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					Baseball bats have an important and fascinating story. When baseball bats were
presented to the game of baseball they were available in many different sizes and
shapes and were crafted of wood. In the middle of the 1800's baseball was initially a
fairly young sport and baseball batters in fact designed their own bats. These bats
were made in many different lengths and designs. Throughout this specific unique
moment in baseball history, players played around with several different types of
wood for their bats to be able to enhance hitting capability. They quickly understood
that wagon tongue lumber the very best wood for making baseball bats. Within just
five years, the round baseball bat started to be really popular. Almost all baseball
players ended up using a round wagon tongue bat.
  Due to the fact of all the different sizes and shapes of bats, a new regulation ended
up being put in place around 1859 through the Professional National Association of
Baseball Players Governing Committee which voted in favor that bats cannot be
larger than 2.5 inches in diameter, however one more rule ended up being added that
said the actual baseball bat could be not be longer than 42 inches which still applies to
baseball rules today.
  The introduction of light weight aluminum bats in the 70's permanently transformed
the sport of baseball at each and every stage. Light weight aluminum baseball bats are
more powerful and also can easily hit a baseball drastically further than old wooden
bats. As time has moved on, so did the engineering put into aluminum bats. Metal
inside bats nowadays is actually the same kind of metals used in airplanes.
Researchers have created more powerful alloys that they use to make the bats stronger
than ever before. In recent times, bat designers have launched improvements such as
the bats with double walls. Some of the actual high end bats are so thing that they
only last literally a few games before getting dented out of shape. Titanium mixed
with aluminum is another addition added to the baseball bat family. Titanium is light
and portable as well as extremely strong, making it possible for improved swing
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