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Table Mountain Soccer Association


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                                        Winter, 2001
Association                                            PO Box 943
                                                       Golden, CO 80402

                                      DATES TO REMEMBER
  Competitive Fees Due                     February 8
  Rec. level referee course                Feb 9, 7-10 pm Faith Lutheran church
  Next TMSA Board Meeting                  February 13
  Golden City Council Meeting (field discussion) February 15
  Youth Module for all U5-U19 coaches      February 16-17 Faith Lutheran/Roadrunner
  Coaches meetings                         First Week in March
  Rec teams begin practice                 Second week in March
  Micro teams begin practice               Third Week in March
  First games                              March 24
  Competitive level skills clinic          Start week of 3/5 for 9 weeks, days and time TBA
  Competitive level goalkeeper clinic      Starting Friday, 3/23 for 7 weeks, time TBA
  Rec Level U9-U10 skills clinic           Start Mon 3/19-boys & Wed. 3/21-girls, time TBA
  Rec Level U8-U14 goalkeeper clinic       Start Friday, 3/23 for 6 weeks, time TBA

                                    Letter from the President
Dear TMSA Members:                                               Logic tells us that this goal is not realistic but greater
Happy New Year!                                                  goals have been set and accomplished before and we
                                                                 intend to make the very best effort possible!

         he new year is upon us and your newly appoint-
         ed Board of Directors are working hard to               The Board cannot tackle this task without the help of
         improve the level of competition, the quality of        the membership. We are personally asking everyone in
coaching and the overall efficiency of the Table Moun-           the Association to determine how you can be involved
tain Soccer Association. Most importantly, we have               in this invaluable program. Seriously, think about it!
made tremendous headway with Jefferson County and                Don’t read this and chuck it in the nearest round filing
the City of Golden concerning the development of the             system! Your kids and the future children of this
Rooney Road Complex for a 14 to 16 field facility (for           community need this facility more than you know. If
specific details, please refer to following article). This       each member puts a little bit of their personal time into
site is absolutely critical to the development of TMSA           this project, it will be a success. If you have some great
and youth soccer in Jefferson County. As usual, there            ideas, let us know about it. If you know of a certain
is a price tag attached to make the fields a reality.            foundation, company or person with a lot of money
That’s where all the membership can make a                       burning holes in their pockets and with no place to put
significant contribution.                                        it, let us know about it.

The Board of Directors are in the process of imple-              We are in the process of organizing fundraising and
menting many fundraising avenues to achieve the goal             finance committees that will facilitate this goal. If you
of having these fields in use by Fall 2001 or Spring             feel you can be of assistance and would like to be
2002. Our goal is to have a minimum of ten fields                involved, please let us know as soon as possible. We
completed by that time. What that means is that we               will be holding numerous events throughout the year
need to raise $4 to $6 million as soon as possible.              and all the proceeds will go to the TMSA field develop-
              continued from page 1                    ROONEY ROAD SOCCER/SPORTS COMPLEX
ment fund. You will receive a schedule of events
soon. Please consider attending these events as it    Plans for the Rooney Road soccer complex are
couldn’t be for a better cause. We have the backing   taking shape. Tim Harrington, president of TMSA
of the City and the County and we must take full      and other board members, met with the county
advantage of that momentum. We also have              commissioners in early December, to discuss the
received over $16,000.00 of unsolicited contribu-     urgent need for additional soccer fields in the
tions in response to the positive article on the      Golden (West Jeffco) area. TMSA, Jeffco and
conversion of the landfill site in The Denver Post.   Golden have been considering using the Rooney
                                                      Landfill site, to develop a soccer/sports facility
In two years, ten years or twenty years when you      since 1997. The fields could be ready for use by
drive by that site and look down from I-70, C-470     late fall of 2001 or spring of 2002, if the develop-
and see those fields covered with children playing    ment of this complex proceeds as envisioned. The
soccer and spectators enjoying sunny days on the      project will include mitigating environmental issues
best soccer complex in the State of Colorado, you     associated with the use of a landfill site.
can smile to yourself and say, “I helped make that
happen!”                                              TMSA currently has about 105 teams with more
                                                      than 1,400 kids playing soccer. Up to four teams
THINK ABOUT IT and let us know your                   have been practicing on one field at the same time
thoughts!                                             because of the shortage of fields. The new complex
                                                      would eventually include about 15 new soccer fields
Please feel free to contact me or any board mem-      on the 65 acres at the site, thereby greatly improv-
ber. My e-mail address is tim.harrington@grubb-       ing the field availability for TMSA. The Rooney or you can reach me by phone at             Road complex would provide top quality practice
303.572.5522.                                         and game fields for TMSA and provides a top
                                                      quality, single site, tournament location. This will
Sincerely,                                            be an ideal site for the Colorado Friendship Cup,
Tim Harrington                                        which TMSA will begin hosting this summer.

