; Thirteen Key Data Items for LUCADA
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Thirteen Key Data Items for LUCADA


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									Fourteen Key Data Items for LUCADA
For the Lung Cancer Data Audit to produce information which will be genuinely useful in improving patient
care, it is important that as much data as possible is collected. We are trying to improve completeness in
terms of the number of sites submitting data, the number of lung cancer patients input from each site and the
amount of data submitted about each patient.

Ideally we would like you to complete all relevant fields on the LUCADA database. However we realise that
this can be a daunting task for new users and sometimes all the information isn’t available.

If for any reason you are not in a position to enter the full dataset, the key fields to complete are listed in the
table below. New users may wish to complete key fields to familiarise themselves with the system whilst
devising a strategy to allow them to submit the full dataset. You can always go back afterwards and
complete missing fields in a patient record.

     Data item Name                  Ref.       Why it is needed                                          Notes
1    NHS Number                      1.1        This is the identification key for the patient and also
                                                allows other essential data such as age, sex and
                                                deprivation index to be automatically collected from
                                                the Open Exeter system.
2    Date first seen                 2.9        LUCADA data has to be grouped into quarters
                                                based on date first seen.
3    Site code of place first seen   1.3        Initial LUCADA analyses will group patients by
                                                place first seen.
4    Diagnosis date                  4.1        This allows survival statistics to be calculated.
5    Primary diagnosis (ICD)         4.2        This is the only way to identify clinical diagnoses of
6    Basis of diagnosis (cancer)     4.4        This enables all clinical diagnoses to be identified.
7    TNM Category (final pre-        6.7 or     This is a key field for risk adjusted analysis            For small cell lung
     treatment)                      6.9 or                                                               cancer it may be
                                     8.19 or                                                              more appropriate to
                                     L23                                                                  complete field 6.9 If
                                                                                                          staging is only
                                                                                                          possible after
                                                                                                          curative surgery
                                                                                                          fields 8.19 (or L23
                                                                                                          for small cell)
                                                                                                          should be
                                                                                                          completed instead
8    Histology (SNOMED)              4.5 or     This allows the histological diagnoses to be              Normally field 4.5
                                     8.10       categorised e.g. small cell, non small cell,              would be
                                                mesothelioma etc.                                         completed.
                                                                                                          However if
                                                                                                          histology is only
                                                                                                          obtained after
                                                                                                          curative surgery
                                                                                                          field 8.10 should be
9    MDT discussion indicator        5.1        This is a key field for risk adjusted analysis.
10   Was there any reason why        L32        This is a key field for risk adjusted analysis.
     the patient did not receive
     the treatment or choice.
11   Performance Status              5.10       This is a key field for risk adjusted analysis.
12   Planned Treatment Type          L28        This field must be completed to allow treatment
                                                data to be entered.
13   Treatment date*                 7.9 or     This enables the calculation of the proportion of         *This is not a single
                                     9.10 or    patients receiving each type of treatment and is          LUCADA field as
                                     10.8 or    also a key field for risk adjusted analysis.              there are 6 possible
                                     11.9 or                                                              treatment types.
                                     12.n3 or                                                             However only one
                                     16.9                                                                 (the first treatment
                                                                                                          the patient
                                                                                                          receives) needs to
                                                                                                          be recorded. It
                                                                                                          would be very
                                                                                                          helpful if the

14 key data items
Version 0.2
12 July 2007
                                                                                      organisation code
                                                                                      for place of
                                                                                      treatment was also
14   Treatment intent**   L26   This identifies the reason why treatment was given.   This only needs to
                          or                                                          be collected for
                          L27                                                         patients undergoing
                                                                                      chemotherapy or

14 key data items
Version 0.2
12 July 2007

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