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									SPRING/SUMMER 2006


    A “National Trust”
         for BC

 Inside: A “National Trust” for BC • Lessons from the Welsh Countryside • Project & Campaign Updates •
   Talking Mountain Ranch - Where Water Means So Much • Craigflower’s 150th Anniversary • and More!
                                A Message from TLC’s Executive Director

                                 Dear Friends,
                                 One of the best things about my job is the opportunity to meet and
CONTEST                          work with literally thousands of wonderful people who support
                                 TLC. The past few months have been an incredibly busy time, and                      Bill Turner
     (advance notice)
                                 it has brought us into contact with many new friends and colleagues.
                                 From the staff and volunteers from many of the world’s National Trusts who gathered in
    The Land Conservancy
                                 Washington last October, to the artists, writers, schoolchildren and dedicated people of
  is always in need of good
                                 many origins who came to help on the Kogawa House campaign. From the descendants
quality/high resolution pho-
                                 of the original Craigflower settlers who attended the 150th Anniversary celebration, to the
  tographs for our promo-
                                 people who stop me on the street to say how much they appreciate the work that TLC does.
 tional materials, our publi-
                                 Every one of them is helping to shape TLC into the kind of organization that can truly have
   cations and our website.
                                 an impact, and to bring us to this point that we can proudly identify ourselves as British
                                 Columbia’s “National Trust.”
 Do you have good photos
we could use? We’d love to
                                 This is the true strength of TLC, its people. Our members, our volunteers, our supporters,
        have them.
                                 our staff and colleagues...when all of these amazing people are pulling together, to achieve
                                 common goals, I firmly believe that nothing can stop us from achieving those goals.
   And to make it a little
   more fun, we thought
                                 Let me single out three people for special mention:
  we should have a photo
                                           First, Eileen Palmer. One of TLC’s first employees, Eileen has helped to shape and
 contest - with prizes and
                                 grow TLC from the outset. She is moving on in June, to pursue other challenges and to
bragging rights and an exhi-
                                 further her education, and I want to let her know what an incredible job she has done, what
bition of the talents of our
                                 a standard she has set and what a contribution she has made.
 members and supporters.
                                           Next, Joy Kogawa. The chance to work with Joy, during our recent fundraising
                                 campaign has been both wonderful and invaluable. Joy’s participation went a long way
   Contest details will be
                                 toward making our campaign successful. Her soft-spoken manner and her humility belie
posted soon on our web-
                                 a depth of spirit and a determination to perservere that is truly inspirational. All of us at
 site and will also be avail-
                                 TLC were delighted when Joy was recently named to the Order of BC.
able in the next LandMark.
                                           And finally, Norm Isherwood. A Victoria businessman, Norm works quietly in the
But we’re letting you know
                                 background and does not seek publicity. Over the last two years, however, Norm (and his
    now, so that you can
                                 wife, Michelle) has been there for TLC when we needed help. Without Norm’s involvement,
        start clicking!
                                 it is unlikely that we could have purchased the Sooke Potholes. Again this spring, in a time
                                 of need, the Isherwoods were there to help. Watch for the next edition of the LandMark for
                                 more details in a feature story.
1. TLC Properties - views        These three people have made a personal commitment to make a difference and to go that
   and vistas of our sites       extra step to ensure success. They set a great example for us all, and I know that they
2. Features of TLC Sites         certainly inspire me to keep on pushing. The best part of this, however, is the knowledge
   - plants, animals, struc-     that within TLC there are hundreds more like them...people who are willing to dig a little
   tures and other details       deeper. And, as we move forward as British Columbia’s “National Trust,” that’s what we
   that can be found on TLC      need. Thank you to you all.
 3. People - working and
   playing on TLC sites

  There will be a contest                                                           Bill Turner
  both for adults and for                                                           TLC Executive Director

         Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                Page 2
                          A “National Trust”
                         for British Columbia
by Ian Fawcett,
TLC Deputy Executive Director
                                            icons. Australia, in particular, has a       of our organizations, and all have
                                            great deal to offer as it is structured as   tackled these issues in different ways,
                                            a confederation of state-based National      so we have a great deal to share with
                                            Trust organizations, each independent,       and learn from each other. And finally,
L    ast October, Bill Turner, Eileen
     Palmer and I attended the 11th
International Conference of National
                                            but all coordinated by a national
                                            secretariat. This is the only realistic
                                                                                         we met with our neighbours, the US
                                                                                         National Trust, to explore opportunities
Trusts, held in Washington DC. This         model that could work in a country           for us to work together in a more
conference brought together delegates       such as Canada, with its constitutional      practical way, particularly with their
from 40 countries around the world          authority for land management being a        operations in the Pacific Northwest and
– most of whom were representatives         provincial responsibility. In Australia,     along the West Coast.
of National Trust organizations – to        as it would be in Canada, the term
discuss issues of mutual interest and       “National Trust” implies the kind            An International Voice for
to examine the ways in which we may         of organization it is, rather than its       National Trusts
be able to work together, supporting        geographic scope.
                                                                                         It was clear to everyone at the
one another to strengthen our abilities                                                  conference that we would all benefit
to help protect our natural and cultural    We also met with a number of smaller
                                                                                         from greater contact with each other
heritage treasures.                                                                      and greater coordination of activities,
                                                                                         working towards an even larger
As TLC members will know, The Land            “I am delighted to announce                presence in the protection of heritage
Conservancy was founded with the              the emergence of the world’s               around the world. The delegates
intention of, one day, becoming the           newest National Trust:                     decided to form an international
“National Trust” for British Columbia.
We modeled ourselves after the
                                                    The Land Conservancy                 coordinating body, to be known as
                                                                                         the “International National Trust
National Trust in England, adopting                 of British Columbia.”                Organization” (INTO), which will
many of the same organizational                                                          facilitate exchanges, joint activities,
structures and policies, and deliberately                            - Bill Turner       reciprocal marketing and access
embracing a broad mandate to protect                                                     programs, and sharing of information
“special places,” a term that includes                                                   between the Trusts. It will also begin
both our natural heritage and our                                                        to act as an international voice for
cultural heritage.                                                                       National Trusts, eventually becoming
                                                                                         an advisory body to the United Nations.
The Washington conference was to                                                         An eleven-member steering committee
be an opportunity for us to meet with                                                    was appointed to implement this new
other National Trust organizations and                                                   organization, and TLC’s Bill Turner was
learn what we could to help us take                                                      asked to be a part of this group.
on the role as BC’s “National Trust.”
There were many opportunities. The                                                       Since then, the steering committee
more well-established Trusts, such          and “emerging” National Trusts, from         has met on several occasions and is
as England, Scotland and Australia          places such as the Caribbean, Eastern        working through arrangements for
provided us with various organizational     Europe and Southeast Asia. We all            such joint activities as staff exchanges,
models and examples of how they             share common challenges in terms of          reciprocal marketing of Conservation
have successfully grown into national       managing the growth and sustainability
                                                                                                             Continued on Page 4...