                                                      RECREATIONAL REFEREE COURSE
                                                      TMSA will be hosting a recreational referee
           Peak                                       course. Each Recreational team will need to
                                                      recruit at least 2 parents or kids 16 or older to
                                                      attend this free training course. The course will
                                                      be held Friday February 9th from 7pm to 10pm at
                                                      Faith Lutheran Church at Old Golden Road and
                                                      West 16th Ave. Please call Laura at 303-279-3686
                                                      to register by Friday February 2nd.

                                                      Coaches and Parents:

                                                      Please note that it is your
                                                      responsibility to pick up your
                                                      own trash after games and
                                 MEET THE BOARD
                     New TMSA Board Blends Experience with New Energy
The TMSA board elected at the Annual General Meeting           pre-engineered metal building systems and related
in October is a powerhouse of energy and ideas. A              components. His hobbies are handball, soccer and
never-before-seen enthusiasm gripped the membership            coaching.
meeting, resulting in all empty board positions, as well as
five newly invented, greatly-needed positions, being           Cliff Enten, V.P. Advanced Teams: Cliff has been
filled. The new board positions are Executive V.P., and        involved with TMSA since 1991. He is currently
V.P.s of Referrees, New Field Development, Fund                coaching the U12 boys competitive team. Additionally,
Raising and Communications.                                    Cliff is the VP of the Colorado Youth Soccer Association
                                                               and chairs the league operations, and rules and bylaws
Much of the energy comes from the recognition that             committee. In his non-soccer time, Cliff is a practicing
TMSA is at a turning point, on the cusp of the big             personal injury attorney in Denver, enjoys skiing and
leagues of youth soccer. Our micro program is still            four-wheeling.
growing by leaps and bounds and our recreational and
advanced programs are competing at the highest levels of       Dave Agrodnia, V.P.: Recreational Teams:
competition available in the state. As exciting as this time   I joined the TMSA board in 1996 to fill newly created
is, it brings on a number of challenges, such as new field     role of Club Communications, and am currently in
development, that will require creativity and persistence      charge of the Recreation Program. All four of my
to solve. The new board has already set to work build-         children have, or are currently participating in the club.
ing upon a great foundation laid by past and long-term         I have coached through the Micro and Recreation levels
board members. The board will be contacting many of            at TMSA, and am currently Head Coach of the U-11
you to see how you can help move us into the next              TMSA ICE White competitive team, which will be
millenium of Table Mountain Soccer.                            playing in the Premier 2 division this spring.

