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									GU10 LED ">Using GU10 LED Bulbs, these types of bulbs are not ideal if you want
to use dimming within your lighting system as it is not easily achieved without extra
electronics. There has been great debate about whether LEDs are actually bright
enough for general use. They usually have a short warm-up period in which they
become brighter but some people have argued that even after the warm-up period they
do not reach the same level of brightness as conventional light bulbs. This debate
continues on with manufacturers claiming that the brightness is equal to that of
standard light bulbs; at the same time there are multiple research projects that claim
that the brightness of energy-saving bulbs does not meet acceptable standards. It is
down to the individual to experiment with energy-saving bulbs in a bid to find out
whether they suit their household needs or not.
 There are two types of energy saving lights: CFL or LED. As mentioned before,
LED light bulbs are normally only found as spotlights or on strips. CFL bulbs come in
a large range of designs such as candle, spiral and spotlight. The advantage of the
spiral-coiled designs is that they distribute the light more evenly and efficiently.
Because energy-saving light bulbs are more efficient, manufacturers claim that they
can produce the same amount of light with less wattage. For example, it is thought
that a 20W low energy bulb is equivalent to a 100W conventional bulb.
 Making the decision to switch over from conventional light bulbs to energy-saving
ones is a decision that can be beneficial in both a financial sense and an
environmental one. It is thought that the worlds biggest environmental problems are
directly associated with energy production and overuse. Therefore, shouldn’t we be
doing something to help this? Making the change from conventional light bulbs to
energy-saving light bulbs is a small but effective way of improving the quality of the
environment and saving some money.
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