          Page 3                                                            Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
...continued from Page 3                               than 7 million National Trust       steer this initiative appropriately.
                                                       members around the world.
Holidays and the recognition of each              • Increased recognition and              Of course, as independent NGOs,
other’s membership cards to provide                    awareness both from BC              National Trusts can not be created by
free access to facilities. Already,                    residents and from visitors         government. Nor, to be successful,
reciprocal access arrangements are in             • Enhanced marketing and                 can they simply be imposed on a
place between TLC and the Australian                   sponsorship opportunities           community. Nor should they be
National Trust, and also with the                 • Increased potential for                focused exclusively on the protection
Cayman Islands. Stay tuned for more                    partnerships and affiliations        of cultural heritage properties. Rather,
details as they emerge.                                with other organizations and        they must be grown from the ground
                                                       other sites                         up, with strong community roots and
British Columbia’s                                • Higher profile and greater              dedicated people willing to take a direct
“National Trust”                                       potential for fundraising           and personal interest in protecting
                                              All of which translates into a greater       their heritage, their environment and
The other major impact of this                ability to protect British Columbia’s        their quality of life. In short, that is
conference, for us, was the recognition       Special Places.                              The Land Conservancy. We have
that we should no longer be aspiring                                                       suggested that TLC – functioning as
to become a National Trust – because          By definition, a National Trust must be       British Columbia’s National Trust – is
we already are a National Trust.              completely independent of government.        the appropriate model for Canada.
Even though we are one of the                 However, the practical reality               Over time, parallel organizations can
newer organizations on the scene, in          everywhere is that it is advantageous to     be grown in each of the Provinces
terms of age, we are actually quite           have a strong working relationship with      and Territories, and be coordinated
well-developed in many respects,              government, and that the government          by a national secretariat. So far, this
even compared to some of the older            recognizes and supports the role of          suggestion is being received well. This
organizations. We already have                the National Trust. TLC has built            approach may take a bit longer, but it
more properties under our care,               excellent relationships with all levels of   will set us on the road to to the creation
more developed programs to engage             government, and we believe that there        of a Canadian National Trust that will
volunteers and the public, and deeper         is an opportunity to strengthen them         be truly successful.
community ties than some of the other         even further through this initiative. We
National Trusts.                              are currently in discussions with the         Changes on Vancouver Island
                                              Province to develop a framework in
 “There is no reason to wait any              which we can work together to protect        TLC’s long-time Regional Manager for
longer,” says TLC Executive Director          our heritage resources and that would        Vancouver Island and the Coast is
Bill Turner. “We are functioning now,         lead to the Province’s recognition and       leaving TLC in June to pursue further
in every respect, as a ‘National Trust’       support of TLC as British Columbia’s         education and to take on some new
organization, and I believe it is time that   “National Trust.”                            challenges. Eileen Palmer was one of
we begin to identify ourselves as such.                                                    TLC’s first employees. She came to
So, I am delighted to announce the birth                                                   us as a summer student, then took
                                              The National Trust                           on the role of Regional Manager after
of the world’s newest National Trust
– The Land Conservancy of British             in Canada                                    she graduated. She has seen the Re-
                                                                                           gion grow from one property under
Columbia.”                                    Several years ago, the federal
                                                                                           our care to more than a hundred, and
                                              government launched its “Historic            her staff grow from one (herself) to
This move will not mean any immediate         Places Initiative” which contained a         16. She has set a high standard for
operational changes for TLC, but will         number of measures to help protect           her colleagues to follow, and we wish
increasingly provide benefits and              cultural heritage in Canada. One             her well in her studies
opportunities over time. Among these          of these was a proposal to create a
                                              Canadian National Trust. There have          And now, welcome to Lisa Mort-
                                                                                           Putland, who will be taking on the
     • Opportunities for additional           been preliminary discussions among           Regional Manager’s role. Lisa comes
        benefits to our members such           the federal and provincial governments,      to us from the Cultural Resource
        as free access to National Trust      but the National Trust concept has not       Management Program at the Uni-
        sites all over the world.             yet developed very far. TLC has been         versity of Victoria, where she was
     • The ability to market our              in contact both with federal and (BC)        the program coordinator. We look
        programs and sites to more            provincial officials and others to help       forward to many more great things
                                                                                           under Lisa’s leadership.

          Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                    Page 4
 National Trust Staff Exchange Program
                                                                                                     with other National Trust staff and

  Lessons from                                                                                       attend other National Trust meetings.
                                                                                                     I was greatly impressed with the

  the Welsh                                                                                          dedication and professionalism of all
                                                                                                     the National Trust staff whom I met,

                                                                                                     especially with their commitment to
                                                                                                     the properties they worked at and their
                                                                                                     willingness to generate new ideas
                                                                                                     and to build on successes so that their
by Kathleen Sheppard                                                                                 properties could continually improve.
Kootenay Regional Manager, TLC                                                                       I hope to be able to use the knowledge
                                                                                                     I’ve gained to improve my own job and
                                                                                                     to apply tools that TLC as a whole can

T    wo days before I flew home,
     I attended a meeting – Wales
Induction Day – at which new National
                                           14th century Chirk Castle, Wales, seen from the garden.
                                                                          Photo: Kathleen Sheppard   I was fortunate to be able to see some
                                                                                                     beautiful parts of Wales, including both
Trust employees and volunteers             (who purchased the Castle in 1595)                        Snowdownia National Park and Brecon
received an orientation about their        still occupy the Castle’s Bachelor                        Beacons National Park. I learned a lot
work. It felt rather good when I beat      Tower. Chirk Castle employs 22 full-                      about Wales and was able to tour the
out 12 National Trust employees in a       time National Trust employees and is                      Synedd, their new legislature building
quiz about the history and operations of   expecting nearly 100,000 visitors in                      which opened for the first time in
the National Trust. My prize, a bottle     2006.                                                     March of this year. I also learned to
of red wine, matched the satisfaction                                                                pronounce a few Welsh place names,
that I had indeed learned something        Being based at Chirk allowed me to                        such as Llanerchaeron (cthlan-er-
by spending three months with the          observe and participate in the day-to-                    CARE-on) and Hafod-y-Llan (HAV-od-
National Trust in Wales.                   day operations at one of the National                     e-CTHLAN).
                                           Trust’s large public properties. I was
My trip to Wales was the latest stage of   able to learn from all the staff, including               And the quiz questions? Who founded
an ongoing partnership between TLC         Wardens on the estate, the Membership                     the National Trust for Places of Historic
and the National Trust in the UK, in       Recruiters in the ticket office and the                    Interest and Natural Beauty? (It was
which the two organizations exchange       Property Manager who oversees the                         founded in 1895 by Octavia Hill, Sir
staff to learn from one another and to     operations of the property.                               Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwick
provide a broader range of experience                                                                Rawnsley; What is the name of the
for their staff.                           In addition to the time I spent at Chirk,                 new NT head office? (Heelis); and how
                                           I was also able to spend time travelling                  much property does the Trust own in
I was following in Eileen Palmer’s         around Wales (and beyond) to visit                        Wales? (44,000 ha). The only question
footsteps, mirroring the exchange she      other National Trust properties, talk                     remaining is whether you can answer
made in 2003 with Nick Lawrence,                                                                     the same questions about TLC?
Area Manager in Devon and Cornwall.
During my exchange, I was based at
Chirk Castle, located a hop, skip and
a jump away from the Welsh-English
border, in northeast Wales.