The board members will wear shirts which say TMSA              Nancy Progar, V.P. Micro Teams: Last year Nancy was
Board on the sidelines this spring. Please feel free to        on the TMSA board as Micro Registrar and this year is
approach us to talk about your views for the direction of      the VP of Micro. She has coached her older daughter for
youth soccer, and also let us know what gifts you can          5 years since her Kindergarten year. Her second daughter
bring to this effort. Together we will achieve great           and her friends formed a U5 team this past season and
things.                                                        she coached her as well. Having a 3 month old boy, she
              2001 TMSA Board Members:                         looks forward to the different experience of coaching
                                                               boys in the not too distance future.
Tim Harrington, President: Tim is a Colorado native
and has been married to his wife, Melinda for 17 years.        Sally Stokes, V.P. Director at Large/Community
He has previously coached both of his daughter’s (Hilary       Outreach: Sally and Kirk have been involved with TMSA
and Emma ) Rec teams and has been involved with the            for 8 years. Kirk has been coaching their three boys at
Jeffco Landfill site for over three years.                     various levels, and Sally as the micro-soccer registrar and
                                                               as of late as the Director at large/community outreach
Dale Gabel, Executive V.P.: Dale has been actively             board member. Kirk and Sally joined the board in 1994.
involved in TMSA since 1993 supporting his                     Their three boys all play soccer: Sean U13, Connor
three daughters and wife’s teams. He currently serves as       U11, and Ryan U9.
the Assistant Coach, Team Manager, and Chief Time
Keeper for the U15 Girls Ice Team and frequently assists       Nicki Fauble, V.P. Communications: Nicki has
the coaches for the U12 Girls Ice Team. Professionally,        coached her daughter’s U7 team for three years, coaches
Dale is a senior operations manager and professional           and plays on the women’s TMSA soccer team, and has a
civil/environmental engineer for JR Engineering.               son playing at the U9 level. She played high school and
                                                               college soccer and has earned her E license. Nicki has a
Dan Needham, V.P. Fields and Equipment: Dan                    health communications consulting business.
joined TMSA in Fall 1990 as coach for his son Justin’s
U11 boys team and coached them until level 3 high              Mike Walker, V.P. Fundraising: Mike has been
school. He coached his other son Paul’s team from U11          actively involved in TMSA since 1992 supporting his
through U13. Dan joined the board in 1994 and has              two daughters as they progressed. He has been with the
served as VP of fields since that time. He currently Co-       TMSA Board of Directors for the last several years and is
coaches his daughter, Allison, at the U10 level. He is         now serving as the Director of Fundraising on the
the owner of Danco Building Systems a distributor of           Board. He also manages the Red Rocks Fundraising
effort for TMSA. He is currently the head coach of the
U-16 competiveGirl’s team. He is also the assistant
                                                                    TABLE MOUNTAIN TO
coach for the D’Evelyn High School Varsity Girl’s
Soccer Team. He plays for the TMSA men’s team on
                                                                    HOST THE COLORADO
occasion. and also serves on the Board of Director for                FRIENDSHIP CUP
the recently revived Colorado Friendship Cup Interna-
                                                                 The Colorado Friendship Cup (CFC) is a newly
tional Soccer Tournament. Professionally, Mike is a
senior staff materials engineer and materials lab supervi-
                                                                 sanctioned soccer tournament by the Colorado
sor for Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver.                 State Youth Soccer Association to be held from July
                                                                 1-7, 2001. Table Mountain Soccer Association is
Bob Weber, V.P. New Field Development: Bob has                   very fortunate to be the host club for what is a
coached his boys U12 team with TMSA for 7 years. He              prestigious exchange of international friendship
has his E license. His daughter plays at the U14 level           through soccer.
and wife plays on the TMSA Women’s team. He
manages the men’s TMSA team. Bob is a project                    The CFC offers club teams (Boys U10 thru U-15
manager for Cator, Ruma and Associates.                          only) the opportunity to host foreign teams in their
                                                                 homes during the tournament. Boys U-16 thur U-
Bill Smith, V.P. Referees: Bill is a “D” licensed coach
and a Grade 7 referee. He coached competitive and
                                                                 18 and Girls U-14, U16 and U-18 are not required
Rec soccer for the Northborough Youth Soccer Associa-            to host. Meeting new friends and learning another
tion in Massachusetts, and currently for Table Mountain.         culture and style of play is a rewarding and educa-
He is currently coaching the U10 Boys Option 1 team.             tional experience. All Table Mountain teams should
He has three boys in soccer, Brenden U16 and Golden              support their tournament and submit application
HS JVs, Sean, U13, and Collin U10. Brenden and Sean              for participation as we intend to defend our club
are also referees.                                               colors as well as command respect for demonstrat-
                                                                 ing our ability to be gracious host families. We
Brett Jones, Treasurer: Brett is a Golden native and             should remember that this is our tournament and
works as the Controller at General Air Service as a
                                                                 we must prove to the world soccer community that
C.P.A.. He coaches his son’s (Ty Jones) U6 team and is
the assistant coach for his daughter’s (Coral Jones) U8
                                                                 we intend for it to be a successful and ongoing
team.                                                            event.

Julie Dreiling Micro Registrar: Julie and her husband            The CFC aspires to showcase a high level of soccer
have been involved with TMSA for 5 years. Julie’s                competition combining cultural and athletic fellow-
husband, Jerry, has coached their oldest daughter from           ship in an exciting competitive atmosphere. A
micro to U10. Their other daughter, Elise, is a U8               tournament highlight will be the opening ceremony
player and is in her 4th year with TMSA. Julie says that         which will consist of presenting all the teams in
her experience with the club has been wonderful. With            uniform toghther with fanfare. The games will be
the continued expansion of the club and the growing
                                                                 played at the Stenger complex.
need for volunteers, she felt this was a good opportunity
to get involved and to give something back.
                                                               Feel the excitement of foreign languages and new
Ginny Walker, Rec. Registrar: Ginny has been on                                      friends. Support YOUR
the TMSA board for two years. She coordinates                                           tournament and YOUR
sale of ‘Ice”pins and she and her husband,                     LORAD                     club as this tournament
Mike, do the embroidering for the rec. and                   O                            will eventually support

advanced teams jerseys.                                                                    our club.

