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									People desire to enjoy the special moments of their life in the most extravagant ways
that is why the services of limousine rental companies are hired for such events.
Renting a limousine for certain occasions such as wedding, birthday, parties, prom
nights, concerts etc., not only provides safe transportation but also adds a dash of
glamour to the event.
  Once you have decided to indulge in the luxuries of a chauffer driver limousine,
there 鈥檚 not much you need to do to fulfill your desire. Renting a limousine is not a
big deal today, as there are innumerous limo rental companies that will readily please
you with their services. But before you hurry for your phone to place an order, it is
important to consider some facts about the payment plans of the car rental companies.
Every car rental company has different tariff plan as per the company rules and
demands of their clients. But the basic pattern of pricing remains the same everywhere,
which is depends on the following factors:
  鈥?The type of vehicle on rent: Limo rental companies impose different charges for
different kinds of vehicle. The more expensive and exclusive cars/buses are highly
priced compared to the common ones. For example an exclusive party bus would be
more expensive to rent than a Hummer.
  鈥?Per Hour charges: Although there are a number of factors that are considered
before deciding the rent charges, but one of the most common factor that remains
constant with every car rental company is the per hour charge system. Every
limousine rental company will tell you their per hour charges predetermined for
specific vehicles and the final cost of rental is determined on this basis only. For
example 鈥?if you have used a stretch hummer for 3 hours that costs $50 per hour
than your total expenses would come out to be $150.
  鈥?Surcharges or Additional charges: on top of the per hour charge there are some
additional charges such as the gas surcharge and cab driver 鈥檚 tip. Some of the car
rental company 鈥檚 may charge you for the standard 18% to 20% tip ahead of time
while others might allow you to determine your generosity afterward. If you need
extras like drinks / decorations or flowers, surplus money is charged for providing
  鈥?Weekday happy hour plan: As the demand for car rentals significantly rises on
the weekends, the limousine rental companies 鈥?offers happy hour plans for the
mid-week rentals. Same car would cost you mush less if you rent it on any of the
working day instead of the weekend.
  Riding a limousine may be one of your heartiest temptations but they come for a
hefty price. But if you are all set to experience the fantasies of life than don 鈥檛 be
afraid to spend a few dollars. Remember it is your moment and you deserve nothing
less than the best. is a US based car rental company proving excellent
facilities to the customers at very affordable prices.
  About Author: Mariya Martha has deep knowledge of the limo rentals. To hire Los
Angeles Limo and Airport Limo, it is advisable to ensure that the limousine services
you get are top notch and measure up to your expectations

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