Chirk Castle was acquired by The
National Trust in 1983 and was built
in the 14th century by Edward I. It
has been continuously occupied since
that time and the Myddleton family                                                                   Snowdonia National Park, with Mt. Snowdon in the
                                                                                                     background                   Photo: Kathleen Sheppard

          Page 5                                                                    Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
               Around the Province
    Comings and Goings at TLC
                                                                                                                 to be able to complete it by the end of
 TLC Acquires Addition to                                            Active Pass                                 the summer. To find out how you can
 West Twin Protected Area                                          Greenspace Trio                               contribute to TLC’s Matthews Point
                                                                                                                 Campaign, please call our regional
                                                                                                                 office at 250.479.8399.
In April of 2006, TLC secured an
additional 64 hectares (157 acres) of
important fish and wildlife habitat along
the Fraser River near McBride. The                                                                                   Splashings Around the
property was purchased with funding                                                                                     Cowichan River
from Columbia Basin Fish & Wild-
life Compensation Program, TLC, the
Fraser Headwaters Alliance and the BC                                                                            It started out with keen eyes of guests
Trust for Public Lands, an initiative of                                                                         who rented TLC’s Cowichan River
                                                         CRD Parks Committee Chair Christopher Causton           cabin late last summer. They noticed
the BC Ministry of the Environment.                      announces the creation of the Matthews Point Re-
                                                         gional Park Reserve at a ceremony at Abkhazi Garden.    that a five-acre parcel of waterfront
                                                                                         Photo courtesy of CRD
This parcel of land lies within the exist-                                                                       property close to our cottage site was
ing West Twin Protected Area and will                                                                            listed for sale. When we heard about
                                                         In 1999, TLC worked with Galiano
help maintain a wildlife corridor across                                                                         it, TLC moved quickly to settle on a
                                                         Island residents and the Capital Region
the upper Fraser Trench. The property                                                                            fair price and to secure the financial
                                                         District (CRD) to acquire 36 acres
has 3.2 km of riverfront along the Fra-                                                                          resources to acquire this strategically
                                                         of Douglas-fir forest, known as
ser River and includes a large stand of                                                                          important parcel. In January, TLC
                                                         Matthews Point, along the north shore
mature cottonwood, which is becoming                                                                             closed the deal with significant support
                                                         of Active Pass. Seen by millions of
increasingly rare in this region of BC.                                                                          from the Habitat Conservation Trust
                                                         passengers every year on BC Ferries,
Combined, this property provides vital                                                                           Fund and two major donors whose
                                                         the Matthews Point property stretches
habitat to many birds and other wildlife                                                                         contributions made this acquisition
                                                         from sandy beach up through Garry oak
species, moose and deer winter range                                                                             possible.
                                                         outcroppings to top bluffs where there
and important fish habitat.                               is a commanding view of the Southern
                                                                                                                 The Land Conservancy has had a
                                                         Gulf Islands.
This acquisition helps protect some of                                                                           longstanding commitment to protect
the remaining low-elevation habitat in                                                                           lands on both sides of the Cowichan
                                                         Last year, an opportunity arose
the area. This parcel will be owned by                                                                           River stretching from Cowichan Bay
                                                         to acquire an adjacent 33 acres of
TLC and will be leased to, and managed                                                                           to the Cowichan Estuary. Even before
                                                         Matthews Point. CRD Parks took the
by, BC Parks under a jointly developed                                                                           TLC was incorporated, Executive
                                                         lead to acquire this parcel, with TLC
management plan.                                                                                                 Director Bill Turner worked with BC
                                                         contributing 1/3 of the acquisition cost.
                                                                                                                 Parks and other partners to secure lands
                                                         Then earlier this year, we were able to
                                                                                                                 along this nationally historic river.
                                                         secure a third and final parcel of land
                                                         that links Matthews Point to Bluff Park.
                                                                                                                 The river is a world-renowned fishing
                                                         Together these four properties create
                                                                                                                 destination for trout (rainbow and
                                                         more than 200 acres of greenspace for
                                                                                                                 cutthroat are indigenous) and salmon
                                                         southern Galiano Island.
                                                                                                                 (chinook, coho and chum). It is also a
                                                                                                                 popular recreation area for such pursuits
                                                         But much remains to be done! While
                                                                                                                 as summer inner-tubing. The area
                                                         we have secured the future of these
                                                                                                                 provides habitat to mammals from bats
                                                         lands, we must now raise the funds to
                                                                                                                 to mink to cougars as well as habitat
                                                         pay for them. We are seeking $200,000
                                                                                                                 for over 200 bird species such as bald
                                                         to meet our share of the costs. The
                                                                                                                 eagles, ravens and songbirds.
The Fraser River adjacent to the West Twin property      campaign is underway, and we hope
                                  Photo by Barry Booth

             Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                                     Page 6
“The destruction of the Kogawa home
would be a great loss of cultural heritage
for Vancouver, for British Columbia and for
Canada.”                     – Margaret Atwood

The Campaign to Save
Historic Joy Kogawa House

Reconciling Past Wrongs
  & Bringing Hope to
     New Generations
by Nancy Tiffin                                   Renowned author Joy Kogawa in front of her childhood home in Vancouver. Inset: the famiy in front of their
TLC Development Officer                           home before it was confiscated and the family interned in 1942.                   Photos courtesy of Joy Kogawa