Laura Albrecht, Club Administrator:                                                           Tournament Director
Laura is the new Club Administrator. She
                                                                                              Phil Vigil welcomes all
stepped into this job in October of 2000. I
                                                                                             of you to share in and
                                                  F R

have had a long affiliation with TMSA. Her
children, Matt age 11, Scott age 9 and Jenna                                                experience with chal-

age 3, have played soccer through TMSA for                                                 lenging opportnities for

                                                                                          personal growth.

six years. She is looking forward to working                 N
                                                                    H I P
with TMSA through this exciting time of
                                                            MODULE COACHING COURSES
The Table Mountain Soccer Association will be
sponsoring an entry level Referee Certification         Learn how to properly coach your players and
Clinic on January 26, 27, and 28, 2001.                 manage your team. The information is invalu-
Place: Jefferson County Fairgrounds                     able!
15200 West 6th Avenue, Room 7
Golden, CO 80401                                        The following youth modules are being offered:
Contact: William F. Smith, Ph: 303-215-1955
Email:                               Module I for coaches of U6/U7and U8
Date/Time                                                    Class: Feb. 16 7-10 pm
January 26      5:00PM to 10:00 PM                           Field: Feb 17 9am-12pm
January 27      9:00-12:00, 1:00 - 6:00
January 28      11:00AM to 3:00 PM                      Module II for coaches of U9 and U10
Any person may take the course. You must achieve             Class: Feb 16      7-10 pm
a passing grade of 70 to be certified. You will need         Fields: Feb 17      1pm-4pm
to bring your Social Security Numberand a check
made out to the State Referee Administrator.            These courses will be required for all coaches of
                                                        U6 through U10 teams. Assistant coaches are
Center/Assistant Referee - Recreational                 welcome to come as well. Modules will be held
U11 &U12 - $17/$12        U13 & Y14- $22/$17            at Faith Lutheran Church at West 16th Ave and
U15 & U16 $26/$19         U17+ $30/$21                  Old Golden Road.

CSYSA provides a $200 bonus for anyone who              Flyers will be mailed to all coaches in January.
referees 27 games a season. TMSA will provide           Please register by February 5th. Cost is $15 per
$150 for anyone who referees 27 TMSA games a            person. If you have any questions please call
season.                                                 Laura at 303-279-3686

                                      Burkette Design
       ADVANCED TEAMS READY                                          FOOT SKILLS FOR
         TO TAKE THE FIELD                                         RECREATION PROGRAM
The competitive program at TMSA currently fields            TMSA introduced foot skill clinics for the advanced
18 teams. The fall season was our most successful           teams a few years ago in an effort to improve the
                  to date. The majority of our              overall skill level of our competitive players. The
                  teams will be advancing in league         program has been very successful and is being ex-
                  play for the spring. In fact, TMSA        tended into the U9-U10 recreation program begin-
                  has the largest percentage of             ning this spring. The club has contracted Ivan Jack-
                  teams advancing in State league           son to spearhead this effort. Ivan is currently a
                  of any other club in the metro            member of our “ICE” coaching staff. The foot skill
                  area.                                     clinic is designed to augment the normal training
                                                            sessions of each team and, as the name indicates, is
                                                            focused on developing ball and foot coordination.
                   TMSA is continuing its commit-
                                                            Team coaches are expected to participate in these
ment to coaching education by providing opportu-
                                                            clinics for training purposes as well as supervision.
nities for our advanced coaches to get licenses.            The boys clinic will start Monday 3/19 and the girls
Additionally player skills clinics, which have been         will start Wednesday 3/21. Each will go for 7 weeks.
quite popular, will continue in the spring.                 The times will be announced. Rec teams U8 - U14
                                                            will also have a goalkeepers clinic on Fridays begin-
We are looking forward to a great spring season             ning on 3/23, time TBA.
and big turnout for tryouts. As always feel free to
contact Cliff Enten with any questions or concerns          Please keep Matt Elmont and his family in
about the advanced program.
                                                            your thoughts and prayers. Matt is in the
                     LICENSING                              hospital with a very serious medical condition
                                                            and a lengthy recovery period is expected. Matt
CSYSA sponsors licensing courses throughout the
year. TMSA highly encourages our recreation level           has played soccer with TMSA for many years
coaches to take age specific “Youth Modules” and will       and is currently a U16 competitive player.
reimburse you for the registration fee. In addition to
keeping up with the youth module courses, all recre-
ation coaches should strive obtain at least the “E”
license. Older age group coaches, and coaches plan-                    dodge
ning to advance as Competitive “ICE” coaches should
strive to have at least the “D” license prior to starting
the U-11 season.


