Granite countertops for your kitchen

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					                           Granite countertops for your kitchen
Everybody wants a perfect home. Who wouldn’t want a home that looks classy? Interior
decoration has become an important criterion for almost everyone. Though everyone would
like to go ahead with it not many can afford it. So eventually the ones who cannot afford it
adjust with their lives and try to be content with what they have. Interior decoration cannot be
done on our own. It requires experts who have ample experience to do a quality job. And for
today’s modern home, women are very particular about their kitchen. It’s their field and they
want the best of it. They expect a lot of attention for their kitchen when one has decided to go
ahead with remodeling their homes.

For classy looking kitchen, counter tops and their tiles contribute mainly. And in today’s
modeling of kitchen, granite countertops are more frequently used. Thus it has become very
popular. Not only does it look gorgeous, since it is a crafted rock it is very strong thus lasting
lifelong. It is water resistant and hence cleaning is very easy. It is heat resistant and scratch
resistant. Since it makes your kitchen classy it adds worth for your home. It does have its own
cons as well. Though it is easy to maintain, it can get stained if not sealed properly. Color
matching is a challenging task. It is heavy and complicated when it comes to doing it on your
own without experts. Routine sealing of the surface area is very important and necessary.

When it comes to choosing granite countertops, you have three steps involved with it.

      Choosing the right color
      Selecting an edge detail
      Choosing backsplash and sink

The common colors that are available in the market are black granite, green granite, yellow
granite, blue granite, red granite and white granite. These are the most commonly used
granites all over the world. However you do also have creams, pink granite, grey granite, gold
granite, purple granite, brown granite and mixed granite. Black granite is the most popular and
commonly used one among them. It gives a stylish and classy look to your kitchen. It has several
patterns within them when it comes to choosing the perfect shade of black for your kitchen.
Blue granite among them is a color that is chosen very rarely. It is not quite common as other
colors. However when mixed with other colors it gives a dramatic classy look. Most colors
mentioned above are capable of being mixed among themselves and in a way they all turn out
well in terms of adding style to your kitchen.

There is variety among edge details as well. You have squared, bevel, half round, bullnose,
roman ogee, ogee w/bull, double ogee, triple etc.
Backsplash choice comes as granite countertops 6”, granite up to cabinets, other kinds of
granite options, no granite and only tiles, you can decide not to backsplash as well.

Basic sink styles come as under-mount and top-mount. You also have other options which
experts can assist you with to help you decide.


Description: Everybody wants a perfect home. Who wouldn’t want a home that looks classy? Interior decoration has become an important criterion for almost everyone.