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					A Wall decor can create a wonderful feeling for our home. And having our own
creation inside our living space is like a great fulfillment knowing that we are adding
our personal design to our house. Creating our own wall decor design can be
complicated at times but it has its own advantage. As owners, we definitely know
what’s best for our home s. We know what theme to choose that will fit the entire
house setting. However, there are some things that we need to consider to make our
own home wall decor.
 Home Wall Decor Set

  Before making any kind of home wall decor, you should first decide where you
would like these pieces to be: is there a particular room that desperately needs
brightening, or some badly-painted wall that needs a lot of decoration to hide behind?
Once you find the exact place where your home wall decor will be placed, then you
are ready to start creating the pieces that you want to use.
  First, take a couple of glass photo frames, and insert pictures into them. These
pictures can be relevant to the room, or to the family (you may even choose to frame a
school or university certificate), or they could just be pictures that you particularly
like. Once you have framed your pictures, look around for an ornament that can
compliment these frames. Again, you can choose an ornament that has a particular
value to you, or you can find one by visiting antiques stores and markets. It would be
best to add something that would give your frame some accents.
  Using Plants and Flower boxes

  Next, decide what sort of plants, or flower containers you would like to feature
below your pictures and ornaments. Choose a plant that either compliments the
picture you have chosen or one that contrasts fully with it. For example, you might
choose a picture with a lot of lines and angle and then choose a plant that is very
rounded and circular. Together these two items complement each other, but you
should also remember that other items in the room might make them look too
contrasting to have a positive effect. You can also get a plant that go well with the
flower box. The container has a great impact on the flower or plant if both
complement each other. It will surely give a nice and stunning effect to your home
  Placing Home Wall Decor Items
  Take all of the things that you need on your wall, and arrange them so that you can
find the right position for all of them. Mark these positions with masking tape or a
pencil, and then drill a hole in the necessary areas. Make sure that a nail fits securely
into the hole, and then hang your pictures. If you need to install a shelf below this to
set off the home wall decor properly, and then make sure that you fit wall hangers, in
order to properly support your ornament and plants. If you tend to make sure that
everything works fine, try to assemble the pieces on the floor adjacent to the exact
location wall space to ensure that the decor fits.
  Organizing and building wall decor can be easy and quick. Just be sure to keep the
overall picture of the unit in mind when decorating to be sure that our home accents
are perfect for our home.

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