                                                          and call to ask to join the team. Unfortunately, the
 Bruisers Make New Definition                             current roster of 18 players still does not allow the
       of “Soccer Mom”                                    current players as much playing time as they would
                                                          like, so the team is not accepting new members.
The TMSA Women’s soccer team has proven that
                                                          However, because of the great interest, another
being a soccer mom can mean a lot more than driving
                                                          Golden area women’s team is forming. If you are
the carpool. The “Bruisers” began practicing last
                                                          interested, please call Pambry Schnieder at 303-
winter and played Spring, Summer and Fall seasons in
                                                          279-9766. She has volunteered to take names and
2000 and the team is playing indoor soccer this
                                                          set up an initial organizational meeting.
winter. Initially 25 women came out to play, but the
team has whittled down to a more manageable 18.
During their inaugural season last spring, despite only
a couple of players having some soccer experience,                TMSA MEN’S TEAM
they placed fourth out nine teams in Metro Denver
Women’s Soccer Association “D”                              The TMSA, over-35, men’s soccer team has been
league. In the fall season, they                            playing for several seasons now providing a
moved up to second place in                                 “feets” on experience for many of the TMSA
their division. Player/Coach                                coaches. The team plays a fall and a spring season,
Nicki Fauble says of the team,                              with eight games per season. Many of the players
“Although most of the                                       are coaches for TMSA teams, or have kids playing
team didn’t play soccer                                     on TMSA teams. It is a lot of fun and a great way
previously, they are                                        to get to know some of the other TMSA coaches.
strong, athletic women that                                 If you have any interest in playing for the team,
have stayed fit in other sports, so picking up soccer       contact Bob Weber at 303-279-8459.
came naturally for them. The hundreds of soccer
games they have watched their children play from the
sidelines also has helped them to understand the game
from a strategic viewpoint.”

Nicki is delighted that word of the fun the team is
having has inspired so many women to get motivated


         Accent Windows

          Woodbridge Spine                                                   MBE
            CODE       OF   CONDUCT                                        TOURNAMENTS
As a club we need to strive to be a first class organiza-
tion. We are all a reflection of this club: directors,      Tournaments provide a great environment for
coaches, parents, and players. As such it is imperative     game experience and conditioning. Playing in
that we meet and exceed the code of conduct that has
                                                            two weekend tournaments before, during, and/
routinely been distributed by the club, and as set forth
                                                            or after a season provides the equivalent of
by CSYSA. Included with this newsletter is a copy of
the code of conduct as published by CSYSA. This             another whole season of play! CSYSA keeps an
information is also provided in the material distributed    updated schedule of tournaments on the web
to each recreation and competitive coach prior to the       site. I highly encourage all of the U-9 and older
fall season, at which time we ask that they distribute      recreation teams to participate in the Tide
this to their team body. If you are not yet familiar        American Cup at the conclusion of the spring
with the code of conduct, please take the time now to       season. This year’s tournament will be held the
do so. This is the standard by which TMSA bases             weekend of May 19-20. There are many 3v3 and
disciplinary action when sideline issues arise. Fortu-      full-sided tournaments available over the sum-
nately we have had very few incidents over the past         mer. Check them out, they’re a great way to
few years. We all need to work to keep it that way.         develop a team.

                  TMSA Teams Place First and Second in National 3 v 3 Tournament
  TMSA coaches Derek Johnson and Jeff Kerridge coached their daughters, Ashley Johnson and
  Brittany Kerridge to a U11 first place finish in the National 3 v 3 Championship tournament in
  Orlando in January. Derek also coached his daughter, Shannen and TMSA teammates Lisa
  Moulton, Nicolette DiGiacomo and Annie Brunner to a second place finish in the U9 Tournament,
  while Jeff also coached his U9 son, Matt, to a berth in the quarter finals of the tournament. Con-
  gratulations to all of you.

 Table Mountain
          Golden, CO

P.O. Box 943
Golden, CO 80402

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