A    great tragedy occurred right here in
     British Columbia during the second
world war. Over 22,000 Japanese
                                                 importance of this house as a part of
                                                 Canadian history and culture, Joy’s
                                                 friends, neighbours and colleagues
                                                                                                          and, hopefully, gain inspiration and
                                                                                                          insight from its history. At other times,
                                                                                                          the house would be available for rent as
Canadians – most Canadian-born or                banded together to create the “Save                      part of TLC’s holiday cottages program,
naturalized citizens – were forcefully           Kogawa House Committee” to try and                       and would also be available for school
evacuated from their homes following             prevent its demolition. Last November,                   groups and public visits.
the bombing of Pearl Harbour. They               with support from other writers and
were branded “enemies of Canada,”                heritage groups from across Canada,                      Nearly 550 people, so far, have made a
imprisoned and forced to labour on road          they convinced the City of Vancouver                     contribution to help save Joy Kogawa
gangs and in sugar beet fields. Their             to put a 120-day stay on the demolition                  House, and thanks to a very generous
homes, farmlands and businesses were             permit, giving the community time to                     donation of about $500,000, we were
confiscated, sold and never returned to           raise the money needed to purchase                       successful in raising the purchase price
them. They lost everything except their          the house and preserve it for future                     of the house by the June 1st deadline.
dignity and their will to endure.                generations.
                                                                                                          However, the campaign is not over
Noted Canadian author Joy Kogawa                 The deadline was tight and the goal                      yet. We still need to raise the money
was one of the many children born                seemed insurmountable, and that’s                        to restore the house and grounds and to
in Canada to have their homes seized             when TLC was asked to get involved.                      set up an endowment. Please join us
during this dark time in Canada’s                On December 2, 2005, TLC agreed to                       in working to recover this significant
history. She and her family were                 lead the campaign to raise the $1.25M                    symbol of Canada’s heritage, and help
relocated to a camp in the Slocan                needed to save the house from the                        us turn the house into a site for healing
Valley. Years later, she captured her            wrecking ball ― $700,000 to purchase                     and reconciliation, enabling new
experiences in the award-winning                 the house, $50,000 to fundraise,                         perspectives about human rights and our
novel, Obasan, and in other writings.            $200,000 to restore the house and the                    evolving multicultural and intercultural
                                                 gardens and $300,000 to set up an                        society that makes Canada unique in the
After many more years, on a trip to              endowment to operate the house in                        world.
Vancouver from her current home in               perpetuity.
Toronto, Kogawa discovered that her
childhood home was still standing.               Once protected, the house will become                    “The light in this corner of the planet
However it was now owned by an                   the home for a writers-in-residence                      continues to shine with a happy glow of
off-shore developer who had plans to             program, in which a new generation of                    hope for this campaign.”
demolish it and build a larger house             “writers of conscience” from around the                                              – Joy Kogawa
on the site. Recognizing the symbolic            world can live and work in the house

            Page 7                                                                       Special Places. Forever, for Everyone

                                                                                                 “ It’s not like anything I’ve done
                                                                                                 before. It almost changed every
                                                                                                 single way I think about every single
                                                                                                 thing. I think saving Kogawa House
                                                                                                 is a great way of learning about his-
                                                                                                 tory. We learned about how people
                                                                                                 were discriminated against and how
                                                                                                 we should think more about other
                                                                                                 people’s feelings. I felt very proud
  Learning from the Past                                                                         of myself when I heard that the
                                                                                                 Kogawa House was saved.”
  Acting for the Future                                                                                                            Carol
                                                                        Photo by Heather Skydt

                                                                                                 “I learned it is bad to discriminate because
V     olunteers come in all sizes. Our campaign to save historic Joy Kogawa House
      has brought forward many new volunteers, none more passionate or more elo-
quent than the Grade 3/4 students from Tomsett Elementary School in Richmond.
                                                                                                 it hurts forever.”                     Kiefer

They eagerly took up the challenge of helping to save this important symbol of                   “We saved the Kogawa House. We also
their history from demolition. The students, under the guidance of their teacher,                made a difference by making Joy Kogawa’s
Joan Young, and principal, Sabina Harpe, constructed a huge banner to help bring                 dream almost a reality by saving her child-
attention to the campaign. In February, they visited the house and were given a                  hood home. We learned from Joy Kogawa
personal tour by Joy Kogawa. At this meeting, the students touched the cherry                    that we’re on this earth to make friends
tree, Joy Kogawa’s “tree of friendship” in the backyard and felt the energy that                 and when our family is separated or you’re
flowed from it. The students and the author spent an intimate time together, talk-                alone, think of love and always have faith.
ing about memories, love and friendship. Inspired by this experience, the students               I think that 30 years from now Joy
wrote letters to Vancouver’s mayor, Sam Sullivan, appealing for his help in saving               Kogawa’s dream house will be reality.”
the house. The students spoke passionately, from their hearts, realizing the impor-                                                     John
tance of saving this historical landmark. In March, the students made a special trip
to Vancouver City Hall to make a presentation to the Deputy Mayor of Vancou-                     “We saved the Kogawa House. We’ve
ver in the council chambers. Following are some thoughts that the students have                  been on T.V. We have been in the
expressed as a result of their involvement with the campaign. If ever we needed                  newspaper too. We have raised over 200
evidence of the value of our work, we need look no further.                                      thousand dollars. The important thing is
                                                                                                 that we had fun doing it.”          Alissa

“I learned that anybody can make a dif-        “I think Joy Kogawa’s house is important
ference. We made a difference by writing       because there are lots of memories. I
letters and donating money.”       Amar        learned how the house is so important to
                                               her. We read Naomi’s Road, wrote letters,
“The part that I enjoyed the most was          got on T.V. and got on the newspaper. I
when we all went to Mrs. Kogawa’s old          want to do this again sometime.”
home. My favourite part of the house was                                             Judy
the living room because it has a fireplace
and it felt cozy.”                Matthew      “ We accomplished something big - we
                                               saved a house! It was important because
                                                                                                 Cherry blossoms at Kogawa House
“ Saving the Kogawa House was important        if it was torn down it would shatter Joy                                       Photo by Heather Skydt

to me because the house is full of history.”   Kogawa’s memories and her childhood
                                       Jodie   home.”                            Morganne                               Continued on Page 9...
           Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                           Page 8

Literary Events Support Fundraising Campaign
                                                          “Teenagers these days…”                         worthwhile cause and the event going
                                                                                                          on at Chapters, which was happening on
                                                          My goodness, I beg to differ! Old               the same day. Joy Kogawa was having
                                                          sayings were proved wrong once again            a Reading (organized by the amazing
                                                          on February 11, 2006, at the “Save              people at TLC in the Lower Mainland)
                                                          Joy Kogawa House” Street Launch on              that turned out to be an extremely awe-
                                                          Robson Street, Vancouver. Helping               inspiring and eye-opening event.
                                                          with the Kogawa Project was something
                                                          I had a deep passion for – being an             Later on, I was even luckier to help
                                                          aspiring journalist, myself. I’m so             organize and emcee a Reading at
                                                          thankful I had the chance to be involved        my own school. Hearing such vivid
                                                          with TLC – an organization with so              memories of the Japanese Internment
                                                          many similar beliefs to Girl Guides             (in Obasan) was both appalling and
                                                          (I’ve been a member for 8 years).               inspiring. Joy’s presentation with
                                                                                                          the underlying message of social
Author Joy Kogawa reads from her novel Obasan at an
event to raise funds for the purchase of her childhood
                                                          Contrary to previous belief, my                 responsibility and learning from history
home.                             Photo by Henry Fibich   pathfinders unit (older girl guides)             had a huge impact on everyone. I know
                                                          were thrilled when I told them about            Joy’s eloquent words of wisdom will
Last year, Emmy Chahal won a contest                      the Street Launch and how they could            stay with us for a long time to come,
– sponsored, in part, by TLC – to travel to
                                                          help. Having a role in this incredible          and we witnessed in one of the most
Edinburgh and meet JK Rowling, author of
the Harry Potter books. Since then, Emmy
                                                          initiative has been a venture full of           real demonstrations possible, that truly
has been a TLC volunteer and, most re-                    fun, learning, and empowerment. On              we must learn from our past to better
cently, helped out with the Kogawa project.               February 11 about ten of my friends             our future.
Here, she provides an account of her experi-              and I walked along famous Robson
ences.                                                    Street, spreading awareness about this
                                                                                                                                        by Emmy Chahal

