Horror's Greatest Mad Men

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					There is nothing better than sitting down on a Friday night with some of Horror 鈥檚
greatest mad men and a bag of popcorn. Horror films have always intrigued society.
On the one hand, their ghastly ways of killing off victims has helped to dehumanise
them, but every once in a while even the most evil mad man show a glimpse of human
behavior with kindness.
  All of these elements have made us love these horror films and filmmakers recognise
this identification, as there are more horror-movie sequels and remakes with Michael
Myers, Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees than with any other movie genre or
  Who is Michael Myers?
  Michael Myers is the lead mad man in the Halloween movies series. In the original
Halloween movie, he begins his slashing by killing his older sister and then comes
home 15 years later to slash more teenage victims. His signature weapon is his
kitchen knife and is characterized by pure evil. Michael Myer 鈥檚 character was
actually based off of a young teenage boy who the author John Carpenter met while
visiting a mental hospital in the Midwest.
  Who is Freddie Krueger?
  After watching one of Wes Craven 鈥檚 鈥淎 Nightmare on Elm Street 鈥?movies,
it left many viewers with sleep trouble, not so much because of the terror but because
in your dreams, that is where Freddie lives to terrorize others. Freddie is known as the
disfigured mad man from a fire who kills his victims using mainly a razor and with
other methods in their dreams which ultimately end up killing them in reality.
  This mad man uses a brown leather claw to terrorize his victims and is always
wearing his Christmas colored striped sweater with a Brown fedora hat. This mad
man was Wes Craven 鈥檚 invention by pulling together elements of his childhood
such as a bully, the song Dream Weaver, a series of unsolved murders in California
and a homeless man that once scared the young Craven.
  Who is Leatherface?
  Leatherface is the antagonist in the horror films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His
mask is made up of pieces of skin sewn together which was partially inspired by Ed
Gein. The major difference between this mad man and the others is that he is
portrayed as being mentally challenged and is ordered to carry out his murders with a
chainsaw by his family.
  Who is Jason Voorhees?
  Jason Voorhees is the antagonist in the Friday the 13th movies and better known as
the hockey mask killer. Throughout the film series Jason is transformed continuously,
being portrayed with super human powers, practical invulnerability to physical harm
and even regenerative powers. This mad man barely ever speaks and probably kills as
a response to how his mother treated him. Another unique characteristic about Jason is
that there is a tragic sense to his character that oozes isolation and rejection.
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