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How Many LED Light Types

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					How Many LED Light Types
How many LED Light types? I think if the words carefully points, led light type will
be very much, now I will share them with friends several long used in our daily lives,
led light! They are LED light,LED Flashlight,LED Keychain,LED Cap Light,LED
Bicycle Light. LED Light Types 1: LED Light
A Light-Emitting Diode (鈥淟 ED 鈥? light including a housing with two ends, a base
coupled to the housing at one of the two ends for connecting to an electrical fixture,
the housing including vertical plates with a majority of higher-power LED light
mounted on the vertical plates at an angle of less than 75 degrees relative to the
vertical plates. In one aspect, the LEDs are mounted in a column and row grid pattern.
In one aspect, the housing includes a horizontal plate with lower-power LED light
mounted thereon. In one aspect, the LED light includes a temperature regulation
device housed within its housing for heat dissipation. LED Light Types 2: LED
An LED flashlight including a barrel body and a press button disposed on the barrel
body. An inner barrel is disposed in a receiving space of the barrel body. The inner
barrel has support structures for supporting a circuit board to which the pressing force
of the press button is applied. Accordingly, when pressing down the press button, the
support structures can bear the pressing force so as to protect the circuit board and
prolong using life of the LED flashlight. LED Light Types 3: LED Keychain
An LED Keychain having a structure of switch for which the housing of the Keychain
comprises a cylinder and a rotating member mutually connected by means of an outer
and an inner screw thread section, the cylinder and the rotating member thus rotate
relatively to each other. When the rotating member so rotates, it moves an elastic
piece having a number of P typed arms; the inner wall of the cylinder has at a position
contacting protruding portions of the P typed arms an annular recess. When in circuit
breaking of the LED Keychain, the protruding portions of the arms are exactly located
in the annular recess and thereby is in a state of none contact. LED Light Types 4:
LED Cap Light
The LED cap light has a housing with an arcuate top surface. LED's on the housing
front surface are disposed at intervals along a laterally extending arc. A power switch
is on the housing bottom. A battery is inside the housing. Electronic circuitry in the
housing is responsive to the power switch to select at least one central LED for
illumination while the remaining LEDs are powered off, and to select the remaining
LEDs for illumination while the at least one central LED is powered off, and to power
off all LEDS. The at least one central LED cap light is designed to emit a substantially
monochromatic primary color. LED Light Types 5: LED Bicycle Light
The LED Bicycle Light is a disk shaped bicycle light using a plurality of outwardly
facing, circumferentially spaced conical lenses each having a light emitting diode
( LED) at the apex of the cone. Two conical lenses are generally sideward, but slightly
forward facing, while three are generally rearwardly facing, specifically, rear facing
element, left and right rear elements and left and right forward lenses, to provide
generally all-around visibility when all five are energized, and to limit visibility to the
side and rear when the rearwardly facing LED Bicycle Lights are illuminated.
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