...continued from Page 8                                  had a lot of fun doing it. I hope that I get          VOLUNTEERING AT TLC
                                                          to do something like this again.” Brenden        There are many ways you can participate
“We accomplished a lot by telling others to                                                                directly in TLC’s programs and activities, by
save the house. It is important because it                “We accomplished saving Joy Kogawa’s             volunteering your time, energy, experience
is a symbol of peace, love, and friendship.               house. I think saving Joy Kogawa’s house
                                                                                                           and skills. Opportunities include:
I enjoyed the visit to Joy Kogawa’s child-                is important because it tells the history of      Field Work
hood home. I felt scared somehow. We                      the Japanese Canadians. We made a                    - on-site maintenance and restoration
made a difference by letting people know                  difference because we told the mayor it is
                                                                                                               - assisting with surveys and monitoring
that Kogawa House was in danger of be-                                                                      Site Support
                                                          wrong to destroy the house. The cam-                 - gardening
ing demolished.”                   Elizabeth              paign changed my life because I learned              - gift shop or tea room service
                                                          that we are on earth to love each other.”            - interpretation
“When I went to Joy Kogawa’s house and                                                               So        - site stewardship and monitoring
felt the friendship tree, I knew that it was                                                                Office Support
                                                                                                               - reception and general office work
very special to her and she did not want                  “ Have you ever had the experience of                - data entry
it to get destroyed. So our class read her                having your most precious thing wrecked              - computer support
book, watched the opera, donated money,                   or lost? Well that’s what happened to Joy            - bookkeeping and accounting
made a banner, wrote letters to the                       Kogawa’s house. But it was way worst.
                                                                                                            Operations Support
Mayor, went to City Hall, and it worked.                                                                       - membership recruitment
                                                          She lost her house when it was World War             - displays and outreach
We saved Joy Kogawa’s house. But we                       II. We helped her by donating money.                 - fundraising
still need to raise more money to make the                We also saw the mayor of Vancouver. I                - helping with special events
house into a museum, to fix it up a bit and                wish more people can help.”
to clean it up. We saved the house and I                                                                   To volunteer, please contact any TLC office.
              Page 9                                                                        Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
                                                                                                        and there is much discussion
                                                                                                        about the placement of two large
                                                                                                        water collection boxes. Once the
                                                                                                        excavating begins, we’re hard at it
                                                                                                        for the next three days. We learn
                                                                                                        that it’s not just one pipe but two,
                                                                                                        including an eight-inch pressurized
                                                                                                        pipe for the TLC ranch, that will be
                                                                                                        used to feed the irrigation system
        Talking Mountain Ranch                                                                          and also to drive a micro-hydro
                                                                                                        electrical generator.

    Where Water Means So Much                                                                           On two evenings of the four-day
                                                                                                        visit we venture up to the high
In the dry mountains of the Southern Chilcotin, water means everything. At TLC’s                        pastures that are irrigated by the
Talking Mountain Ranch, the summer water supply has been provided for many                              water system we’re rebuilding.
years by an above ground flume that is aging, leaking and wasting much of the
precious water. Along with our neighbours, we needed to construct a new under-
                                                                                                        In the falling evening light,
ground pipe irrigation system. Answering the call for help, David Pettigrew took                        zephyrs move across these sloping
his first trip to Talking Mountain Ranch, and provides his account of the trip here.                     fields, alternately warm and cool,
                                                                                                        reminding us that we are at 1,500
                                                                                                        hundred meters where the weather
by David Pettigrew                         grasslands and other environmental
Development & Communications Officer                                                                     can change rapidly. It’s mid-May
                                           features in the area, but by                                 and bird life here is plentiful.
                                           maintaining the ranching operations                          Barry’s ornithology background
I  recently had the opportunity to
   travel some 450 kilometeres of
the Fraser River, from Vancouver
                                           (through a tenant rancher) we can
                                           also demonstrate that conservation
                                                                                                        allows him to identify every bird
                                                                                                        we see and many we only hear. On
                                           and ranching are not incompatible.                           the exquisite pond located in the
to Talking Mountain Ranch. The
ranch is about 57 km directly north                                                                     centre of these high pastures, two
                                           Day two is not an early start, and                           pairs of Goldeneye are fighting it out
of Lillooet, on the west side of the
                                           Barry has coffee on by the time I roll                       for nesting rights at this otherwise
Fraser. With me is volunteer Jon
                                           out of bed. After breakfast he gives                         peaceful spot. Barry assures us that
Stoddart and we are responding to a
                                           us a tour of this rustic camp, located                       there is room for just one pair and
request for help from Barry Booth,
                                           in a grassy meadow among fir trees                            the males’ charges at each other
TLC’s North Region manager, to
                                           and straddling a decent creek.                               attest to this fact.
assist with the installation of a new
irrigation system.
                                                                                                        All around us, the native sagebrush
After a long drive and negotiation                                                                      and bunch grasses growing in sandy
of precipitous sections of the very                                                                     soil clearly mark the extent of the
steep approach road, we arrive at                                                                       irrigation. It is obvious that it is
the TLC camp in the early evening.                                                                      only through the ingenuity of the
Barry is there to welcome us, and we                                                                    water system that makes these high
soon have a cozy campfire warming                                                                        pastures useful for agriculture.
us against the chilly evening. Barry
brings us up to speed on the ranch         Digging the trench for a new pipeline that will improve      We head back to camp, weary from
                                           the irrigation system at Talking Mtn Ranch and also for      hot days on the end of a shovel but
that is a TLC property purchased in        our neighbours.                  Photos by David Pettigrew
1999. It’s huge, 1000 acres, along                                                                      confident that our work will lead to
with 75,000 acres of Crown range           At the worksite, we meet our                                 renewed life for these lush alfalfa
land, secured by grazing rights. TLC       neighbours, the Hancocks, who                                mantles, high on the arid shoulders
acquired the property because of the       are sharing this project with us,                            of the mighty Fraser River.

          Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                             Page 10
TLC Commemorates 150th Anniversary                                                                        Craigflower Manor
                                                                                                             Gets a New
       of Historic Landmark                                                                                 Birthday Suit
                                                                                                         by William Adams
                                                                                                         Site Manager/Curator

                                                                                                         A    s part of Craigflower Manor’s sesqui-
                                                                                                              centenary, much-needed restoration
                                                                                                         work has been done, to help ensure that
                                                                                                         BC’s third-oldest house will be around for
                                                                                                         another 150 years, and more.
by Christina Waddle
Site Services Manager                      View Royal Mayor Graham Hill, Site Manager William
                                           Adams and Executive Director Bill Turner unveil the
                                                                                                         Unique Larder Roof
                                           commemorative plaque recognizing the milestone.               Reconstructed
                                                                                                         Craigflower’s larder has a unique coolant

W      hen the McKenzie family arrived
       at Fort Victoria on a rainy day
in January 1853, they were dismayed
                                                                                                         system on its roof. It has a metal tank – a
                                                                                                         reservoir – incorporated into its structure.
                                                                                                         This tank fills with rain water that, during
to find no one to meet them. They                                                                         warm days, evaporates. In so doing, it
were further dismayed to find that the                                                                    draws heat from the larder room below,
comfortable house at Craigflower farm                                                                     keeping perishables such as milk, butter
that had been promised to them did                                                                       and eggs at temperatures several degrees
                                                                                                         cooler than the rest of the house. The tank
not exist – they would have to build it
                                           Over 200 guests, including local politicians, represen-       had been restored during the 1960s, but
themselves.                                tives from the Hudson’s Bay Co. and Esquimalt Naval           was now leaking rain water into the larder
                                           Base and descendants of the original settlers came to
                                           help us celebrate.
                                                                                                         and damaging the interior of the building.
For the next three years, the family
                                                                                                         With financial help from the BC Heritage
of nine lived in a small shack on the                                                                    Branch, the roof and the leaky tank have
property while their house was built.                                                                    been restored and are now functioning
It was modeled after Renton Hall,                                                                        just like they should.
McKenzie’s ancestral home in Scotland,
and constructed using the innovative                                                                     A New Old Coat of Paint
Hudson’s Bay Company building style                                                                      You probably know Craigflower Manor
(known as ‘pièce sur pièce). On May                                                                      as a large white house with red trim. Not
1st, 1856, they moved in, and it was                                                                     any more! Craigflower’s new paint job
their home for the following decade.       Scottish Country Dancers provided a link to the ori-          started in the BC Archives, with the study
                                           gins of the McKenzie family and their farm hands.             of old photographs from the 1860s. Then
In subsequent years, the Manor was                                                                       it moved on to a detailed analysis of paint
leased to various tenants, some of                                                                       samples taken directly from the building.
whom operated the site as a dairy                                                                        This analysis, done by conservator Rich-
farm. In the 1920s, a camp for girls                                                                     ard Linzey, along with heritage consult-
was operated at the site, and during                                                                     ant Stuart Stark discovered that beneath
the 1930s the Hudson’s Bay Company                                                                       various layers of red paint was a base
                                                                                                         layer of khaki green. This colour was
operated it as a men’s club for their
                                                                                                         then confirmed by historical references
employees. In 1936, it was sold as a                                                                     in the letters of pioneer Robert Burnaby,
private residence; then in 1967 it was                                                                   who had visited Craigflower in the 1860s.
acquired by the province of BC and         Our special guest Tom Pidcock, flanked by Minister of          Finally, we needed to do some preparatory
declared a National Historic Site. TLC     Municpal Affairs Ida Chong, cut the ceremonial cake.          carpentry work to replicate and replace
                                           Tom’s family operated a dairy farm at the site during
took on responsibility for operating and   the early part of the last century. Tom is the last           some rotted exterior features: window
maintaining the site in 2003.              person to have been born in the Manor.                        sills, baseboard siding and the front
                                                                         All photos by Sheila Carnegie   stairs. Only then were we ready to give
      More celebrations to come: Join us on July 22 for the                                              the house its new look with its original
                                                                                                         colours – white and green.
  150 Anniversary Celtic Festival with guest act “Tiller’s Folly.”


            Page 11                                                                   Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
           Keating Farm Estate
  Innovative Cooperative Farm Model
    to Protect Valuable Heritage Site
                                                           To help raise these funds, we are
                                                           looking toward the agricultural potential
                                                           of the site. We have come up with
                                                           a model for a community-operated
                                                           farm that will not only protect and
                                                           use local farmland, thus guaranteeing
                                                           a source of locally grown food, but it
                                                           will also raise the funds to secure the
                                                           property. To achieve this, TLC has          Environmental Farm Plan advisor Dave Tattam (left)
Heritage farmhouse at Keating Farm, built in the 1880s.                                                and organic farmer John Erlich check out one of the
                                Photo by Sheila Carnegie   founded the “Keating Community Farm         outbuildings at Keating Farm.     Photo by Ramona Scott
                                                           Cooperative.” This will involve 150
by Ramona Scott
                                                           people or businesses, each of whom          Farming activities at the site will be
Manager of Agricultural Programs                           will purchase a $5000 membership            confirmed by the co-op, but will include
                                                           share in the co-op. About six of these      an organic market garden (by John
                                                           members will be organic producers,          Ehrlich who lives close by), honey
I n June 2005, TLC acquired Keating
  Farm Estate, near Duncan. The
primary motivation for this acquisition
                                                           and the balance will be consumers
                                                           such as neighbours, families, schools,
                                                                                                       production (by beekeeper Earl Kearley),
                                                                                                       fruit, nut, flower and herb growing, a
was to protect the 1880s-era farm house                    restaurants, grocery stores and others      goat or sheep dairy, chicken and egg
that contains an architectural feature                     who will have preferred access to           production and native plants. Interest
that is unique in BC – a remarkable                        purchase the farm’s fresh foods and         has also been expressed in associated
28’ x 38’ Great Hall, which the Victoria                   products as well as preferred access to     activities such as willow furniture-
Daily Colonist in 1894 called “a faithful                  the site and facilities. The co-op will     making and educational programs.
reproduction of one of the ancient                         then use these funds to acquire from
English Dining Halls.”                                     TLC the rights to farm the property -       Keating Farm will become the first
                                                           thus providing TLC most of the funds it     project of its kind on Vancouver
Once we became familiar with the                           needs to pay off the mortgage.              Island. It is also a first for TLC, which
site, we realized that there were many                                                                 hopes to be able to replicate the model
other features that were also worthy                       “It’s a win-win-win situation,” says        throughout the province as a viable
of protection: the 32-acre farm itself,                    TLC Executive Director Bill Turner.         solution to protecting farmland in
and the outbuildings, have sound                           “Several young farmers will get access      perpetuity and making it available to
agricultural viability; there is a nursing                 to the land at a nominal cost. Co-op        new farmers without the barrier of
colony of rare Townsend’s Big-eared                        members will get guaranteed access          exorbitant land costs.
Bats roosting on the property; there is                    to a secure, healthy, local food supply
a wetland that provides summer water                       – food grown in a way that they control     “Hats off to TLC and the innovative
for a salmon-bearing stream; and there                     through their co-op. And TLC gets the       work they are doing in taking farmland
is a direct connection to a section of the                 funds to protect the site in perpetuity.”   out of the speculative market and
Trans-Canada Trail.                                                                                    making it accessible to the people
                                                           The Co-operative was legally                who want to grow food. They are
Due to time pressures, Keating Farm                        incorporated on April 12, 2006, and to      contributing directly to the creation of a
was purchased with a mortgage,                             date, there are over 130 membership         local, sustainable food economy,” said
provided by a number of investors                          pledges in the works.                       Heather Pritchard, Executive Director,
who wanted to help us protect the site.                                                                Farm Folk/City Folk. “Membership
However, now we must pay off that                          Work is currently underway to complete      in the new co-op is open to the next
mortgage as quickly as possible by                         an Environmental Farm Plan for the          generation of hardworking, innovative
raising the necessary acquisition funds                    property, which will help us set the        and tenacious young people who choose
(about $700,000).                                          standards for the site’s operations.        to become farmers,” Pritchard said.

             Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                                  Page 12
...continued from Page 11
                                                 CONSERVATION PARTNERS PROGRAM
    Are you interested in
  becoming a member of the
  Keating Farm Cooperative?

  More information about the Co-op,
  its rules, plans and legal documents
  can be found on TLC’s website at
  Click on “Places to Visit,” then click
  on “Keating Farm.”

  To purchase a membership share in
  the Co-op, or for more information

                                                  Do you like what you see here?
  about membership, please contact
  Ramona Scott at (250) 479-8301

                                                               If you do, then you’ll want to support TLC’s Conservation Partners
 Don’t forget...                                               Program by purchasing products with this “butterfly” label.

 Your TLC Membership Card provides free
 access to TLC sites:
   • Abkhazi Garden
   • Craigflower National Historic Site
                                                 T   here are many farmers in BC who are providing working examples of habitat
                                                     stewardship and sustainable agriculture. For their active involvement in
                                                 conservation on their farms and ranches, TLC Conservation Partners (CP) are
   • Wildwood Ecoforestry Site
                                                 recognized and rewarded with a TLC “butterfly” label to place on their produce
 Is it time for a visit?                         boxes and products. TLC promotes the label in the marketplace with information                     about the program, the products and the producers.
          (250) 479-8053
                                                 TLC now has 51 Conservation Partners around the province who produce a wide
                 Correction                      range of agricultural products. These products can be found in local stores or
  In the previous LandMark, incorrect figures     at the farm gate or in specialty stores. Our website (
  were included for the Consolidated State-      conservationpartners) lists all of our partners, their products and where you can
  ment of Operations, Expenses.
  Below are the correct figures. Our apolo-
                                                 find them. And more partners are coming on board all the time!
  gies for any inconvenience.
                                                 Conservation Partner products include:
OPERATIONS                                       Fresh Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs: sold at the farm gate, farmers markets,
                     2005                          grocery stores, by box delivery and at restaurants
2004                                             Meat and Poultry: there are 12 meat producers. Most are beef, chicken and
                     (000’s)           (000’s)
REVENUE                                             lamb, one is bison and one is turkey. Meat can be bought frozen – order directly
 Memberships            133                98       online from the rancher listed on the TLC Conservation Partners website, and it
 Donations            5,015             3,990
 Grants               1,010             1,086
                                                    will be delivered directly to you.
 Other income           327               224    Wines: There are six CP vineyards in the province and they are all sold at
 TOTAL REVENUE        6,485             5,398       government liquor stores, restaurants and at the wineries.
EXPENSES                                         Processed Food such as Cheese, Preserves, Baked Goods: sold at the farm gate,
 Operations                   2,540     2,073       farmers’ markets, grocery stores and restaurants.
 Debt servicing                 369       261    Eggs, Honey, Nuts, Flowers, and Plants: sold at the farm gate, farmers’ markets,
 Property transfers           1,922     1,293
 Fundraising                    237       173       grocery stores and at restaurants.
 TOTAL OPERATING EXP.         5,068     3,800

Surplus invested in land      1,417      1,598
                                                 For more information about the Conservations Partners Program, please contact the
Fund balances, start of yr   10,337      8,740   Program Coordinator, Paula Hesje, at (250) 479-8301.
Fund balances, end of yr     11,754     10,337

            Page 13                                                            Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
                                  TLC MEMBERSHIP
                                            properties…Bill called me and suddenly

  S              on TLC
                                            I was facilitating the deal.”

                                            After that initial contact, Barrie began to
    How a well-known                        learn more about TLC, soon becoming
                                            a leading advocate for the organization.
 Victoria realtor is making                 In 2000, he joined TLC’s Vancouver
    a real difference for                   Island fundraising committee. By 2002,
                                            he was the committee’s chair, helping
     BC’s special places                    TLC with several key campaigns
                                            including the recent acquisition of the
                                            Sooke Potholes.
by Tom Arnold
TLC Manager of Membership Services
                                            Today Barrie continues to be one of
                                            TLC’s leading representatives through
                                            his promotion of the TLC Advantage            Through the Advantage Program, Barrie Hewstan is
“It all began with a picture,” he says.                                                   encouraging more BC realtors to join him in giving a
                                            Program – an exciting initiative that         portion of their commissions to TLC.
                                            brings together TLC members and local                                Photo: courtesy of Barrie Hewstan
For more than 25 years, Barrie Hewstan      businesses for the benefit of special
has been a leading sales agent and          places (see inset for details). Through
manager in Victoria’s booming real          the program, when a TLC member
estate industry. His passion for helping    or supporter uses a participating real               Check out the TLC
people find their dream homes has            estate agent to buy or sell their home,             Advantage Program!
earned him awards and praise from           the agent will donate a portion of their
other industry professionals. But, to       standard commission to TLC. With                At TLC, membership isn’t just
the residents of the Capital Region, he     BC’s active real estate market, Barrie          about giving money. It’s about
is probably best known for his tireless     has high hopes for the potential revenue        building communities and saving
dedication to the local community.          from this program. Plus, there are a            special places. The TLC Advantage
                                            number of benefits to both the agents            Program is one of the ways that we
“Many years ago I saw a picture in          and home buyers/sellers involved:               bring together TLC members and
the newspaper. It showed a little girl
                                                                                            local businesses to do just that.
sitting next to a rhododendron with         “It’s just so simple,” he says of the
a caption that read, ‘My grandfather        program. “It allows me to share                 How it works: Show your
helped protect Beacon Hill Park.’ My        something that I believe in, to give back       membership card when you
first thought was how fortunate we all       to the community, and it benefits my             purchase goods or services at
are that a small group of people had the    business. It works for my clients too:          participating businesses, and you’ll
foresight to create and preserve Beacon     as a buyer or seller, I would know that         receive a discount and/or a gift will
Hill Park for future generations. My        I’m paying a commission anyway. This            be made to TLC as a result of your
second thought was that I wanted to be      gives me the opportunity to have it go          purchase. It’s that simple. With
able to say that I’d been part of a group   towards something that I really care            more businesses signing on all the
that had made a difference like that.”      about.”                                         time, the TLC Advantage Program is
                                                                                            a great way save money and special
In 1998, a phone call from TLC’s            For other agents, he shares this:               places with the things you buy every
Executive Director Bill Turner gave him     “It’s easy to be passionate about the           day.
an opportunity to do just that.             environment. This program makes it
                                            just as easy to take an active role.”           Check out our current Advantage
“It was when TLC was working to
protect the Sooke Hills,” Barrie recalls.                                                   Program partners on our website
                                            Someone with a vision making a
“I knew the owners of one of the key                                                        at
                                            difference…now that is a pretty picture!

