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					Like so many other conflicts, this created an opportunity. What has not changed much
is the overall design of knives.

The reason behind this is believed to be that while this knife can oxidize easily, it's
less expensive to manufacture, it's very easy to sharpen and once sharpened it has a
great edge.

Nearly all collectible knives and Scout knives are created from carbon steel. Knives
have always been an extremely useful tool to have. This development really came
about during the 19th Century, material was readily available and more people were
adept at creating knives. This is when it is believed that multiple-blade knives made
their first appearance and most likely resulting in more folding knives.

Vintage Pocket Knives
     Whether your tastes run to plain handles or intricately designed handles, there is a
knife available to suit your basic needs, or your desire to collect a piece that displays
exquisite workmanship.

Today's pocket knife is believed to be started sometime during the 15th Century -
again out of necessity. Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are credited with the
first folding knives as well as knives with ivory blades. You'll find people from early
teens to older adults, men and women sporting a pocket knife. The Bronze Age
brought about the first significant change to knives, though since its softer structure
didn't make the strongest of knives, many still preferred the "older" stone tool.
Because of the impeccable record keeping that began around 1900, collectors have an
easier time valuing and dating previously created knives, and particularly those rare
hand-crafted ones. During this time they traveled to all corners of the earth fighting
for ground and more. Remember, knives were the main tool at that time, there was no
cutlery, as we know it today - people ate their meals with the blades of their knife.
France began its manufacturing of cutlery offering blades of various sizes and shapes
and in a variety of materials. It seems like today you can find a knife for any purpose
including fighting, multi-purpose knives, hunting knives and more. France had a
corner on the cutlery market (including knives) until about 1789 and even today,
you'll find several cutlery manufacturers still in France.

Whether you are looking for a simple purpose knife or a collectible folding knife,
today you will have no trouble locating them. Now pocket knives are available for a
fraction of the cost of what they used to be.

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