immoral
and shameless in her lust. Fortunately, the modern woman today is appreciated for her
independence, and it is perfectly appropriate for women to initiate the contact with a
man that catches her eye. However, balancing an assertion of independence, while
preserving a ladylike behavior, can be a little tricky. Do you want some tips to help
you on how to attract a guy? Once you've got the dreamboat, do you know how to
keep relationship issues from driving him away? If you need some new techniques on
getting a guy to like you, and some tips on issues to avoid when you have his attention,
then read the following article that can help you out.

A wink and a nod

Some of the same measures that men try on women will also work on men. If you
want to get his attention fast, try a wink and a nod when he looks your way. The risk
of rejection is nominal, and will show the potential partner that you are available. This
used to be considered an immoral act for a woman in the past, but it is more
acceptable by today's standards. On the other hand you will need to flirt respectfully,
as overdoing it may drive the potential partner away from you. If the warm smile and
flirty eyes doesn't have him walking your way then you will have to initiate a
conversation with him.

Casual conversation

The type of conversation that you will need to attempt will depend on the setting that
you're in. Casual settings such as café's, supermarkets or shopping malls require
keeping the conversation light and casual. For instance, you may want to break the ice
with a question about a menu item or a certain product when you are at a café or a
shopping mall. It is important that you do this while maintaining eye contact and greet
him with a warm smile to remove any doubt he may have about your interest in him.
You can be a little more forward when at sport bars or local pubs by simply
introducing yourself to the man you are interested in. If the guy still doesn't get the
message try asking him for directions to the ladies room while giving him a sideways
glance and a seductive smile.

Find out his interest's

Once you have the guy's attention, you will need to build on the attraction. A great
way to build on the relationship is to learn what his interests are. This information can
be used by you to discuss the similarities that you both share. Men are attracted to
intelligent and independent women and all you have to do is just act naturally instead
of trying to further impress them. The best advice for women who want to get a guy to
like them is to listen closely to what they have to say and gaze directly into their eyes
while you listen. Before you say your good- bys to the potential partner you will want
to remind him that you are both available and interested in seeing him again.
The first step for women in any new relationship is learning how to attract a guy
without overwhelming him. These tips on getting a guy to like you should be all you
need to next time you happen to see the man of your dreams in public. Please
remember the lessons on how to keep relationship issues from spoiling the fun by
letting him do most of the talking.

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