          Special Places. Forever, for Everyone                                                                        Page 14
  The Legacy Corner
  A Legacy Gift to TLC
  Honours and Protects
  the Places You Love

by Carla Funk
TLC Planned Giving Coordinator

A   short while ago, I received a
    call from the executor of a will
which contained a bequest to TLC. A
young man passed away suddenly; the
executor was his mother.

Peter likely did not expect his last will    Peter Schaub indulging in his love of cycling and the outdoors.             Photo courtesy of Schaub family.
and testament to be put into effect quite
so quickly. Quite the contrary; he had
just received a generous scholarship and    wish that we knew more about him as a
had driven for four days to Penn State      person. How did he come to leave TLC                         Peter Schaub (1979-2005)
University in order to start a master’s     a bequest at such a young age? What is
program. His future looked particularly     it that inspired him? How can we best                        Peter was a 26-year-old
promising. No one could have predicted      honour his life and the gift that he made                    cartographer at UBC. He passed
his sudden death.                           to this organization? Every life has a                       away as he was about to embark on
                                            story to tell. When a bequest is made                        intensive studies in Geography. He
We are deeply honoured when a bequest       it becomes one of the final chapters of                       enjoyed kayaking, cycling, hiking,
has been made to TLC. This person           that person’s life story. We want to get                     and snowshoeing, and was involved
has reached from beyond life to let us      the chapter down right; we don’t want                        in live theatre as actor, assistant
know that they appreciate the work we       to be guessing. In years to come, we                         director and set designer.
have done in the past, and they trust us    will wish that we knew more about all
to make proper use of the gift that they    of those people who had the vision to                        He grew to love the ponderosa pine
left behind. We in turn strive to honour    support saving special places in this                        habitat when, as a child, he visited
that trust and do the utmost to find out     beautiful province.                                          his grandparents in Rock Creek,
what that person was most passionate                                                                     BC. A bicycle trip for several weeks
about and what motivated the bequest.       As TLC’s Planned Giving Coordinator,                         on Vancouver Island may have been
According to his mother, Peter loved the    I am inspired to collect as many                             his introduction to the work of TLC.
ponderosa pine habitat found in Rock        life stories of our bequest donors as
Creek, BC. A package has been sent to       possible. The “who, what, when, where,                       We offer our deepest condolences to
her that outlines the work that TLC does    why and how” questions that arise need                       Peter’s parents Jack and Barbara, to
with land owner stewardship, covenants      to be addressed so that we can best                          his younger brother Jurgen, and to
and land purchases in that area. As the     write one of the final chapters of our                        Caroline Slivinski, as well as other
executor of his will, she will select the   most generous supporters.                                    family and friends. TLC is grateful
most suitable TLC project to support                                                                     for Peter’s legacy supporting
with Peter’s gift.                          Have you made a bequest to TLC?                              ponderosa habitat in BC’s interior.
                                            Please let us know; we’d be honoured
It saddens me that we did not know          to meet you.
Peter during his too-short lifetime. I

           Page 15                                                                  Special Places. Forever, for Everyone
                                                         2006                                                  Honorary Patron
conservationholidays                                                                                           Hon. Iona Campagnolo,
                                                                                                               Lt.-Governor of BC
 conservation archeology ecoforestry restoration                                                               Patrons
                                                                                                               Robert & Birgit Bateman
   Help us with vital restoration work in BC’s special places.                                                 Dr. Nancy Turner
  These are holidays with a purpose. Change is in your hands.
                                                                                                               Board of Directors
                             1.888.738.0533                               2005/2006
                                                                                                               President:     Murray Rankin
Our thanks to Chew Excavating Ltd.                                                                             Vice President:Brent Nichols
                                                                                                               Treasurer:     Peta Alexander
                       Cleanup work at the Sooke                      SOOKE POTHOLES                           Secretary:     Judith Brand
                                                                      CAMPGROUND                               Directors:     Michelle Ellison
                       Potholes continued over the past                                                                       Deborah Griffiths
                       few weeks with the removal of                                                                          Chris Hamilton
                                                                                                                              Richard Hankin
                       several rotting buildings. This                                                                        Vicky Husband
                       was made possible by the gener-                                                                        Lindsay Jones
                                                                                                                              Sue Morhun
                       ous donation of equipment and                                                                          Brent Nichols
                       staff by Chew Excavating. Their                                                                        Cuyler Page
                       help made a difficult job go very                                                                       Briony Penn
                                                                                                                              Stuart Stark
                       quickly and easily, and made it                                                                        Kate Stewart
                       possible for us to get the Camp-                                                                       Shannon Williams
                                                                                                                              Dave Zehnder
                       ground ready for the summer.                                                            Honorary Director: Bob Peart

                                                                                                               Staff Contacts
                                                                    Book Your Campsite Now!                    Exec. Director: Bill Turner
                            Derek E. Ashurst                   
                                                                                                               Dep. Exec. Dir: Ian Fawcett
                                                                                                               Dep. Exec. Dir: Nichola Walkden
                                          BA, LLB                          (250) 383-4627                      Development:        Kathleen Gibbard
                                                                                                               Inf. Technology: Patty Kuttai
                                                                                                               Agricult. Prog:     Ramona Scott
                                 1620 Cedar Hill X Rd.                                                         TLC HEAD OFFICE
                                 Victoria, BC V8P 2P6                   OPPORTUNITIES                                2709 Shoreline Drive,Victoria
                                                                   To help offset the production costs               Ph: (250) 479-8053
                                  tel: (250) 477-4143                                                                Fax: (250) 744-2251
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Ron Aichelberger                    (250) 383-1698                 contacting the Editor at:                   LOWER MAINLAND
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                                                                                                               OKANAGAN REGIONAL OFFICE
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MacPherson Flanagan Fletcher & Pickstone
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             Michael S. Flanagan                                                                           

             David H. Pickstone                                       Forever, for                                   Manager: Kathleen Sheppard
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