Honeymoon Destination Ideas for 2010 by hkksew3563rd


									So are you getting married this year and wondering where to go for your honeymoon?
There are numerous honeymoon destinations around the globe that makes up for a
perfect honeymoon getaway. For all newlyweds honeymoon is much more than just a
romantic destination. This is a time when couples start a new bond and cherish special
moments together.
  Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2010
  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  If you want to spend sometime in luxury then Dubai is the best place to be. You will
be greeted to a cosmopolitan lifestyle and lavish hotels to put up. Stay at the much
talked about Burj Al Arab which is "sail -shaped". Apart from a famous architectural
landmark the hotel is provides you high quality service. Pamper yourself with the
relaxing spas, message parlors, fine dining and guided city tours.
  2. Bahamas Islands
  Bahamas Islands have a way of their own to weave a fairytale element in your
honeymoon. Bahamas, with 700 islands ranks as one of the best island honeymoon
destinations for 2010. The honeymoon package trips are reasonably priced. You are
going to enjoy your stay with the Calypso music, coral reefs, Bahamian Goombay,
historical background and an active nightlife. The setting with sands and sun is
  3. New York
  Have you always dreamed about the perfect "movie-like" setting for your
honeymoon with a romantic boat on lake? If yes, then New York is the place for to be.
The place has a metropolitan charm about it. Create you own Hollywood movie scene
atop the Empire State Building. Both of you can try skating in the Central Park and
visit the Brooklyn Bridge.
  4. Venice
  Known for the romantic Gondola rides, Venice offers you several honeymoon spots
and attractions. Whether you visit the beautiful architectural buildings or skim the
Venetian Canal, you will love your stay in Venice. It is also well known for
sumptuous cuisines and "candle light" dinner.
  5. Paris
  Here comes the city of love and romance. Paris is rated as the most preferred
honeymoon destinations for 2010. You can spend some lone time together by taking
the river cruises, visiting the small villages in Ile Saint Louis, taking a trip to the
Eiffel Tower and take some really romantic photographs as Torcadero.
  6. Botswana
  Looking for a Safari holiday for your honeymoon? Botswana is the place to visit.
The wildlife here is in abundance and undisturbed. Camping is something that most
newlyweds take part in. There are various locations that you can choose for the same.
You can choose from luxury and exciting camps like Vumbura Plains Camp, Mombo
Camp, and Jao Camp in the Okavango Delta
  7. Dominican Republic
  For the ones searching for a blend of romance and adventure in your honeymoon,
Dominican Republic is the answer to your question. The Saona Islands offer you a
dream like romantic setting with its clear blue lagoons. You can visit the Indigenous
Eyes Ecological Park together. If you love shopping, then indulge yourself completely
in a shopping expedition in the Palma Real Shopping Center. The hotels and resorts
offer spa, and wellness treatments to the honeymoon couples.
 The list of above holiday destinations would help you in making the best choice for
your honeymoon destination. Happy honeymoon holidays!

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