Hindu wedding vows and their beauty

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					It is all about customs and rituals in a Hindu wedding that teaches about the real spirit
of a wonderful married life.
  Seven promises are symbolized via seven vows of marriage that are taken or sworn
by the groom and the bride while the promising wedding ceremony takes place.
During the ceremony, a sacred fire is made with wooden sticks and ghee, so as to
evoke Agni (God of fire) serving as the witness to the custom of seven vows. Vedic
mantras are chanted by the priests, he is actually who conducts the wedding ceremony.
For the lifetime, chanting the mantras and the radiating fire of the havankund, the
groom and the bride to each other pledge their commitment called as pheras/Saptapadi.
In Hindu marriages, these seven wedding vows are beautiful rituals performed in
marriages of Hindu. Though, in India from region to region, the act of taking these
seven vows differs accordingly.
  In Hinduism, people following the rituals believe that the couple walks and takes
seven steps all round the fire in the havankund that for the lifetime they will stay
together. Before taking these seven vows, usually the bride sits at the right side of the
groom, but after finishing with the pheras, the bride is asked to sit to the left hand side
of the groom-symbolizing that from now onwards she is closer to the groom's heart.
With the exception of Sindhis and Gujaratis, seven pheras are taken by the newly
married couples. In most of the cases of the seven pheras, the first four pheras are lead
by the groom, while the last three are preceded by the bride. The meanings of Hindu
wedding vows are listed below.
  In first step they pledge that they will offer a flourish living for the family or the
household and will prevent that will hamper their healthy living. In second step they
promise that will develop their mental, physical and spiritual powers so as to lead a
healthy lifestyle. Third step they pledge to earn a living and rise by proper and
righteous means to increase their materialistic wealth. Fourth step they promise to
acquire happiness, knowledge and harmony via respect, faith, mutual love and
understanding. Fifth step is to increase the heredity by having an honest, healthy and
brave child. Sixth step they pledge for the self-control of body, mind, longevity and
soul of their material relationship. In last and the seventh step they pledge to be loyal
and true to each other and will stay best friends and companions throughout the life.
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